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  1. C grade healer gear?

    Hey there i was curious what i should be doing for a healers gear 40+, karmian is the obvious armor set, but there doesnt seem to be any easily obtainable one hand caster weapons. Do you use a C grade two handed staff? even though 1 hand + shield is insanely better?, or do you use a D grade one handed weapon until you replace it with B grade?
  2. Warlord lvl spots?

    Where are the best places to do aoe pulls on warlord lvls 20-50 with player 1 on the warlord, and player 2 on se and ee.
  3. How needed are EE/Healers?

    I honestly cant decide between EE and SE, the SE gets good mage and melee buffs including the new melee weapons resist reduction ones, Mass recharge and greater group heal( EE does not get this heal?). On the other hand EE gets more unique buffs that only EE has, party recall, and casts a bit faster? Any info you have to help me pick would be greatly appreciated.
  4. How needed are EE/Healers?

    How needed are EE and or healers in classic? If me and my friends play without an active healer, will we run into problems? (pvp and pve), or can we get by with chosen classes and a box prophet for example and not have an active healer.
  5. Help choosing a class!

    Just started classic a few days ago and i cannot decide what i would like to play. I was leaning towards maining an EE or SE, but i also wonder if i should just level an archer(SR or HE) with a prophet box. I mostly played on pservers in the past so my knowledge of how thing may or may not end up in retail servers is not reliable. Does anyone have insight on these classes/choices? What are some pros and cons to each choice? I love both pvp and pve.