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  1. Could you place event NPCs in Talking Island also? thank you.
  2. Simple question: are you opening the box on a website or in-game? If in-game, fix the description in-game. List out all that bullshit items it yields on the top of the list and hide lindviors/dragon weapons below, or, do not mention them at all by saying "and many other top-tier items".
  3. Lol obviously. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23470-live-server-maintenance-october-27-2021/
  4. Skillcrtpower. If not available, then pvp power or power. If debuffs - chance. If selfbuffs - time or power (if available). Universal for all classes.
  5. Known bug list update suggestion: when you post the item to the auction house, the next step is to enter the price for that. The field where you enter the price before the update used to be in focus when you posted the item. Now, it is not, and, you use all your skills/items which are on the skill shortcut, instead of just putting the price. Please, return the old behavior of the AH interface.
  6. It is not clear however why the heck ruby price is not equal to the sapphire price, blue cat to the red cat. For NC this items should belong to the same category, and of the same value. And they should be interchangable with some tax (like ruler ring -> seeker during red libra). So the prices are.. you know. 2nd observation: 1 event coin = 4 ncoins; blessed exalted armor enchant scroll = 40 ncoins (regardless of the event) or 10 event coins (during the event). Meaning that there is no profit to trade this coins for direct goods (based on this particular example; before and during the e
  7. Watchman Guillotine from his own Execution Grounds.
  8. Official News | Lineage II (lineage2.com) Yay! the Patchnotes.
  9. Question: that pack contains only the set, or, also items like blessed exalted circlet, blessed exalted seed bracelet, and etc? I am interested about that items more than about the set itself. Also, is it known when we'll get blessed exalted weapon enchant scrolls?
  10. The only thing i know for sure it is that during the greedy rmt chest presence i could buy low-grade greaters (like aquamarine) for 10b (naia), while now, after removal, they are 60b+. I'd rather have an rmt back tbh...
  11. There has been a problem of picking good names for our characters. Since the servers are old, a lot of nice memorable nicknames are taken, and, it may not be so easy to come up with the new name. Not to say that if you play a character you consider to be your main, you occupy the very same name at all the other servers. In the light of the update at hand (many ppl will be creating new characters), given that the problem persists for a long time, I am suggesting the following: 1) To remove old unused 2y+ characters from accounts which were not active for a reasonable period. 2) A
  12. Question: what “brooch gems craft” could mean?
  13. Seems like a lot of right matches, yet, something was not included. https://www.lineage2.com/news/dethroned-update-preview
  14. I read the patch notes and for Asia/Russia they have different currencies (I can’t tell between korean/banana/balalaika currencies, or their in-game currencies). So are the items. You could go play Russian balalaika server where they serve you dragon weapons 10 times cheaper.
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