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  1. Tyrr---Spirit of the Slayer/Hunter

    interesting, would love to hear the answer too also you might want to repost this in the report a Bug section or submit a ticket to support as reporting a bug https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/27-report-a-bug/
  2. right above the Submit Post / Reply button you have the option that reads: Insert Other media which has an insert image from link option btw I do agree that althou most skill icon changes look fine those of items are horrible but this comes from Korea so besides passing on that players from NCWest don't like it not much else you can expect here to be clear Korea failed with the items in the sense that although the icon image resolution went up they lost the image sharpness, making them all look very dull & bland
  3. WTS +21 Limited R110 Weapon - WTB Random Stuff

    updated list below WTS: +21 Limited R110 Fighter with unique and very rare S80 Jade Claw appearance (pictures can be found: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19376-modify-weapon-scrolls-blessed-and-regular/?tab=comments#comment-132980) acceptable trade items are: +18 Elmore 15% skill power & +7.5% pskill crit damage lv.9 - 10 Dyes Patt / PSkill Power / PSkill Crit Damage +10 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts +10 mdef balance artifact +10 vamp rage support artifact +9/10 pskill power fighting (red) artifact * current asking price is 435bil, can find the sell shop in Giran by target Uzume WTB: Dawn Crystals 750mil each cod +10 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts +10 mdef balance artifact +10 vamp rage support artifact +9/10 pskill power fighting (red) artifact WTT: +18 Elmore 15% normal pcrit damage with adena for +18 Elmore 15% skill power & +7.5% pskill crit damage +7 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts with adena for +10 pdef/mdef protection (blue) artifacts +7 mdef balance artifact with adena for +10 mdef balance artifact +7 vamp rage support artifact with adena for +10 vamp rage support artifact +7 pskill power fighting (red) artifact with adena for +9/10 pskill power fighting (red) artifact
  4. Paagrio Earring bug

    @Hime just in case Juji is busy as this concerns an old exploit issue back again although slightly worse cause of that stage2+ dragon weapon buff exploit on top the resolution from the first time still applies so can easily be added to the action list for tomorrows maintenance or you guys could start banning those that abuses the cursed sword system either way works in making it clear NCWest doesn't allow exploiting, right ?
  5. Paagrio Earring bug

    old issue and time to put back the previous solution source: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17229-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-march-11-2020/ @Juji either disable it again or make good on what you also said aka temp ban everyone that has been abusing the earring exploit as that's what you said last time
  6. Dual to Main change!

    the version u buy from L2store comes in a box which doesn't expire until you open it, then the 30 day timer will start - neither item is tradeable btw but can be stored in your personal wh
  7. Accesory Augument Stone

    rare accessory spirit stones are still ingame which were the only ones that work on old epics anyways the announced in patch notes dragon / fallen angel / angel epics spirit stones are l2store only so we have to wait for whenever those get added to a store promotion reward list
  8. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    EU & RU servers do not have the melee lag issue so pointless to put links to those up here.. show some Tyr's from NCWest if you want to convince anyone here, preferable with clear distinction between the normal attack set up and the pskill damage set up, thx!
  9. WTS +21 Limited R110 Weapon - WTB Random Stuff

    also putting lv.9 - 10 Dyes Patt / PSkill Power / PSkill Crit Damage on the acceptable trades list
  10. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    wouldn't call it "fine" as skill crit damage gear is way more expensive and that's just one of many things that requires changing compared to normal pcrit damage set up but yes it's doable @Juji still looking for a refund or support ticket route for changing all my weapon / cloak augments from pcrit damage to skill power / skillcrit damage
  11. Dual to Main change!

    hope this makes u feel better then
  12. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    1. it's very recent and 2. archer are still the lazy's man easy go-to for farm everything also Tyr's are the most impacted class when it's about the attack melee lag forcing them to buy the same gear as daggers/archers which are way more expensive anyways I wouldn't compare the few Months of stronger Tyr's against the many years of Yul
  13. https://lineage2nshop.plaync.com/lineage2/shopAnnouncement/1130?pageIndex=1 shows the current l2store chances artifact book isn't as hard as dragon shirt, 15% for +5 click versus dragon's 10%
  14. L2 Store and event prices

    depends on point of view.. according to NCWest business model all Euro players are from Nordics/Germany & NA players from Cali/New York and thus prices are perfectly fine of course if you happen to be from Bulgary or Greece or Latins America like Brazil then well that's on you, not them /tragic sarcasm