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  1. this and I think he has already access to 4r4m's channel but if not he knows how to contact me lolz
  2. Bring Back XP Boost

    That's correct, my actual post was a picture saying "I Approve of this message" which link either broke or some forum admin has a sense of humor and made me a Canuck
  3. How People making Adena (l2 Chronos )

    the game did fine for 13+ years without so yeah no.. fact is though that Koreans are only make it even more easy to macro stuff in future updates so theres that..
  4. NAIA WTS /WTT RED CAT lvl 5

    too bad I've seen them with my own eyes eh now go back to Naia before you make urself look like an even bigger idiot as whats next you're gonna go e-thug style ? several ppl here called you out on being wrong, some of those are more stacked players then you appear to realize but the most important part is..
  5. NAIA WTS /WTT RED CAT lvl 5

    lol stop being clueless freya stick oe event caused a huge influx of lvl5 jewels so yeah not our problem you chose the hardway to try get lvl5 jewels +18 freya stick = 1 lvl5 jewel and many many many +18 sticks were made on Chronos, now go back to Naia as maybe there ppl are nicer to you
  6. just curious but is XIGNCODE now 64bit like Aion has so BattlePing will work normal again ?
  7. NAIA WTS /WTT RED CAT lvl 5

    yeah totally dellusional, freya stick oe event caused 10+ red cats on Chronos alone so lulz.. also go check out his wtb topic on Naia market section were he offers 500bil for a +25 R99 weapon when the highest OE R99 weapon is "only" +24 and that guy said no to 800+bil offers when adena still had some value
  8. well that depend on if we will see the same special tickets and oe scrolls as Korea has as how else did you think they made +80 weapons.. in Korea there are now save enchant (new type of ancients) scrolls upto +20 so that's going to be really like our +12 atm here are some screens from Korea, they're gifs so this forum blocks them but the links are save to click and you will see the actual high oe effects https://imgur.com/a/rVz1cLZ https://imgur.com/C1OydAF here's an example of the crazy OE going on back then stats of a +31 weapon is close like that of Dragon weapon except for the dragon skills ofc but obviously a +60 or higher weapon would be way more powerful then any dragon weapon so imho the most likely reason it got nerfed as it made dragon weapons obsolete oh and the top end game players in Korea have +18 to full +20 armor sets nowadays and glow effect is still that of our current +10 with no extra boost what so ever besides that of the OE
  9. btw looking forward to the details of our Fafurion Hero Pack!!
  10. well am spending my gaming money atm on Steam, they had some nice discounts
  11. Bring Back XP Boost

    well it's true NCWest is quite expensive for the Regions they cover but as Juji would say the official region is NA and those are all rich players so it's all according their local business model btw nothing is stopping ppl for trying out EU/RU servers, if I use BattlePing/WTFast to play on NCWest others can do the same the other way around to play on EU/RU google is your friend just type: EU Lineage 2 Events of February 2019 EU Lineage 2 Exp at a double pace
  12. There are like 4 topics here with feedback from your player base on what they would like to see next so imho plenty to work with For the lazy ones here's a few re occuring suggestions in no specific order: - Fafurion update - double XP event server wide at base XP level and all weeks, not limited to weekends - preferable 3 weeks prior to Fafurion update and yes that mean's you guys are being late at this as it is already!! - L2store discount promotion - Monthly Previews posted PRIOR to said Period disclaimer: no disrespect is intended, just constructive feedback
  13. Well they should start announcing the next big update Fafurion as well 15th Anniversary so let's see how this goes as so far EU/RU is doing a much better job at this then NCWest.. expecting more then just another rerun of an old store promo but it's w/e, so far no reason to spend any $$ and I actually been having fun with my extensive Steam library as if NC fails to excite me then there are plenty of other companies out there that can deliver
  14. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/658755/ here you go, free of charge!