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  1. Language filter

    Hi, its really painful for me to do this post, but is something that's affecting the game dramatically and need to change as fast as possible. Yes, I'm talking about the language filter in ONE particular world which is "Negro", for us, the Spanish speakers, "Negro" is a really common world to use and not offensive at all, Negro its a color (black), we use it mostly to call a friend as a nickname or just to talk in a daily basis.I can understand that you might have blocked like its a racist way to call someone, but so is not at all.I would like to get forward and get a response to this topic in order to "fix" this problem which is making thousand of Spanish speaker frustrated to the point we found quite hard to keep playing the game.This time it's me, the one who takes the reins and goes in the front lawn helping all my Spanish villas. Thank you in advance, have a nice day.