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  1. @Hime Changed class of my Sayha to Wynn. All alchemy skills are gone (not compensated), yet, there is a possibility to learn them anew. I think it's a bug (either ertheia should be only able to change mains within themselves, or, the alchemy should be removed if the end-class is not the ertheian one). Also, alchemy cube skill lv2 can't be learnt - results into dc.
  2. If, while having this skill I drop and pick 100b from the floor, will I get a bonus? And, if it is legal?
  3. My favorite is Octavis, due to the particular surroundings with ancient rome/greek mythology feel, and, uncommon battle concept and gameplay approach. "Octavis, traitor. Seduced by the temptation of the false light. Glorious darkness will banish the lying light and welcome the corruption you have embraced". Beltway - Naia.
  4. There are rumors from rather many people saying that the Live servers will be getting the new class also. Is this true, and, what is approximate date of introduction?
  5. There should be someone from top clans of your server to post here so that NC crew is answering at leasT. For me is a huge +++, as long as this NPC is not targetable. Hope she's in a better place now.
  6. With this maintenance: Windows 11 Beta support is now back.
  7. I wish all mobs were running after you just as bugbear ogres and harpies near Giran castle
  8. Don’t mention eu core server at all - just write you can’t start. Let them investigate.
  9. Since there's a mess with some of the new skills - they are performing better, however share cooldown with their obsolete versions, my suggestion is to have them either replacing the old skill upon learning (so that old skill is gone), or, make the existing skills of 2 levels (like in case of crazy nocturne for iss), where the lv2 skill would be available for learning on 110, and the total amount of skills in the list will not change.
  10. He was just warning or something Quick suggestion: Players with simple, readable names (usually english words, without zeroes or XXX or IXIXIXI), with longing talismans (and higher) are more reliable. Also, be aware that some ppl may have active wars, and, being afk they may have been killed. After 1h of laying on the ground such characters are being auto-disconnected.
  11. Favorite class: Iss Dominator Name: Beltway Server: Naia I enjoy playing this class because it is one of the most difficult classes to exp (especially back in a day when you could buff the clan only), and, at the same time, is interesting to play on sieges.
  12. Now you still can answer "not officially released yet". But what will you answer in 2 months, when it is?
  13. And clients are using Windows. Microsoft are not some idiots, and they are #1 player on the market (just like Adobe, Autodesk, SAP). When dealing with this kind of a fish, it is YOU who has to comply and listen to, whether you like it or not, to be able to survive. Now the reality is that for the next 10+ years MS will be in force, and you have to comply. Graphics Card Drivers of NVIDIA are working (and has been) from the very beginning of this W11 story, and they are more complicated (sophisticated) than any UT2004-engine-based game. This is just the proof that from the inside W11=W10, and th
  14. On Windows 10 (another PC) everything is working, though. So, question is: Why Freshly Installed L2 won't work on Windows 11 Insider (Dev Channel), if before the update everything was ok.
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