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  1. to be clear nobody makes more adena and/or xp then a party that farms Fafurion temple, it makes more adena then max time spend on stack archer in the new timed instance.. anyone saying they make more solo farm is either ignorant or trolling

    disclaimer: there's 1 exception and that's for the super stacked DD that farms all open field raids - that player does make more adena, on chronos that's all done by 1 guy in case folks are wondering why I mention t this way :)

  2. lmao.. log on Chronos and watch how ppl that had no problems farm Sea of Spores moved now to Fafurion Temple and basically do the same there..

    main change is that they make now way more adena then before

    heck folks even just afk macro the place.. join L2 Community discord and ask Conan for pointers there ;)

    wanna understand the future go watch the latest Korean streams, plenty of those out there

    party xp will remain Fafurion Temple only for at least the next 8 Months as Korea doesn't have any other place either, highest level Korean player is 119 and tbh seeing the amount of XP one get even at level 110 while doing aoe farm it's very clear who ever farms Fafurion will easily get there over time.


  3. ah ignorance is bliss right Mixa ;)

    plz do stay here and don't come to the l2 discord so you can keep making those kind of posts while being unaware of the updates Juji gives in discord :D

    @iDM it's work in progress, just not very high on Korean Dev team priority list so just keep pushing for it on NCWest forums & discord etc. to remind Juji & staff that it remains a high demand ticket to their paying customers and eventually this will happen ^^

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  4. that's kinda it, only other thing would be to class change to Elven Tank aka Eva Templar if you weren't that already as that one has the best shield defense class passives (or used to have, not sure if this is still correct these days)

  5. erm lol you do know that there are still a few hundred or so RU players that still play on NCWest right ?

    so what does this mean ? that the grace period is over and they all should quit & go play RU servers ? you can close Naia server then as well and move the left overs into Chronos ;)

    just saying that this is not quite gonna work out in a positive way for the health of the game as even Chronos has an old RU community

    anyways RIP FuriousSteel, DragonHunters and many others that will remain nameless but not forgotten, let's remember how the game used to be when we were all still friends



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  6. @Juji ran into the below situation with an alt of mine where I got access to 30 items submitted to AH of which none where mine..



      didn't remove/cancel anything but it's very disturbing that I got a screen like that

  7. there's Oly / World Oly and the server ranking which give boosts to those that reach the top of server / race, not that hard or expensive to reach top 100 on server or top 10 for specific race

    and here's what Juji had to say about main - dual swap last week so yeah it's possible, just need to convince Korea to get this service.


  8. WTB +7 or higher of the below Artifacts:
    • Fight: patt & att speed
    • Protect: pdef & mdef
    • Support: HP Absorption & XP
    • Balance: patt / rec damage immob / p accu / pcrit rate / pskill crit rate

    pm here or ingame at same name

  9. 1 minute ago, Roser said:

    i agree also with this .... they must do something also with cursed weapons is extremely bad system this now :(

    demon weapon system is mainly for pvp clans and not for lowly geared neutrals - ofc when a server is 1 sided then it gets boring fast but at least that's the idea behind it

    also L2 is an open pvp world type of game so when leaving save zone you can die durr.. always been like that and just means do instances during that time of the day or be ready to run back from town a few times

    this is what we call "working as intended" ;)

  10. 2 minutes ago, Dawe said:

    Right there in the patch notes.

    that got changed along the way in their attempts to fix the delay issue but it still updates way more often then is needed aka should be just once a day for calculating the ranks prior to rewarding those top rank bufs/passives

  11. best to read those links through google chroome with auto translate on



    Main server = Classic / Aden / Death Knight stuff

    Awakening server = Live / Bloody

    Test server = PTS

    when going to the Update tab you can see in more detail how those updates are published



  12. so I double checked with ppl that play on Korean server and the answer is nope..


    so I was wrong to say it could be done for dual class but it does work for main class aka change dwarf main PP to orc and then Domi can be done

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  13. look you can't put real time type of transactional data updates to a database on a server that's not properly configured for such

    ranking & manner system are clear examples of RealTime OLPT data transfers and require proper server hardware and/or configuration

    turn that stuff completely off and watch the performance issue resolve itself..

  14. @Juji if you guys put an ATP type database on an ADW type you messed up the server IO performance right there on how that stuff works, considering the nature of the manner and ranking system which is basically transactional data processing..




  15. 5 hours ago, Shoppy said:

    Comparing my two Tyrr GK in equal gear (lv40 Paulina R-grade) on both Core and Naia my conclusion:

    Overall Atk. Spd on Naia is a low slower, it feels like I am missing like 200 Atk.Spd. It feels sluggish on Naia while having the exact same buffs and gear.

    But we need the Auto-Hunt. The whole frigging game is designed so you can log in the morning, port your character to Alligator Island, Ivory Cavern, Tanor Canyon or whatever other Solo Hunting Zone and turn on the auto hunt and get exp while at work. Without the auto hunt it's just another imbalance that is put onto NCWest players compared to the other regions. We already have a steeper exp curve, less adena drop and now disabling the auto hunt (maybe forever) is also making the game just unplayable without decent exp rates party zones. Exping in Elven Village/Sea of Spores is just not worth it when you get 30-40% less exp per mob in a party zone compared to a solo zone.

    We do need the auto hunt, we do need the auto pots. This are all vital parts of the Fafurion update.

    All of these features are working without problems on EU, RU, KR and JP servers. But why can't NCWest make it working on the NA servers? Has there been cut to much content from our version to make it work? Does it conflict with a NA server specific setting?



    @Juji the issue is not with the auto hunt or auto consumption items but with the outdated server hardware and the ranking & manner system

    remove ranking completely and disable manner system perma until you have the server hardware issue resolved .

    until it's solved you can find me on messing around on EU server

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  16. still see only excuses from a bunch of scammers, SilentHorrors was Euro + RU players and they would always go full force to Dim Siege so yeah no you guys are not even close to them and seeing how bad SH sucked in the end that's saying alot

  17. well Live aka Awakening is deffi yesterdays model so low priority for them compared to the rest but having said that most Koreans play both aka run macro on Awakening servers and play live on the new server while spending a ton in l2store on boost & gear items

    as said time will tell if that approach will be one to stay or once the novelty wears off it's back to old servers/business

    obviously this is also playing Russian roulette with their own player base by releasing so many different types of the same game

  18. back in the not so old days Naia's dominating top pvp clan SilentHorrors clan would pvp the Chronos top dominating top pvp clan Nova at Dim Siege which happened for many months.. to the point Nova wanted more and moved several cp's to Naia for non stop pvp..

    we all know who shows up at Dim Siege these days so lulz..

    fire up them excuses and nope I'm not MS nor Nova so zero care except loving the irony behind the ppl posting here :)