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  1. so facit of rim kamaloka event. others: less lvl less equipp but dd class farmed 1-2 full bracelet +10 me: more lv, equipp, couldnt even do a half bracelet. Thanks. (=
  2. Since this Rim Kamaloka event sux so much for supports. I just wanna remind u guys. Ty for nothing again NC (= Result of Top Equipped healer Lv110 in Lv110 Rim Kamaloka (=
  3. Thank you. For nothing. Im Lv 110 Healer with Top Equipp (even PVE equipp). I entered Lv110 Rim Kamaloka. Here are my results. Lets not talk about my +16 bloody weapon and my greater saphire (= So Nc-Soft trying to make more supports quit?. Ty Idk if I should cry about that result or laugh about how hilarious and ridicolous it is Edit: I never cried b4 about anything, but I didnt know how poor my imagination was up until now.
  4. Hello together, so.. here ive come a long way on my ever favoured class the healer. Dont ask me if corona made me do this topic or not, out of pure boredom. U can call it crying, u can call it griping on high niveau, u can call it whatever u want. To all the new players out there who are starting the game or coming back to LineageII after a long break and are planning to play a support class (yes this thread is supposed to be about healers). Dont even think about it. Evry good point which once existed about the healer class has been radically extinguished by the game develo
  5. Hello NC-Soft Team, kindly asking if there is a way u could change that item named in the title, so u could add 2 slot hat appearance to 1 slot hats (like radiant circ for example). Since the veteran box actually gave Dragon Boat hat, we cant add it on the new items as appearence since most ppl wear now mask+radiant. Just asking if theres a possibility to change that item? Id be very grateful and start buying that item again. greetings Myu
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