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  1. agreed, @Juji why is that ? it's not like meastro or dominator class as those erthia classes are simple mage / melee type aka nothing crazy special ?
  2. that was not serious but based on the fact that we still have the original old npc's in the castle for manor system, those never got removed so I was kinda trolling NC here
  3. Tanks can actually do decent damage with using same skill dps set up as Yul or Tyr that's skill damage based but yes takes good to crazy gear for making it a walk in the park experience this is based on my personal experience as my main is a severely neglected Tank that every odd year I level up a bit with my Tyrants dual class gear to get back in top 10 class ranking - yes Tanks can use light armor and fist weapons & use skills when set on macro anyways hope folks are aware that with the upcoming Red Libra & 2nd Stone of Destiny many support players will change to DD, not me
  4. they are preparing the return of the manor system to boost spoilers!!
  5. I do have another question related to the Oriana event as why is it that on other export regions the oriana buff is part of the buff potions bar and on NCWest it's on the actual buffs main one @Juji ? NC Korea & Japan NCWest I'm totally overbuffed and loose stuff with that 1 buff too many, I even already remove several bufs and turn off Sayha talisman active skills..
  6. can confirm that there most definitely is something wrong with the odds for many items as so far none have shown up as what Ando and others have mention here got to the point that a meme was created @Juji recommend someone from your team looks into this as when server wise 100+K boxes are opened and not 1 Authority Ornament pops up or any of the other items something is very obviously amiss
  7. next update we get augments for dragon shirts that can be set to auto use and which block the use of the old giants stone augments and that's fine cause the new ones will be better
  8. the ppl behind EU/RU servers disagree with that statement Rohdah so no it's just a matter of time and if anything patience has always been a feature of L2 regardless the stone of destiny is nice for certain players but useless for others like me now if they removed the restriction on certain classes being locked to specific races I might actually change my main to Evi as why not, that would be funny
  9. also that most ppl don't even want to bother with it but yes it totally ignores the majority of players & clans which are PVE clans and thus excluded, now before some might say but sieges is obviously pvp content do bother to check the majority of clans that siege and you will find out most have the clan development path set to PVE mode as you can still take castles perfectly fine while being PVE
  10. it didn't like the google chrome auto translate, untranslated link which you can translate yourself is here https://beta.l2central.info/main/articles/478.html?lang=ru
  11. here you go https://beta.l2central.info/main/events_and_promos/478.html
  12. minor detail but it was EU/RU that requested the nerf to Korea and all export regions get the same update pushed also if we get the same as them it will effectively be a 50% reduction to what we got currently
  13. 25 clan rep points, yeah that's really going to make a dent in that 19+mil needed from 11 to 12 lmao I see zero reasons to bother with it, almost nobody does real sieges and this isn't making me sign up all of a sudden either so what was the real reason those castle ownership's had to be reset ? can't be this event lol
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