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  1. sounds more like an issue with windows as there were no changes to the game files
  2. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    +1 for merger with Naia with Euro timezone, THX!! <3
  3. festival game

    just don't buy more then you think you will be able to use, keep in mind that event ends in max 3 minutes so say at best 10~20 tickets per event unless your one of those addicts with special click macro/mouse stuff for clicking like a mad man then I guess u can parse 100+ tickets but with you many others doing the same and supply is limited so there's that..
  4. Krishna exchange price

    the info posted here should be a sticky imho..
  5. festival game

    https://www.lineage2.com/news/the-festival-game Any unused Festival Tickets will be removed from player inventories during the July 3 maintenance.
  6. it felt too rewarding for the players so it got removed @Conguero spirit is still alive!!
  7. click on "enter" look at the reward item list then look at the event info page and know how many items per ticket are given as reward, now realize that in less then 1k tickets all rewards are given out and the event window ends with new count down timer for the next starting so yes in ~3 minutes 1K tickets are spend
  8. thx that fixed it..
  9. @Juji @Hime @Cyan that event interface is broken, even after 2x file repair it doesn't load on my screen - got nothing next to the map.. so no event for me, money saved & on da bank, thx!!
  10. State of game

    that get discussed way better in this topic: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13188-insane-prices/
  11. Inter-server Olympiad

    yeah not going to happen. maybe once servers drop below 1.5K online each and final merger takes place to put everyone in 1 timezone but then this question becomes redundant
  12. Tyrr GK skill enchants

    Draecke#2359 but do me a favor and be sure to first check out the usual stuff like google: l2wiki tyrant and check what's posted in this forum
  13. Krishna exchange price

    Yep don't ask for stuff when there are actually valid means to get thru ingame aka Go Fish!
  14. State of game

    in HighFive update I spend 1.5year in making a complete Masterwork Noble Vesper Heavy set so lulz many hours spend farming with live spoilers for all the mats & recs needed still got the set out of nostalgic reasons and as memento of how hardcore the game used to be

  16. there's something wrong with the math there be it your level range or kill speed as I make almost 1bil per day farming SoS purely from selling to npc the mats that dropped prestige + 200% drop rune running
  17. Raid boss

    nevermind that one, seems we all know the answer to that question now ps, dps for hire to assist in slaying of dragonz
  18. Raid boss

    btw the real question is can you re enter after a failure as that might be changed, only @Juji can answer that one
  19. Raid boss

    but irrelevant in current update as instance is on a timer
  20. Raid boss

    nope, never was never will be

    agreed, turning this game into one for only DD's will make everyone else quit which can't be right..
  22. Fafurion Update Exp Gain

    +1 zero reason atm for DD's to join parties which will kill the game really fast if party play doesn't get improved
  23. Raid boss

    would be funny if the old tactics of kiting a dragon for 10+hours would still work eh
  24. Krishna exchange price

    up, should be a sticky as many ppl ask for the same info
  25. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    tbh who cares anymore ? NC won't stop with pumping out overpowered l2store stuff and NCWest won't give us the same pricing as Korea thus making it way to expensive to stay competitive - this is a game from 2003, who is going to keep pump thousands of dollars/euro's month after month for what ? check the pricing on the latest Korean store promotion and convert it back from their currency to dollars and you will see the truth. http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=639251 btw yes those are +10 Dragon Shirts & Radiant Circlets.. google translate link: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=ko&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Flineage2.plaync.com%2Fboard%2Fupdate%2Fview%3FarticleId%3D639257&sandbox=1