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  1. all day without lag and thank you for restart npc server... macro lag again!!! really really thx
  2. Wynn is the best class for pve without equips, but as you improve equipment, others classes are better. But in the end play with what you like, none of it really matters You just saw people playing dual class.
  3. DONT RUSH LVLS!!! THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU THERE! really dude, enjoy low lvl instances, bosses and place. High lvl instances and places are ridiculously difficult, it takes a lot of money to play there. And to tell you the truth, it's not fun at all. I had a lot more fun playing in low lvls places with party. But nowadays it dead, this game is 100% farm macro!
  4. I see every single day the same people selling the same things, same items and every single day there are people raising the price of things even more! No one is selling and buying anything. And the funniest thing is that 90% of people only accept adena. That is, nobody buys your item, so you cant get adena, for the guy who is selling an item above the price and only accepts adena. The trade in this game is dead!
  5. whats going on? macro not working correctly, extreme lag again!!! were supposed to be fixing the server, but it looks like it's only getting worse
  6. vesgom


    Until last week I was getting spoil, very little, but I could get some. Now it's just been 5 days that I can't even 1 simple material. What is that?
  7. +1 really, what the hell is this unlimited mp!!!! feoh can just farm and pvp soo much easy.. so unbalence
  8. The weight should be equal to the R-grade. As it is now, it is impossible to use the weapon of the event
  9. just do same thing to other macro guy, and have some fun with pvp/pk. this game is not only farm farm farm, try fight for the spot. if u cant, just go to other place or open your wallet
  10. vesgom


    soo nothing effects spoiler rate?
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