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  1. Krishna exchange price

    read the links I posted.. it's all there..


    WTS lvl4 Diamond Emerald Pearl lvl3 Vital HEWR WTB Dragon Rind Leather Shirt 30days Bloody PVE Rune Forgotten Spellbooks Chapter 1 +10 R110 Light set WTT WTT +12 PVE Light set with Vorpal app with adena to +10 R110 Light set (clean standard no elements) WTT +12 PVP Hvy set Tauti app with adena to +10 R110 Hvy set (clean standard no elements)
  4. Vitality Maintaining Potion

    log a support ticket as I said in my post.. or be without till next wednessday
  5. Vitality Maintaining Potion

    check vitality use item count when you mouse over your vitality bar, if the number is zero then submit ticket to support for reset as Juji drained it by accident during the GM event and yes many more folks have this issue, your not the first to post about it here
  6. hate to say it but even though it wasn't mention in the patch notes it always was part of the korean update like that.. this why those patch notes should have been posted complete prior to the actual update so everyone could have learned those skills on the old prices or accept the fact later would cost more.. I knew about it and did mention it to a few folks but guess I missed some, sorry about that drakkus ^^"
  7. Glorious Brooch Event

    1 year ago when we had the first time this glorious brooch event 1 guy spend nearly 5K USD on it and didn't get a single lvl5 but don't let the Korean RNG odds beat ya!
  8. nevit gold hourglass

    it's normal.
  9. nevit gold hourglass

    yes, I kill mobs in SoS 18+bil = 1 scroll and even in Fafurion temple where mobs can give 30+bil it's still 1 scroll per mob
  10. Nerfed Exp

    yes on the drop rates but not quite on the xp part as I have been testing alot now and Sea of Spores is actually slightly better then before the update for me, solo xp for Nuba went from 17.6bil to 18.1bil my first post aka the +1 was based on an error as I didn't notice my 200% xp rune had expired ^^" maybe something changed in how the party /group XP is calculated ?
  11. Field boss Barrier Still Glitch

    confirmed as said ingame / on discord as well on other topics posted on this forum!
  12. yes on the drop rates but not quite on the xp part as I have been testing alot now and Sea of Spores is actually slightly better then before the update for me, solo xp for Nuba went from 17.6bil to 18.1bil
  13. Erupt/maint vit pots not working

    +1 to this and btw how come you can't automate the Favor of the Exalted but you can the Blessing of the exalted ?? also plx add all consumeables to the auto function as right now deton / energy drinks or any of the rune packs can;t be added
  14. Krishna exchange price

    https://l2wiki.com/Krishna_Weapon https://l2wiki.com/Leviathan_Armor google translate this: https://4r4m.com/ru/upgrade-system-by-ferris/ https://d3v.me.uk/l2/r110/ have fun!
  15. New PK System question

    L2 Community discord: https://discord.gg/5QqztUR
  16. Nerfed Exp

  17. @Hime @Juji can you let us know in advance if there indeed will be another outage/maintenance done today ?
  18. only R99 grade sadly enough.. 1 per weapon (75% chance) and upto 2 for armor (51% chance)
  19. auto buf function etc only works when outside town/save zone
  20. Field boss Barrier Still Glitch

    confirmed still not fixed, btw plx post this in the right sub forum: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/27-report-a-bug/
  21. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    sounds like a bug yeah.. I do assume you guys took in consideration that we had an xp boost on top of the vitality bonus for the last month right ? anyways all bugs should be posted here: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/27-report-a-bug/
  22. Lineage 2 PK system pool

    all export regions has this "fix" (inc. EU/RU), also Korea main so this was not optional and not much Juji can do about
  23. Red Libra Event

    details of latest Red Libra in Korea - may not quite be the same version for us but at least you can see whats coming http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=638442 also no change of SA through Red Libra, use Blacksmith for that - atm the subtraction process is bugged and will be fixed, check the bug list from Juji, so in your case it's just a matter of subtraction and re-apply