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  1. actually it's the beleth/lindvior raid armor apperance this time which is kinds boring.. would have been way cooler if it was one of the dragon armor appearances that they do have for GM's
  2. Returning player needs guidance

    forgot the name but I think it's being given by an npc in Aden, I don't have any chars in the level range for it and to lazy to make alts for such farm
  3. this issue will most likely solve itself once we get the latest updates from Korea aka ~1year from now as Korea removed subclass so only main / dual remain one of the reasons of the inventory restriction is due to subclass as a lot of those passives and gear related inventory slot boosts don't work on a subclass also obviously due to lazy/bad coding but hey the game is 15+ years old so outdated code is to be expected.. btw +1 on getting this fixed as it's annoying for everyone
  4. Chronos Castle seige

    as a former core Nova player that got kicked for messed up reasons I find the above post hilariously funny, just an observation that you can't expect another clan to hold up certain standards when your own clan fails to do so either in the past/current and most certainly future also lmao HONOR in L2.. this ain't C3/C4 anymore, all of that went out of the window the day folks started use 3rd party soft to win pvp at all cost and that mentality has never left this game ever since.. it just moved from script vs script to wallet vs wallet.
  5. as said many times before and by many others the official stance of NC on this is that you're using macro's afk on your on risk period. this so called bug is a non issue for non afk players there are many more macro improvements coming from Korea in future updates BUT none of those are designed to facilitate AFK game play, only to make life easier for active players Western player mentality is messed up to think just cause you can do something doesn't mean you should lolz.. and yes to all that cry "but I refuse to play this game without afk macro" stop right there and un install the game as it's not for you and as harsh as it may sound you will NOT be missed. NC only cares about $$$ and afk macro players do not spend enough in l2store to be worth the hassle - feel free to fix that perception by spending every Month more then the top active spenders, GL with that btw as those spend more then a few thousands per Month long story short: NC is a biz, makes it worth their while $$$ to facilitate afk game play - freeloaders are free to QQ but can and will be ignored
  6. Weapon upgrade.

    the weapon upgrade is definitely worth it if you can afford and just keep an eye open for decent priced aden cloaks as else better to wait for future event don't try oe a cloak yourself as that will cost you more then just wait for a cheap one on market, also the real cost in the cloaks are with the augments as those stones are very expensive and getting the right augments can easily cost you 200+ attempts
  7. Servers need merge

    check the server max values which are reset only during maintenance or server crash, as long in every weekend/sieges those numbers are 3+K server mergers are totally off the table.. https://playl2.eu/?full only once numbers drop below 1.5K will such move be considered so yeah not going to happen anytime soon
  8. Red Libra Event

    cause it's the truth!
  9. Naia down

    a swing and a miss
  10. server transfers still not working either
  11. Enchant chance of circlets of power?

    need high LUC to even consider this and the odds well read the below link https://4r4m.com/en/known-probabilities-of-random-items/
  12. Yeti Mode

    this is Korea though so don't expect this functionality to come here any time soon
  13. @Juji Why can't I put the raid master armor in my wh or transfer to other char on same account ? I don't want it in my inventory... is this a bug or did I miss something ?
  14. their fix is do not afk macro, look it up - that's really NC official answer on that issue
  15. Chronos Castle seige

    something else as I saw some people talk about amount of active players & gear.. please note that before F2P aka GoD there were also only 2 servers with a lot less players then what we have now and still had much more actual PVP PVP is going still strong in Korea where their servers have less active players then us, see below fraps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZOvBM7GkW0 now imho for both scenario's the same reason applies which is that the players were/are approx same levels & gear it's worth noting that L2store in Korea is 3x cheaper then NCWest while their living standard is much higher aka effective most likely 4+x cheaper comparable towards our player base and thus easier access to mid/top gear as they cater to 90% of their player base versus NCWest only to the big spenders.. long story short NCWest situation is simply a case of you get what you sow - their business model is aimed at maximize short term profits versus korean long term