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  1. no worries next update the macro will have the social ok logic aka will not target mobs that are already being hit by someone else also auto use elixer and eventually even txt/sms/email option to let you know ur macro stopped working or that you died.. not a joke btw this was recently added in Korea
  2. Grtz! to those who spend money on getting them +3 Dragon Epics from last p2w event, your investment didn't last 1 Month @Juji enjoy having the same server activity as NC Japan, well done!!
  3. If it is the Jewels of the Gods you're talking about then RIP NCWest and pretty lame to do it right after I spend so much on upgrading my armor to R110.. https://4r4m.com/en/jewelry-of-the-gods-en/ NOBODY WANTS THAT SERIOUSLY... why would you want to turn NCWest into another NC Japan with almost no player base ? Insert other media
  4. let me leave this here: "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." - Marcus Aurelius
  5. and is why Korean dev is removing all quest rewards that could be exploited such way.. wait for next update when all current xp areas that still give good drops adena/mats etc. get nerfed into oblivion
  6. there's none.. been seeing such statements on all servers over the last 15 years against the top dominating clans.. the only time such thing really happened was due bad policy at GM ticket support when they delevel'd Truffles stage 3 dragon fist and returned the claws so they could make 2 stage 2 dragon weapons.. lot's of dramaz happen once that got out and it got undone eventually.. also if it was even remotely true then why did Hitcha & Martel get banned so many times ? all that comment exposes is old trauma of frustrations with such end game clan.. pretty sure atm ppl say the same about MAX & MS L2dramaz ftw!
  7. don't feed the troll Mixa lol.. you should have known better nothing can be done about it atm besides waiting for next Red Libra which will actually cover all grade types of R110 weapons as well even some R110 armor parts
  8. Red libra question for GM's

    you will loose any skills that required rune stones and the originals class specific skills
  9. Red libra question for GM's

    nope, you will keep the forgotten skills
  10. Hi @Juji & @Hime Just double checking here but can you confirm the below list is indeed correct and everything on it will be removed after this weeks Maintenance ? This topic is also a friendly reminder for folks to be aware that this is actually happening Thx! The following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories when the event ends on July 10. Snow's Hunting Request items 15th Anniversary Coins 15th Anniversary Cube 15th Anniversary Talisman 15th Anniversary Magic Fork 15th Anniversary Firecracker 15th Anniversary Gift Box 15th Anniversary Firecracker Box 15th Anniversary Soul Crystal Gift Box 15th Anniversary +7 Guard Agathion Gift Box 15th Anniversary Lv. 5 Gem Gift Box 15th Anniversary Dark/Bloody Weapon Enhancement Stone Gift Box 15th Anniversary Talisman Gift Box 15th Anniversary Pitapat Box 15th Anniversary Rare Ring Gift Box 15th Anniversary Rare Necklace Gift Box Blue Potion - Fishing XP Bonus (Event version) Orc's Special Medium Vitality Tonic 15th Anniversary Mini Cake Freya's Ice Rose (Event version) Freya's Wind Scroll (Event version) Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP) 15th Anniversary Rare Earring Gift Box 15th Anniversary Attendance Box
  11. WTB/T/S Great Stuff

    WTB clean +10 R110 Light set 110bil standard / 125bil enhanced / 155 PVE Forgotten SB Chapt 3 1bil each WTT +18 Elmore 15% pcrit damage & +18 Ferios -9.5% PVP & +12 PVP Hvy set with +13 Bless R99 shield for a clean +20 Elmore Nevit Cloaks for 15x Forgotten SB Chapt1 each WTS Nevit Cloaks
  12. different npc sell value, usually certain event type items have a value of zero so it can't be abused by bots/logging in crazy amounts of chars just to sell it to npc
  13. Prelude to War

    if u mean news from korea then there's plenty but I don't post that here anymore for a long time now 4r4m's discord is the place to be
  14. Prelude to War

    yeah my bad for armor it's minus 1 enchant and weapon 2 Yidao travels alot around usually stays for a while in Germany and then plays NCWest and rest of time in China and plays there his server of origin is Naia and has never awaken any of his chars
  15. Event preview for next months ?

    NC Korea doesn't care enough about NCWest to give them enough resources for that type of customer service
  16. Prelude to War

    that's only for upgrades to a different aka higher grade, not for improving an existing grade aka you only need those crystals for upgrade R -> R95 -> R99 -> R110 mind you source item needs to be +6 blessed and will become new grade +6 standard
  17. Prelude to War

    https://l2wiki.com/Krishna_Weapon scroll to the bottom and select the weapon in question and then the tab of the type like Enhanced and then go to "Sellers" sub tab which gives you the details of what Mammon needs for the upgrade example on dagger: https://l2wiki.com/Enchanted_Krishna_Shaper#Sellers
  18. well it's very easy to use them all if you run afk macro as it requires many such items to go 24/7 like that 48 pcs of each 30min item and 144 pcs of 10min items per day per 1 account having said that ofc it would be nice if those items could be traded/sold even if it was only for the duration of the event but obviously this was done to limit the impact of everyone loading 100+ alts to farm this free event even more then currently is done for the fireworks lulz
  19. WTB Elegia / Vorpal armor sets

    wouldn't say they got no real value as on Chronos ppl charge 1bil just for using them as Appearance so..
  20. let's agree to disagree many different ways to have fun in this game and my point was that the stuff I mentioned actually have good parts to it aka it ain't all negative btw minor detail but I play since NA Closed Beta which was in 2003
  21. Hero Of Naia 1-2 day after

    just enjoy the eternal war on mobs as both Naia & Chronos are completely 1 sided so for meaningful PVP just go 2x a Month to Dim Siege and fight for Aden castle anything else is just window dressing as it won't change anything of the status quo.
  22. Lacks of Tanks

    strangely enough the new 108+ xp areas like fields of silence / whispers and fafurion temple aren't really party xp areas anymore, leaving Sea of Spores as the last real party xp place which party xp got actually nerfed so yeah atm it's rough going for any non ISS support to get past lvl 108+ long story short this issue isn't limited to only tanks and hopefully next update will provide more real party xp areas ps, next update also will boost Tanks skill damage (and that of many other classes) so duo xp at say fields of silence or alligators island should deffi be possible then so keep the faith ^^
  23. Expertise Runes

    there are no more grade penalties so yeah.. at the moment you can exchange existing runes for I think xp runes & powerfull fish at the fishing npc.. btw powerfull fish = elcyum powder which is worth alot these days
  24. Red Libra offers many things for ppl with zero to low budget like for example 8hr buff which is better then Freya ICE so more of that is always good imho on the Artifact system I guess you don't fully understand what that's about as even a set of +0 items will give a boost when equipped in Artifact book, for example lv.2 gives Damage +5%, damage received -6% <- aka great boost even for players with low budget!! most of the Artifact items focus on boost for defense, it doesn't add any new skill power / damage crap only a bit of p/m attack which ain't that crazy compared to all the other stuff https://l2wiki.com/Artifact_System and on the Agathion system I just point out that for some odd reason we never got the full update as the perma agathion charms were never implemented, something Juji said we would get eventually some time this update so who knows..
  25. current event aka l2store promo is boring for those of us that managed to get what they wanted from that during one of the previous runs so when can we expect something actually new ? how about next month run Red Libra with the improved Artifact or Agathion Charms & Bracelet system ? NCWest is the only Region that doesn't have this done yet