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  1. How you can insert wrong expdata file from another region ? No one check codes before they are inserted on live servers ? Or live servers are (test servers) ? @Juji
  2. Missing link for port to Fall of Etina (solo). Can NCsoft team make anythink good or do they want to ruin this game?
  3. Can't Enter Fall of Etina (solo) (NPC doesn't show link to enter) Again !!!
  4. For classic maintenance shut down Live servers... that's smart.
  5. It would be better if you set back the client limitations on the PC, approximately 5 clients on the PC.
  6. Altar of Evil and Bloody Swampland full of Bots. They following me, when I'm in hide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e4Y3n0gDj8&
  7. Nick ingame: Vseta lvl 22 wizz
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