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  1. Still looking for ACTIVE international clan
  2. Hello, Is it possible to make more spawn places for mob named "Manashen Gargoyle" in crater if Ivory Tower? Im trying to drop spellbook for my tank but there are only few mobs and nukers take all Was wondering its possible to improve te spwan rate/spot of mobs there. Would like to hear from staff. Cheers!
  3. Hi Im 40lvl Dark Avenger looking for active non-CP clan. Im looking for clan with active players where alt-characters are not allowed. Hope this week il get some C armor Looking forward to go clan-party and RB Please contact me here or by mail in game. Cheers! Flinsh
  4. Hey, Guys can u tell me pliz where i can read about PK and Karma system? Like about from how many PK dropping an item is possible and is troping an item is posible on when Karma is - or all the tam after PK?
  5. Hello, Im new Giran server player. There are to much bots here For example "Execution Grounds" east of Dion is full of bots. I know NC Soft want to make money but pliz this is to much, GM pliz check it. Also the "Bot report button" can be used only once for 30 min and have limit. This is wrong, it is far not enough! If You really want to make this game better place for players there should be more focus on bot problem from NC Soft. Hope someone form staff will read this and replay Cheers!
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