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    plenty of other games around so up to you if you take the queue or not
  2. Update with next maintenance

    L2 remaster will not be ready for another few years, come back for the 20th Anniversary of L2 as that's the current planned date for the remaster.

    servers are on MAX capacity that's the problem, these queue's are triggered because the safety threshold is exceeded if it wasn't for the fact we all know it's due to the quarantine one could even argue it's time for a new server but obviously once quarantine is over populations will collapse again
  4. Server transfers

    this was fixed in korea a while ago and Juji confirmed in discord it's coming back after next update so very soon..
  5. NCWest = NC Korea subsidiary Innova 4Game = License holder (Franchise) two complete different companies, the only way this would happen is when NCWest/NC Korea decides to terminate Lineage2 NA servers and sell the data to Innova - this also requires Innova willing to buy said data and why would they really when they will make way more money of all ppl having to find new L2 server to play on aka start from lvl1 & requiring all kinds of boosts etc. to rebuild their lost chars
  6. brekas stronhold bug

    S80 Weapon Appearances ftw!!
  7. Change Main Class

  8. Update with next maintenance

    btw @Juji Korea fixed server transfers so maybe time to ask them to send you the how-to instructions ? more info is on the above discord channel, you know which & where
  9. Update with next maintenance

    btw if folks are curious what 16th Anniversary event will have go check L2 Community Discord where we just discussed the content https://discord.gg/5QqztUR
  10. Update with next maintenance

    just the preview, it lacks alot of info if u want to see what EU/RU got check below: https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/ anyways I find the fact this exists and is part of rewards on EU/RU way more interesting https://l2wiki.com/Freya’s_Vitality_Maintaining_Rune_Pack
  11. oh the drama! https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17571-character-creation-disabled-until-415/ you will have to wait a few days
  12. you need to select North America as the game servers are there
  13. Game Database Not Named L2Wiki?

    L2wiki / L2central is Innova and nope there's nothing else better around with current info, not since Koreans stopped with their own wiki
  14. @Juji admit it you have a random dc script running to lower the queue, it's lame and not the way to deal with the situation - since my last post I dc'd randomly on my chars 5x
  15. @Juji plz investigate / fix the DC issue and block new accounts creation, let real players play and not bots / mentee farm chars
  16. same.. @Juji @Hime please check why all of a sudden we see mass dc's like this.. server queue means it takes very long to get back ingame and that's not cool.. if I may add a suggestion, block account creation for a while so real players can access the game instead of mentee alts ppl en masse create right now to earn adena by selling their graduation
  17. Weapon Appearance

    This, as explained a long time ago to you Juji this is something of which there will always be a demand for and removing / limiting the ability to customize a chars appearance is just a no no for online games.. heck for most online games that's how their business model is build around..
  18. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    NCWest staff knows it's not resolved, Juji came to L2 Community discord to ask how Chronos performance went after the latest attempt to remediate the poor server performance and we told him the attack speed delay was still - something he then went to verify himself and confirmed that indeed he saw the same problems as we did.. Going to be really interesting to see what the plans are for this weeks maintenance.. @Juji in the mean time some of us have also checked EU / RU servers and as we've told before they do NOT have this issue even with having servers past 5+K active logins and queue etc. so really go ask Korea IT department to verify with them how come a Franchise holder does a better job at this. it's been only..
  19. as the story continues..
  20. let them fix the servers first THEN demand for the long over due compensations.. till this lagfest is fixed what's the point to keep investing like mindless sheeps ? or let me rephrase the game been in bad state for Months now and nowhere was it said that the problems been fixed, only that they are trying to do so aka at that point if you choose to spend money/ncoins on the game knowingly so that's on you and you don't get to complain about it.
  21. can you at least wait until the game servers are no longer utter trash before coming up of more ways to throw away money ?
  22. new patch date?

    ah yeah thx that was the part i forgot here, get 100k in total from mentee 1-105 and 200k from that clan quest at least thats how it works in other regions, let's see what ncwest gets
  23. The best practices

    interesting, thx for that as I deleted all except the one from today and cleaned up a bit of HD space btw that's just the launcher and not the game so it's prolly to keep track on if the game needs updating etc.
  24. new patch date?

    ah that suxs, misread that part but it does mean if folks want it fast they best can do themselves as else the number needed actually goes up as graduation only gives 60K marks.. if anything with some luck splitting up the classes between BS and War-Torn Plains will help a bit with the stress on the server
  25. Cloak Augments

    you really should go watch how Gicobbe xp's if you think Tyr's can't xp with pskill crit damage builds and main Tyr changes are boosting skill power so that only improves, will it be enough so that average geared Tyrs can play that way too who knows but it might ya anyways really pick and choose what you think works best for your build & gear etc.