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  1. the anti bot system is a big joke, just leave the game. i've play honestly for a month and get a stupid ban for "sospicious activity" WTF, i'd back to this game but not before they remove this disgusting system
  2. i've never said "replace" the current servers , if you enjoy playing with 3 accounts at the same time, just keep playing your server. i only suggest make an ADITIONAl server for people like me, to play a real classic experience, this game wasn't designed to play with 2 or more accounts, that is ridiculus. Respect to cheaters, i know they can do it anyway, i only said they will have it more difficult. And 4th point dont seems to much for me, is very simple, one GM that login twice at any time everyday to ban cheaters
  3. i'm not talking about disadvantage, i'm even not playing this server btw. i'm talking about a real classic experience
  4. because current business model is to short term. if they would make a server like i say, could come a lot of people, so much more than right now, everybody paying vip maybe for years
  5. you could make a server without dual box with the same shop and without the current anti bot system Reasons for do this: 1. with 1 account per IP, the boters have so much more difficult to do it 2. People understand so much better the game it self and they does not bored with 3 or more characters daily missions. 3. the real classic experience: as we know, the better way to progres in this game, currently, is joing a CP, but people does not understand it like that and they start to make 3, 4, 5 accounts and at the end they finish leaving the game for boring. 4. the cur
  6. i've lost a goat head staff +3, karmian set, elven jewels, 2 top D grade jewells +3, my sps lvl 40 with 3 tattoos and a lot of materials. more than 5kk sure and more than a month of effort to lvl up the character. We need responses
  7. how dificult is put people, adminitrators that login a few hours at day to ban bots arround that map. if they only goes to chek the most repited places like ivory tower, forgotten temple and others else, where everyday there are people complaining of bots.
  8. same that everyone of you, my main account was banned and i received only automatic answers. As antecedent i can say that last sunday i was in gludio with 2 of my characters in separate accounts, and suddenly two of them crashed and a little windows show up sayin that i using 3rd party program. i was like WTF and i thought was a bug, restarted my computer and i could keeped playing during the day. at the next day my main account was locked due sospecius activity. now talking with a friend we are thinking that could been my mouse software, the razer synapse, because when the error ap
  9. Hello, my main account was locked last monday for a misunderstanding, the account of my friend's cleric too, maybe for play with me that day i send a mail to the support but they say that i gonna still be locked beacause i was using something related to 3rd party program, but i can swear that i never used a external program or somthing to play, if you could review my play data you wont see anything wrong or strange as an antecedent i can say that last sunday when i loged my accounts, a little window show up saying me that i was using a 3rd party program. then i thouth that had a bu
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