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  1. or just roll back the whole update before more ppl quit and leave for EU/RU servers
  2. delay issue is not fixed it was ok right after server reboot but trash now @Juji / @Hime fyi really turn off the ranking stuff or get better hardware thx
  3. Known Issue: Server Latency

    just that Classic forum section is down below
  4. Can't create a character

  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Juji said "No" on L2 Community discord - why do you ask this on Live forum section ?
  6. Hero Channel

    btw see also this topic I created right away about it: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14523-hero-shout-solution/
  7. Hero Channel

    /block ftw!
  8. Tyr momentum Fail

    it's a passive skill now, perma active
  9. New Artifacts (?)

    @Juji can you confirm these items have been removed from the game until it's proper release ?
  10. Game is unplayable now!

    you believe trolls in l2 community discord ? also so easy to verify yourself isn't it ?
  11. Main - Dual exchange service

    you forgot to add @Juji / @Hime - without that this will not even be read
  12. time to roll back the servers to previous update
  13. Quick question..

    that this topic belongs here: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/5-game-questions/ and you forgot to mention the lvl range and purpose of farm aka xp or adena
  14. MAX vs DH

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr9oY-LIFs8 when pvp was funz
  15. great next target but attack speed is still fubar - feels like 200 instead of 1500
  16. @Juji / @Hime Melee attack delay issue has not been resolved, no reason to play/login till this has been fixed. Fix your hardware set up or roll back the code changes that causes it and let us know here or at L2 Community discord when done.
  17. @Juji / @Hime according to several feedback from discord the lag / delay issue is back and has not been resolved, please investigate further and restore the game server performance to before this update (or roll back the patches that caused it). Waiting patiently for this to be resolved, will be playing other games until then so don't bother with l2store stuff this week as most ppl will do the same. Thx!
  18. upgrading existing high oe armor / weapons is expensive yup which is why most ppl upgrade the minimum version like +6 Bless R99 and redo the OE once it's R110 it's all about choices, at least you got many different options upgrade existing take a +6 bless r99 wait for more clean +0 r110 (all top raids drop these so just a matter of time for plenty available)
  19. Lag issue when using macro [LOW-FPS]

    read patch notes as the "improve performance" is now turned on by default with no means of turning it off
  20. BattlePing is cheaper and supported / known by L2 Staff, just saying
  21. every update changes are made to field xp areas, this ain't nothing new - also it was known these changes were coming from the moment it was announced in Korea aka Months ago.. let's be serious for a sec here as well as obviously NC will nerf places that were able to farm ~10bil a day with just afk macro bot parties and don't deny this as I know how much adena was farmed in refinery / af / elven / superion / sos etc. btw nerf on SoS was only 20% so you might want to actually check all the old & new places for drop chance etc. to see which are still decent for farm - or if you're lazy go check RU / EU servers as they have already figured out what/where to farm next.. compare l2wiki with the RU version l2central through google chrome auto translate to see the real nerf info and use l2central to see where to go next. https://l2central.info/wiki/Первобытный_Остров select the region info at the bottom to navigate to all xp / farm areas and then drill down into the mob drop / spoil details
  22. Game is unplayable now!

    feedback I got from another player in a pm: problem was present after they implement the 1st fix for the problem with the SoulShots i got it after that fix on my 2nd pc i did not update from the launcher and the game was running normally so that could be a potential starting point to back track when / where & how this bug got introduced on the game servers regardless I do hope NC figures this one out fast as I've stopped playing completely until they do and the longer am away the more likely it will be I won't return
  23. Game is unplayable now!

    to be very clear: it's not latency but an issue of bad coding at the game servers, something broke with this update or one of the hot fixes they applied latency suggests there's a network connection problem and that's not the case
  24. to be clear I have used BP & WTFast for years without any problem and it's common knowledge only ingame macro's are allowed, anything else is just russian roulette