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  1. Make Dragon zone a PVP zone

    funny how this topic pops up every other year, has been for many years. basically since the start of the game L2 dramaz & greed ftw!
  2. what you wanted me to comment on the whole holiday festivities celebrations traditions etc ? there many different approaches to take to that and all are subjective so why not just respect ppl have different opinions & believes ? we both agree that we are due a fun event, what more needs to be said ?
  3. well that's a whole different topic and yes it's been a while we had a real fun event..
  4. none of those were planned to be part of 4th July, just pure coincidence of how the event cycles go a clear example of a real festive event tied to real world used to be the easter bunny event where players would transform to bunnies or the x-mas ones with santa porting around and handing out rewards near xp parties
  5. Are there no rules for them?

    that iss is much higher level with 5x their gear lulz anyways w/e chronos is nowadays the hello kitty reporting pve server
  6. Restoration Policy

    better question if the item has had a restoration done before aka the 2 restores have been used up.. ppl try to bypass the restriction by trading it around or through AH which obviously isn't go to fly
  7. the answer is even simpler then that cause Korea doesn't have those cloaks so nope, ain't happening. btw self service ftw go read the Korean past versions of their red libra to get a better idea of what's possible aka can be asked for - educate yourself! https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/event/closed most recent red libra which we will not get as of yet we're not on the same game build: https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknnotice/view?articleId=185171
  8. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    well light set also has P./ M. Skill Power +5% so hvy really only makes sense if 1. u need the pdef or 2. ur using pcrit dps build and don't care about the skill re use time that much dual class gear can also be a factor aka it's ofc logic to try have same type gear on main & dual to save money anyways differences are minimal so let's not go to deep into it
  9. you don't pay so why do u even post anyways NCWest never did much with 4th July, at best ask for some flash sale or the like
  10. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    imho it's better to explain what are the core dps factors to be aware off for Tyr's patt elemental patt pcrit damage str (cha) higher is always better pskill power pskill crit damage pskill crit rate pve damage raw damage increase items (like ruler belt) obviously pending on build the focus of priority shifts a bit but for both builds the patt / elemental patt factors alot, elemental patt can best be boosted by using a R110 weapon as start point
  11. Epics and Gear Set-Up in 2020

    here's my take on epics for a Tyrant +3 dragon earring and +12 atlas are the earrings combo to go for when using skill dps build on a Tyr - don't bother with jewels of gods earrings unless pvp/oly is a thing for you lindvior and +12 atlas for pcrit dps build bless valakas is best necklace unless u can afford gran kain jewel of gods ofc trasken & ruler authority ring are more then sufficient for pcrit dps, jewels of gods rings adds only a lil more dps which doesn't justify the price tag skill dps rings can be a combo of any of what has been mentioned before and if needed even a tauti ring will work as starting point for a returning player I would just buy the 30 days epics pack which is good value and has most of the above items just not quite in the right order but it will deffi get you going and as said by Rodah get the paulina armor pack for the 30 days pskill crit damage ring now a word of advise, decide what type of build you want to focus on as there's a huge price tag tied to going for both and sadly enough atm the servers have been dealing with ongoing bad melee lag aka the best dps build for Tyrant which is pcrit dps is heavily impacted in a negative manner - it forced me (lvl113+ Tyrant) to also acquire pskill crit items.. also set realistic expectations as the amount of gear you need to get to what goes for "best builds" doesn't come cheap aka better take the whole upgrading gear path 1 step at a time ps, no hvy set on a tyrant ever unless oly/pvp
  12. race change

    that's true and it will also give u that racials passive skill and ofc the race ranking I've seen some ppl change race just to get within top 10 of race rank lol
  13. race change

    l2store has chaos essence and dual chaos essence that can change class within it's arch type so PK can become SK but will loose the originals class specific skills and no refund on skill oe's of those lost skills in case any were oe'd
  14. only on NCWest, all other Regions are fine and are more then happy to take over the ppl that get tired of on going failure ain't it tragic when ppl from USA have better game experience & cheaper items with better service on EU server then their own Regions servers eh.. it's easy to bash or remain ignorant, make an account at EU/RU which is equally free and see for yourself the difference in game server performance - don't try to troll by saying EU has less ppl as RU has way more then Chronos and has same stable performance even when queues are up.
  15. Melee attackers - Attack logic - no logic

    what do you mean ? this new "improved melee attack logic" didn't fix the issue, is it better then before sure but is it back to how it should be no not at all and until it is really fixed no point to give any kind of compensation. what NC should do though is give melee players perma vitality until it's fixed and then give a real compensation that can do justice to the 11 Months of borked up gaming experience