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  1. Death Knight update which requires Red Libra active when ?
  2. @Korea Export team* there ya go I fixed it for ya Voo
  3. no xp event who cares really about that ? sure it gets me a few more bils farmed in toi 3 but lmao beyond that what's the point if no xp event
  4. @Juji kinda surprised to see this out of the blue like that, hope it doesn't mean no Red Libra during the actual update so does this mean we get the Death Knight update also tomorrow then cause that update requires having Red Libra active too.. Korea did so and EU/RU does as well
  5. those are long gone on this version of L2 at least for now, maybe some time in the future it will be re used again for the 150+ lvl areas
  6. the one that's not farmeable by just 1 super stacked char oh wait.. I would nominate the original Beleth from High Five (before folks used zR to farm it) as I loved the old Citadel towers to explore & quest around
  7. no, you never can do that with fresh new classes at first.. ask again 1+ year from now for that obviously any new class is something that will be limited to new chars that require investment to equip & xp etc aka $$$, this has always been the case from the day they first added Kameal race upto the more recent erthia race
  8. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/23-warrior/ low budget better go with meastro or evi or gk
  9. or he could just read https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/33-future-updates-discussion/
  10. r gems giran light town from mammon is 1.26mil and npc sell value is zero as can't be sold to npc's anymore indeed so good luck with that! i rest my case
  11. no u take a huge loss with r gems, go login game and check the mammon npc buy value and then the sell value at grocery npc lmao not an acceptable alternative
  12. thats all very obvious indeed but it doesn't solve the problem for real end game gear which value has been pushed past the 999bil threshold and that's causing lot's of challenges if u want to obtain such legitly nowadays as most ppl do not accept item trades unlike ncoins einhassad coins can be traded ingame and is a save solution for this if for what ever reason Korea really refuses to increase the adena limits
  13. you could use the search function a bit from time to time https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/22642-red-libra-winter-2021/
  14. @Jujibtw in case that wasn't clear yet it also means server inflation went total out of control messing up market to the point ppl don't care anymore
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