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  1. there's Oly / World Oly and the server ranking which give boosts to those that reach the top of server / race, not that hard or expensive to reach top 100 on server or top 10 for specific race and here's what Juji had to say about main - dual swap last week so yeah it's possible, just need to convince Korea to get this service.
  2. WTB Artifacts

    WTB +7 or higher of the below Artifacts: Fight: patt & att speed Protect: pdef & mdef Support: HP Absorption & XP Balance: patt / rec damage immob / p accu / pcrit rate / pskill crit rate pm here or ingame at same name
  3. Known Issue: Server Latency

    demon weapon system is mainly for pvp clans and not for lowly geared neutrals - ofc when a server is 1 sided then it gets boring fast but at least that's the idea behind it also L2 is an open pvp world type of game so when leaving save zone you can die durr.. always been like that and just means do instances during that time of the day or be ready to run back from town a few times this is what we call "working as intended"
  4. Bot in game

    auto hunt system doesn't do auto accept ress so lulz.. plenty of real bots out there but atm not priority to chase.. let them first fix the server performance okthx!
  5. Ork Dominator

    another thingie for @Gnarf
  6. New Class ?

    @Dawe above fyi
  7. Known Issue: Server Latency

    that got changed along the way in their attempts to fix the delay issue but it still updates way more often then is needed aka should be just once a day for calculating the ranks prior to rewarding those top rank bufs/passives
  8. Known Issue: Server Latency

    disable ranking & manner system and any other new Real Time process you have running since last update Thx!
  9. New Class ?

    the hype on Death Knight class is very real, just check out any of the recent Korean youtubes and you will see it mostly about that atm - have to say on the website it looks quite wicked yeah https://lineage2.plaync.com/update/history/2019/190814_deathknight?keywd=L2_deathknight_1000x644_20190814&logger_kw=L2_deathknight_1000x644_20190814&source=logger_kw&_C_=4642
  10. New Class ?

    best to read those links through google chroome with auto translate on Main server = Classic / Aden / Death Knight stuff Awakening server = Live / Bloody Test server = PTS when going to the Update tab you can see in more detail how those updates are published
  11. Ork Dominator

    so I double checked with ppl that play on Korean server and the answer is nope.. so I was wrong to say it could be done for dual class but it does work for main class aka change dwarf main PP to orc and then Domi can be done
  12. New Debuff System

    lol yes it's really that low.. Chronos #1 Ranked player 111 TK complains alot over it and he has top gear and level advantage so yeah..
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    look you can't put real time type of transactional data updates to a database on a server that's not properly configured for such ranking & manner system are clear examples of RealTime OLPT data transfers and require proper server hardware and/or configuration turn that stuff completely off and watch the performance issue resolve itself..
  14. Known Issue: Server Latency

    @Juji if you guys put an ATP type database on an ADW type you messed up the server IO performance right there on how that stuff works, considering the nature of the manner and ranking system which is basically transactional data processing.. https://blog.dbi-services.com/atp-vs-adw-the-autonomous-database-lockdown-profiles/ https://sqlmaria.com/2018/08/07/how-does-autonomous-transaction-processing-differ-from-the-autonomous-data-warehouse/
  15. This. @Juji the issue is not with the auto hunt or auto consumption items but with the outdated server hardware and the ranking & manner system remove ranking completely and disable manner system perma until you have the server hardware issue resolved . until it's solved you can find me on messing around on EU server