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  1. top rewards were given out that fast which ends the event so yeah.. but as it was indeed 3 Star rewards list 2 I have to admit it's not bugged and there was a noticeable delay in clicking for the rewards I take back my negative initial feedback and looking forward to tomorrows
  2. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23951-steel-guild-event-2-star-1-billion-reward-correction/?tab=comments#comment-165498 sadly enough
  3. hence what I say is that today we should see then 3 Star item list 2 available as if not and it gets skipped something is borked period and 3rd party tools like clickers should be auto ban for these type of events as that's the only way thousands of rewards can be drained out of the server in a matter of seconds, anyone arguing that that is a non issue is pro cheating/exploiting - this is very important to have that dealt with sooner then later as in the near by future we get the same logic on the new crafting interface which will be based on NCoins/Einhassad coins aka paid for items!!
  4. it is true and you don't fully understand what actually happened yesterday, go read what I posted in general section https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23950-steel-guild-event-bug-exploit/?tab=comments#comment-165506 @Juji I will be logging support tickets if this happens again today and seriously NCWest should be auto banning accounts that click faster then humanly possible period.
  5. no after the first ended there was a timer that showed it would open again at my 1am CET and that had a new item list which then closed near instantly it will be very clear when it happens again today, for starters if it shows a different 3 Star item list we know for a fact something is going very wrong yesterday we could participate at 3 Star item list 1, atm it shows blocked out & completed 3 Star item list 2 so if today item list 2 isn't available this event is fubar.
  6. @Juji @Hime nice event for 3rd party soft users u made, all rewards gone in 0.01 second no human players were able to participate, hope u guys auto ban ppl who do that else delete the game already or fire ur GM staff
  7. Anyone home ? @Hime @Juji If it doesn't exist just remove it or put up thx!
  8. we want to know stats and images of looks
  9. true but those become 120 / 125 areas so not quite for 90% of the server
  10. did u log a ticket with support as over 50% of the ppl who got had to do so as from what I saw the whole claim process was buggy as heck.. besides the obvious flaw of course that only a few countries were allowed to participate to begin with which ain't cool at all
  11. guess we can blame EvillyRU for this one, koreans are still hurt over RU player reaching 125+ cause of him they capped xp at 125 100% lol
  12. how many players have +8 or +10 R110 armor sets ? majority 115+ don't have such how many players have decent augment on their weapons ? or any item type that can be augmented ? augment stone prices are crazy bloody & dark armor stone prices are still nuts and those are sorely needed to be able to enjoy the basic game can list many more basic items that are in terrible supply / prices but let's talk more about end game items that only are relevant for the top 5% players of the servers mind you I love to see end game items cheaper too as that's actually my tier bucket af
  13. worth noting here is in Korea there's no such thing as Brooch BR, they do not have that and we get these events from Korea so obviously they didn't bother to change their Korean settings for ours over a free event 30 day version
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