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  1. +1 quit list

    But It's true I've seen One guy driving 10x naked orcs (all equipped CM) . And main having shiny B gr stuff lolz. Prob Solo RB with ease.
  2. If this company would even slightly care about players , it would at least try to mend this situation. 1 Pay to Win stupid event almost completely killed server. If you don't believe it , check CW high lvl Clans pvp. It's gonna be like CS in SKETH. Max 40 vs 40 ^^. Someone from staff should ask players about their opinions , make a poll about things like pendants etc. Now 0 Actual events , and hypocrisy at highest level... ;/ Sorry , Im not buying it. Don't even want to waste my time on such a sh1t server. Should have been classic experience , Now is same sh1t like Live "Starwars style" .
  3. Nice Server population ya got

    100% Agree, This is the main reason , not some server , but people with authority to change it drastically.
  4. Damn I made mine free one to +7 and burnet at +8 didnt know that enchant rate was that bad
  5. What 100%

    Im a casual player and got used to play at least 2 hrs here daily. Now after pendants introduced I see where this server is going... Now I log in just to check afk trader character and still I doubt if soon I will log it at all. Why should I? What if you even make adenas? You are absolute noob , just because you haven't paid 300+ $ to make good pendant for your char... It feels sad similar when beloved pet dies... Life goes on , prob It's time to quit this game for good. Sad that Devs here cares just about $$$$ and doesn't give a fck about community and players for which they provided this game. It's like a betrayal.
  6. RIP L2 classic. It was a nice dream. Was looking forward to Saviors update couldn't wait... And... now I'm woke. These Pedants are just beggining of their P2W platform... Where players is nothing and $$$ is only thing that cares. Game lost It's values thanks for crappy and lazy business model.

    Sh1t people within company Killed good game
  8. The NCWEST problem is hypocrisy. If you value players for real why not make any polls within a forum? Why not ask for players opinions? While shop was cosmetic now you put items to make P2W game. Which ruin all classic experience. I understand if every player could get this talisman daily or you could like farm fragmens , combine etc, But here... Buy godly pendant and Own all...
  9. drama kids

    Seriously... why pendant sale is for one month? if they are perma. Why you can't farm them? So it's not Pay to win? What If I'm not some person that wants spending money to be awesome within a game , but rather farm , grind my way up? Now It looks if I must sacrifice adena , buy from people that actually spent real money to buy pendants. And ok , If u're F2P player how u get more pendants to combine? 1 is free and the rest? I don't mind if they could be untradable and u could get for free daily. And then try your RNG. Now what it is really unbalanced stuff.

    NCWEST : We do not tolerate Boting! Reality : Bots everywhere , the ones been reported running third week now same cruma spot ^^

    Aha Then random bot character can Give adena with /trade ^^ . It was before mailing system lol

    Stop lying that you are not Tolerate botting. let us all purchase bots and play this afk game...
  13. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    New Antibot Automatic system? mmm I wonder : "is it going to be the one which will BAN legit players even more often than it is now". Cause of claims that "They" might have been using 3rd software ^^ . If u want to really tackle Boting system. Open a new Vacancy for 1 GM , which could daily log for few hours. Inspect all bot reports , teleport to chars and if Boting confirmed = BAN. The more Bots with good eq will get banned , the less they will be eager to go Bot on higher party zones.
  14. NCWEST rly sh1te incompetent staff they have. Why can't they hire dedicated professionals? U don't even need to be good programmer to check with invisibility mode bots. Even custom servers deal with bots much better than this staff. U got report u check within 24 hrs. And add 1 more case as solved. Then weekly or monthly u make this list public. Even I could do that! What , you don't have people or what? How should players feel when they spend their time , grind a lot! use lots of trading to get good stuff just later to go to some hunting zones to find no mobs available , because most spots are taken by Trains of Bots!!! And if Bots already have good level and equip... It shows how cocky they are and making fool of this servers staff. Just ban em. Top Zones u wont see bots with no gr grinding possible.
  15. Truly , I reported 3 boters from full party in Cruma Tower. Came next day. Same ppl same room still running... Id Pk them all but what will I get when I pk someone? karma... PK number and Ill lose my things because you can't do your job well. Damn is it hard to log in daily as a gm and manually check Bots for like 30 mins? Your programe doesn't work well enough. People at least will see difference #STOPBOTING