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  1. @Juji the crafted cursed weapons shouldn't be able to have their skills work on unflagged / non wartag players unless this is a case of working as intended but then please confirm.
  2. it's being deleted this week at EU/RU servers.
  3. this is still a hot topic for many players
  4. more info can be found here https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19564-server-transfer/?ct=1606160137
  5. valid points Sly but still for anyone 112+ it's a joke as those ppl only do Castilla for the buff pots and not xp
  6. agreed and increased complains about this right now is actually something they could have anticipated cause yeah lol event
  7. the stats have some similarities but the navari mask at +7 is good for both pve & pvp situations where as with the wings of splendor you will need to buy 1 for PVE and 1 for PVP so it really depends on what you want here & budget imho and that's besides the non tradeable aspect of them wings I have a +8 Navari mask and these Lv.3 Wings are not even close to that, would need to be a Lv.4 Wings before it's worth my time to consider a change btw if ppl don't fully aware of what stats are at navari masks, it's identical to that event mask we had by killing the farthing orc - or j
  8. k then yeah I agree it should work by the pvp rules just like dragon weapons etc.
  9. you might want to clarify if you talk about the ingame cursed weapons that drop from mobs 5 days a week and last only a few hours or the perma versions as those work slightly different. both do have the effect of caging players based on chance when taking damage so if you do aoe damage you can cage multiple chars yes, ingame version will send chars to town after the effect fades unlike the perma versions which do not send you to town.
  10. it's decent boost but a navari mask is also good buck for bang item which is transferable so if you feel uncomfortable by that part get one of those instead
  11. Awakening servers do still get updates just not as amazing as Essence, note the Awakening updates section. you can easily check it out yourself with google chrome auto translation and the korean link I provided above
  12. https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2update/view?articleId=340741&viewMode=list&size=20 Korean Main Lineage 2 Game is what we know as Essence, what we play here has been renamed to Awakening for quite some time now and as you can see the new class isn't part of Awakening. If you want to keep easily track of these things why don't you join the Rochand forum replacement aka 4r4m's discord channel ? https://discord.gg/yNM6seK
  13. check this topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19564-server-transfer/
  14. @Juji fyi as you can see this can be re-enabled any time you want so why don't you ?
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