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  1. Huge lag

    @danti don't troll ppl.. everyone knows the server delay/lag went up due to the x-mas trees etc event and went extreme after Juji "fixed" the raid boss respawn https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16168-live-unscheduled-npc-server-maintenance-thursday-december-12-2019/ the issue lies with the actual game server and not the ISP connection, everyone has the same problem and I see the same behavior on my pc that's connected normally as well on the gaming pc that uses direct vpn tunnel to the game server so yeah absolutely not ISP related @Juji fix your game man, just not ok that players can kill 2 groups of mobs on stronghold timed zone and then has to wait for the dead mobs to fade before they finally respawn.. people actually spend NCoins for those passes and then I'm not even talking about those that uses boost items that are very expensive as well.. this must be one of the few games were players actually pay more for worse services!! pardon my harsh words but the server situation is beyond acceptable and even with a so called 50% XP boost ppl actually make less XP atm cause of that.
  2. guess you're not aware that next update you get a free dragon shirt as part of the exalted quest chain
  3. Where to exchange rotten fish dishes?

    well it's obvious ur trolling https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16071-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-december-4-2019/ and it was announced for 2+ months that that would be happening on each maintenance note so yes 100% certified troll
  4. Juji said it in L2 Community discord, good enough for ya ?
  5. Freya event next week so roses & freya scroll prices can be expected to drop a lil
  6. best Tank?

    dwarf / orc have highest HP pool by default and dwarf also has the skill re use reduction race passive just have a look at what stats apply per race and their passive racial skills if you are a min maxer.. if not then any race will be fine so go with what looks best
  7. Drop Rate Decreased!?

    Fyi maybe check first if someone else has posted about it ? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15946-ninja-adena-nerf/

    that's indeed Classic and atm for the Europe & RU publisher only so not yet at NCWest
  9. that's for Classic, not Awaking servers.. would love to see it also here but nope
  10. Prestige Holiday Bonus Pack

    The code will be distributed on 12/13. what you found was from previous free gift 2 weeks ago or so..
  11. @Klayton have a look at the screenshots I shared in the below topic and then do your own fact checking for the places you hunt to see what you should be expecting to see as drops https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15946-ninja-adena-nerf/?page=2 also don't get baited by any of the trolls that try to make fun of the current drop situation, just stick to the facts and like it or not the l2wiki info is correct for our current game build
  12. Ninja Adena Nerf

    yeah the l2wiki info is wrong for you Mixa sure keep trolling the ignorant ppl here unlike your near useless posts I actually show folks where they can see drop information and the like so they no longer have to ask these questions on a forum that's mainly ignored by the staff and full with trolls one wonders why the majority of players don't visit the official forums lulz..
  13. Cloak Promo and L2store update

    @Neesir I and quite a few others quit posting on NCWest forums as we get to often banned by their forum mods so with regards to the info posted at the Future Updates section it's a bit of a bad joke how incorrect alot of the info is there.. folks need to start do their own fact checking be that reading the korean weekly patch notes or the RU versions of it at l2central or join 4r4m's discord which replaced the old Rochand forum