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  1. 5% damage over 5% xp always as damage in crease also means more xp whereas xp increase doesn't means more damage also by being able to kill faster u also can farm stuff like adena faster or pvp/oly etc. the 5% xp option is really the least interesting one of the two
  2. nah that's a simple thing, the basic macro's aren't the real issue and you wont get banned for such there's a clear difference though between simple macro's and the advanced ones that some players use for auto sign oly or auto accept ress or port to certain instance zone to give buffs and auto port out on a loop - those type of macro's are banneable
  3. nah it will only get more funny when the vitality rune is gone on all those higher level chars as then they will re focus on pure adena farm which means places like Neutral Zone and Stronghold 1 will be really overrun by high level chars I know I will do so for real as I have explained in this topic before, can't even fault those players for this as it's a cost/benefit situation and well those zones are way to profitable to ignore and any new players be damned. all "Working as intended" by NC Korea design
  4. to be more clear: I do find fault with NCWest staff in that they do not have a clear policy on their forums for their Moderators/Community team to make that point abundantly clear every time someone makes a post asking about it's legality or pretends it's legal usage for afk game play as this causes and/or encourages wrong player behavior who when reported/get banned may not even be aware they broke the rules. ignorance is not really an excuse but how hard is it to be more transparent about the rules around mouse/keyboard etc macro's if only to lower the amount of tickets/petitions on "wh
  5. no NCWest Staff ever said it was allowed in the way you suggest so stop the false information yes you can use mouse and/or keyboard macro's when you're at PC but when afk it's banneable, you go ask any NC staff if it's allowed to use non-ingame macro's for afk automated game play and watch their answer - just cause NC suck at enforcing their rules doesn't mean it's legalized. watch what happens when you report players who use automated mouse pixel macro's for auto ress or port to Toi for give buffs and then auto port out on a loop.. those players will get ban, just requires others to
  6. the current changes shifts the focus of the stronger old player base from xp/farming in their own level range to making alts equipped with their stronger gear for faster & easier adena farm and thus pushing out the player for whom the initially well intended changes were made the end result is a total joke though and as said before in other topic here, see below screenshot, the flaw in the design is making lower places get same or even better adena then the high end content - solution is simple either nerf the lower places or boost the higher end but do NOT leave them the same as then
  7. @Hime @LIME @Juji if you're serious about this poll add a message to the game login so players who don't frequent these forums can knows about it's exsitence
  8. @Hime Juji has my direct feedback on his discord account but sure let me repeat it here again in case it's to small to read the last screenshot there's also the very clear topic I posted here earlier today: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21835-ncwest-should-stop-scam-events-and-give-einhassad-store-like-every-other-region/ and to beat the dead horse 1 liner of "NCWest has a different business model" then Korea plz note Korea as country has way higher cost of living and thus by very simple logic our L2store prices should be LOWER then theirs but instead ours a
  9. will send u chaos essence to fix ur class so u can hunt in DV , problem solved
  10. let's circle back here, the real issue is the disparity between adena drops in old places versus this new neutral zone so this development is something NC could have seen coming from a mile away also there seems to be the perception ppl are entitled for safe farm there lol.. in Korea ppl can not farm there afk, u get pked or pulled away by tanks - only live players that can defend themselves in pvp xp there in Korea so why would anyone here think it will be any different ? beyond that plz continue with the flames
  11. no it got to the point that several top spenders including myself got tired of this, the Return on Investment on these store promo's aren't worth it and the nett result for players to improve their chars is going thru a free fall lately good thing it's Summer and COVID restrictions are being eased/lifted - time to do something better with our time & money
  12. to put my example in perspective it takes around ~500 augment stones to get a decent top augment and atm on Chronos that equals to 500 * ~15bil = 7.5Tril adena that story is total unrealistic and is mainly caused by the forced way in how low our event box reward rates are set as well the lack of Einhassad store which in the other Regions actually has by default higher prices for the items then what they get through their l2store event loot boxes.. in Korea players can easily go through 500 stones for augmenting per player where as on Chronos we don't even have 100 stones so far on th
  13. let me show how badly & unfair we really get treated and note NCWest is the ONLY Region without Einhassad store example: Dragon Shirt Augment Stone - availability here versus Korea or any other Region with Einhassad store 8 Einhassad Coins cost 800 KRW which converts to: either they start fix the rate by increasing it by at least 100x from event boxes or give us same einhassad store, korean ingame prices are even lower
  14. let me chime in here for a bit in to show how badly & unfair we really get treated example: Dragon Shirt Augment Stone - availability here versus Korea or any other Region with Einhassad store 8 Einhassad Coins cost 800 KRW either they start fix the rate by increasing it by at least 100x from event boxes or give us same einhassad store, korean ingame prices are even lower to recap: I know this is all 1st world / rich player dramaz but dayum what a rip off we deal with every time
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