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  1. ah so I read more about what it does and it's like Frost a rootkit https://www.wellbia.com/faq/index_en.html https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003182786-XIGNCODE3-FAQ
  2. from what I read on their website it will also track keyboard & mouse macro's so if those are going to trigger red flags best let players know upfront what they can / can not do with regards to that
  3. MShames

    this topic needs more funny vidz
  4. WTS/T/B Good Stuff

  5. MShames

    Shame ?
  6. PvP Just a curious question..

    which update are you talking about here ? Orfen or Fafurion ? regardless dagger is #3 on both, the real question is what skill nerf version will the archers (and daggers) get in Orfen - will make a huge difference if it's 1000% -> 400% (Innova) or 100% (Korea) - pending on that Mages will be strongest in Orfen Fafurion I would say Archers get back to #1 for sure due to their lvl110 skills like Instinct lvl2 etc.
  7. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    in Korea this was changed to 100% and 10% p skill damage if am not mistaken so pending on which version we get some major changes are coming for archer & dagger
  8. Tyrrs as AoE DDs VS Archer/Feoh

    let's make a list: there are many archers & mages, way more then dreads / titans mages are liked cause of snare and their faint stun - doesn't need any gear stacked mages have the above plus good aoe dps 101+ archer with decent gear does alot of aoe dps, stacked archers do insane aoe dps - they can duo altar instance and duo aoe xp elven really fast dreads do not have good dps not even when stacked compared to equally geared mage/archer, titan does but doesn't quite have the same survivability & dps sustainability most important: ppl are lazy and go with is easiest to find to get an XP party going, see first point marketing, you don't find Tyr's on youtube - only stacked mage/archer fraps mob control, any tank can mob control better then Tyr's this list is serious as I play a stacked Tyrant myself and archers with the same gear as me can kill faster & more mobs at the same time at the moment, there's a nerf incoming for archers that may change all of this so let's see in 2 weeks how that balances out.. same for mages as many mobs get updated with increased resist of their stun debuf. long story short l2store gear at end game boost certain classes to crazy levels that it removes any kind of class balance as for example Archers were never supposed to be able to AOE dps solo with just an ISS as healer average parties are defi better off with a Dread / Titan when going for 1+hr XP sessions but yeah perception these days is against it
  9. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    yeah if their barrier won't get nerfed as well as every where (korea & innova servers) archers petitioned to have that fixed in the same way their skills got changed Innova flagged the issue of the archer passives to Korea and it got fixed, the same thing may happen with the mages so reroll trains should just wait till the dust settles first imo
  10. Aug. 22 Update point..

    can still get those from daily coins (clan store with personal rep) but most ppl use those for the greater chance (50%) bless R99 weapon/armor scrolls
  11. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    there's only 2 questions worth asking and that's 1. will it be changed in our version of Orfen yes / no 2. which version (Innova or Korean) will we get if the answer above is yes
  12. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    and in Korea it's changed even more.. you do know this is old news and has been discussed already in the actual Future Update forum section on 20th July hmm ? https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/33-future-updates-discussion/
  13. Lul Archers in Orfen Update?

    go back to the youtube and read the description again lol.. Fafurion update is more then 10 Months away for NCWest and that's Korean PTS server so who knows what we will end up with