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  1. let them fix the servers first THEN demand for the long over due compensations.. till this lagfest is fixed what's the point to keep investing like mindless sheeps ? or let me rephrase the game been in bad state for Months now and nowhere was it said that the problems been fixed, only that they are trying to do so aka at that point if you choose to spend money/ncoins on the game knowingly so that's on you and you don't get to complain about it.
  2. can you at least wait until the game servers are no longer utter trash before coming up of more ways to throw away money ?
  3. new patch date?

    ah yeah thx that was the part i forgot here, get 100k in total from mentee 1-105 and 200k from that clan quest at least thats how it works in other regions, let's see what ncwest gets
  4. The best practices

    interesting, thx for that as I deleted all except the one from today and cleaned up a bit of HD space btw that's just the launcher and not the game so it's prolly to keep track on if the game needs updating etc.
  5. new patch date?

    ah that suxs, misread that part but it does mean if folks want it fast they best can do themselves as else the number needed actually goes up as graduation only gives 60K marks.. if anything with some luck splitting up the classes between BS and War-Torn Plains will help a bit with the stress on the server
  6. Cloak Augments

    you really should go watch how Gicobbe xp's if you think Tyr's can't xp with pskill crit damage builds and main Tyr changes are boosting skill power so that only improves, will it be enough so that average geared Tyrs can play that way too who knows but it might ya anyways really pick and choose what you think works best for your build & gear etc.
  7. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17421-new-patch-date/?tab=comments#comment-118641
  8. Weapon Appearance

    just gotta be patient and keep reminding them this is still an active real request lot's of ppl want
  9. Cloak Augments

    next update is around the corner so Tyr augments may change depending on your char build read up: https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/ mage would be m skill crit damage and +15% p/m skill power dagger/archer/tyr pskill crit damage and +15% p/m skill power certain tyr builds will still be good with +15% pcrit damage but ofc only in PVE PVE +5% augments are imho less effective then above but still decent ps, just my opinion and everyone is free to make their own builds that works best for them
  10. new patch date?

    first off all they make it so that instead of getting the 2 atlas enchants through the Mentee Development Quest Mission you will get Mentee coins and the enchants can be bought for coins at the mentee npc aka from needing 12 mentees you will then only need 6 another big change is that they split up where ppl need to farm for graduation: Changed quests — now when completing the quest “Noble Materials” hunting zones needed to complete the first stage of the quest will differ for different classes as follows: Classes Zone for completing Sigel, Tyrr, Othell, Iss, Aeore and Ertheia classes War-Torn Plains Feoh, Yul, Wynn classes Blazing Swamp — to the monsters to hunt for quests “Exalted, One Who Faces the Limit” and Exalted, “One Who Overcomes the Limit” monsters Vanor Silenos Mercenary and Vanor Silenos Guardian (War-Torn Plains) have been added; — now when completing Nobless in a group then all group members may receive quest items. https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/
  11. 1. those timed zones are party and pvp 2. swamp of screams is 112+ party xp zone
  12. maybe after next update as that will be the build korea will send if any btw EU/RU has the update already https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/
  13. L2 remastered beta release date?

    it's for the 20th Anniversary so try 2023
  14. new patch date?

    next update brings a few changes that will help with that
  15. hate to say it but when even under those circumstances you have 4+k players logged in and spend crazy money on l2store you don't really give NC much incentive's to go fix things now do you ? still think this should have been fixed long time ago and what's going on is a disgrace regardless