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  1. Please Fix this Broken Game!


    why do u need our stuff ? might it be, that it is a bit too hard to get it on your own by the current server setup...? ^^"
  3. For Thouse Leaving the server

    I left, not online since monday. but still lurking around in forum...pathetically hoping that smth changes, since i've invested a lot of my time ;( Umm...If the current status doesn't bother you - everything is fine, no drop/adena/bot issues - then you shouldn't have any problem to get gear on your own.. right ? So, No!! GL
  4. PPL On Line?

    Party Matching shows number of current running parties (might be a 2 or 9 memebers party) and the number of players having the Party Matching window open. (those who don't open the party matching window, are not listed!). So this is highly inaccurate. But why does it matter ? Even tracking websites like https://l2.laby.fr/status/ are inaccurate, since u don't know, how many of the active players shown are actual players and not bots or boxes.
  5. Adena Problem

    areas that give adena / drop are taken by bots. the only areas that are left, are the pure XP/SP ones ... what now ? this is so frustrating
  6. about adena rate

    And thats exactly the reason bots still exist... ppl want both: farm adena + use SS... to be able keep doing this, they buy adena from bots. never ending story. maybe it might solve the prob, when SS becomes a skill or item that u can lvl up and use it with higher grade weapons... dunno or...just hire 2-3 active personal that login for 2h/day and simply arrest/ban bots. so ppl can make use of /gmlist - command again ^^"
  7. Adenas Fix Fail pls recheck

    when players run out of adena, they either quit or buy it back from the bots...that't how it is since beginning. (Everyone who is telling the opposite has either not faced this issue yet or is an adena-buyer) With that in mind, NCSoft is just making it worth. With this adena / drop rates (incl. the 70% of mobs that don't drop anything at all) they're even supporting the bots by forcing the players to go illegal and buy adena... Hard enough for us to deal with bots stealing our mobs, but now we're not even getting any reward for the mobs that are not taken by bots. Every move against the bots turns out bad for the players.
  8. Enchanting weekly quest also removed?

    Removed the function to exchange Enchant Scroll Fragments from NPC Galladucci. Enchant Scroll Fragments are not used anymore and can be sold to NPC.