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  1. Known Issue: Server Latency

    demon weapon system is mainly for pvp clans and not for lowly geared neutrals - ofc when a server is 1 sided then it gets boring fast but at least that's the idea behind it also L2 is an open pvp world type of game so when leaving save zone you can die durr.. always been like that and just means do instances during that time of the day or be ready to run back from town a few times this is what we call "working as intended"
  2. Bot in game

    auto hunt system doesn't do auto accept ress so lulz.. plenty of real bots out there but atm not priority to chase.. let them first fix the server performance okthx!
  3. Ork Dominator

    another thingie for @Gnarf
  4. New Class ?

    @Dawe above fyi
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    that got changed along the way in their attempts to fix the delay issue but it still updates way more often then is needed aka should be just once a day for calculating the ranks prior to rewarding those top rank bufs/passives
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    disable ranking & manner system and any other new Real Time process you have running since last update Thx!
  7. New Class ?

    the hype on Death Knight class is very real, just check out any of the recent Korean youtubes and you will see it mostly about that atm - have to say on the website it looks quite wicked yeah https://lineage2.plaync.com/update/history/2019/190814_deathknight?keywd=L2_deathknight_1000x644_20190814&logger_kw=L2_deathknight_1000x644_20190814&source=logger_kw&_C_=4642
  8. New Class ?

    best to read those links through google chroome with auto translate on Main server = Classic / Aden / Death Knight stuff Awakening server = Live / Bloody Test server = PTS when going to the Update tab you can see in more detail how those updates are published
  9. Ork Dominator

    so I double checked with ppl that play on Korean server and the answer is nope.. so I was wrong to say it could be done for dual class but it does work for main class aka change dwarf main PP to orc and then Domi can be done
  10. New Debuff System

    lol yes it's really that low.. Chronos #1 Ranked player 111 TK complains alot over it and he has top gear and level advantage so yeah..
  11. Known Issue: Server Latency

    look you can't put real time type of transactional data updates to a database on a server that's not properly configured for such ranking & manner system are clear examples of RealTime OLPT data transfers and require proper server hardware and/or configuration turn that stuff completely off and watch the performance issue resolve itself..
  12. Known Issue: Server Latency

    @Juji if you guys put an ATP type database on an ADW type you messed up the server IO performance right there on how that stuff works, considering the nature of the manner and ranking system which is basically transactional data processing.. https://blog.dbi-services.com/atp-vs-adw-the-autonomous-database-lockdown-profiles/ https://sqlmaria.com/2018/08/07/how-does-autonomous-transaction-processing-differ-from-the-autonomous-data-warehouse/
  13. This. @Juji the issue is not with the auto hunt or auto consumption items but with the outdated server hardware and the ranking & manner system remove ranking completely and disable manner system perma until you have the server hardware issue resolved . until it's solved you can find me on messing around on EU server
  14. MAX vs DH

    still see only excuses from a bunch of scammers, SilentHorrors was Euro + RU players and they would always go full force to Dim Siege so yeah no you guys are not even close to them and seeing how bad SH sucked in the end that's saying alot
  15. with the next update in mind where we will get server ranking based on MAIN class activity only aka not Dual class it's time to revisit this as there are many players who are not active on Main class and thus would be excluded from the new ranking system & the benefits it gives players. the Ranking system boost has more impact then Oly and applies to many more players (hundreds) then just the few hero's so it's nothing trivial. thus it's time for an updated version of the below Service from 2009!!
  16. New Class ?

    well Live aka Awakening is deffi yesterdays model so low priority for them compared to the rest but having said that most Koreans play both aka run macro on Awakening servers and play live on the new server while spending a ton in l2store on boost & gear items as said time will tell if that approach will be one to stay or once the novelty wears off it's back to old servers/business obviously this is also playing Russian roulette with their own player base by releasing so many different types of the same game
  17. MAX vs DH

    back in the not so old days Naia's dominating top pvp clan SilentHorrors clan would pvp the Chronos top dominating top pvp clan Nova at Dim Siege which happened for many months.. to the point Nova wanted more and moved several cp's to Naia for non stop pvp.. we all know who shows up at Dim Siege these days so lulz.. fire up them excuses and nope I'm not MS nor Nova so zero care except loving the irony behind the ppl posting here
  18. Ork Dominator

    oh the real reason ppl ask for this info this update is cause they want to change buff box set up to be completely based out of party hence Domi next update this will be even more relevant cause then Domi gets a clan wide 15% PoM buff called Victory of Paagro (VoP) so yeah..
  19. Ork Dominator

    yes and this can even be done with any ISS be that main or dual class of the race change service eligible type example: human heirophant -> race change to orc heiro -> chaos essence to domi
  20. New Class ?

    to begin with the death knight class is on a complete new server which is set as a new type of Classic yes.. worth noting here is that in Korea alot of changes have happened and they have rebranded a few things.. Live -> Awakening servers (their PVP/Bloody servers were merged into this model and no longer exist as such) Classic -> Lineage 2 main servers Aden servers is a sub set of the new Lineage servers long story sort atm there are 4 types of L2 in Korea now and we will have to see how the death knight server goes to see if it will even be considered to be launced to the export regions btw so far NCWest has not launched the Aden server model, most likely as that would have massive impact on the existing Classic server populations and I imagine they will hold off for sure now to see if the death knight concept is better suited.. still gonna wreak havoc on both Awakening (Live) & Classic servers..
  21. the fix is "easy" make it so that Live aka non macro play is more rewarding XP/Drops wise and when in party apply an additional boost, this way you encourage active Live party play!! we do need more 110+ Party Field XP areas though.. @Juji, more notes for the Korean team - please do pass this on as this isn't that difficult to implement & has a huge impact on game play & customer (players) game experience!!
  22. Manner mode and party

    manner system was designed for solo play so should be disabled by default when in party. @Juji, might want to add that as feedback for the Dev team as code/logic improvement - default should be off and in party greyed out locked in off mode.
  23. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Folks please stop talk about compensation.. that's totally un important while the cause / issue still remains - obviously everyone can & should demand refund of all their paid for items/runes but this will only be useful AFTER the problems have been resolved. @Juji / @Hime please provide some kind of status update or timeline as to where we stand, this has been going on for too long already and trust me as explained above I and everyone else WILL demand restitution of the timer based items our chars had active during this server performance issue. points to look at: 1. server hardware, has the team checked the differences between NCWest server settings/hardware and that of Korea / Japan & EU/RU just to rule that out ? 2. has the patch causing the server (log/tracking features) been identified and if so can thise be disabled / removed or roll back ? - Manner mode / Server Ranking are the obvious new features that can easily cause the seen performance degradation when implemented poorly - will a full roll back aka removal of the whole update be considered as that would guarantee restoration of server performance ? Please communicate with us on where things stand as people stopped logging in (myself included) and some even start looking for alternative places to resume playing L2 without the risk of these kind of server & customer services issues.
  24. If that would have been the case then Japan would have gone thru the same thing 3 months ago when they got this update or EU / RU a few weeks ago.. so nope sadly enough it's really a problem that mainly exists at the NCWest Live servers so ya..
  25. @Jujithanks for making clear the only way for us to force Korea to fix the hero shout issue is to block them all with all our chars so they get perma chat block until Korea realize it ain't working for NCWest player base this is the best way to deal with it