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  1. I will try this one more time as I just explained in l2 community discord as you guys are foolhardy lot ;)

    folks should turn around the question and ask whats needed for a "Zolter" to be able to have a fighting chance versus a "Weiner"

    only then pvp might return and pvp is the main driver for folk to spend money, time & resources on this game
    nothing else to say really so..


  2. 2 minutes ago, Bable2 said:

    The only reason these top players complain now is because  they cannot put their items to use.

    They wanna AOE  a whole clan on their own and trashtalk while at it but once that clan stops showing up to siege they complain that the system is failing.

    And there they are, with 50k chars doing pve only on macro !


    read what I wrote before.. top / mid end players already destroy everyone else.. they do not need to buy more/new shiny toys to achieve that..

    there's no PVP on Chronos anymore as it is and this stuff ain't helping with that situation

    what incentive is there for the whales to keep spend ? majority of the whales & mid sized ones I talk to all think of quitting while they can still get some kind of "return on investment" as the game is basically done for real now.

    only a very few think of just going pve mode and riding this out but those are the minority

  3. on the stop buy ncoins / l2store stuff absolutely agree but knowing NC we will first get the same treatment as Taiwan & Japan which is 2 l2store promo's a Month as to make up for the drop of sales as this is all virtual goods anyways upto the point we're worse off then the Japan servers..

    this approach is pitiful as it isn't to late yet to turn NCWest servers around the same way they did in Korea..

  4. that's where you're wrong, most aren't happy about this situation and majority of the really big whales have already left

    the mid sized whales that are still playing are now seriously considering to to go casual mode as the rat race went to far which will have significant consequences down the line but maybe that's needed to get these recommended changes actually done..

    also your assumptions that the whales already got those jewels is wrong, only a handful players managed to be "lucky" on chronos and made a stage 1.. most ppl are just sitting on the fence watching how this is going down as all of us knows that atm it's 50bil for a small chance when down the road premade stages 1 thru 6 will be sold in loot boxes..

    look at the dragon epics that got made redundant within 1 Month, the devaluation of gear is going too fast for any smart player to not want to invest huge amounts of resources anymore period.

    what you DO see atm is players trying to make adena by reselling stuff from l2store but that's not the same thing and just look at how the last cloak store promo went.. it's a crash & burn situation with only the first rush being profitable..

    totally NOT sustainable situation

  5. @Bable2 you're missing the point which is that even top spenders like to have a slightly more balanced competition else why spend more if you already dominate with you current/old gear right ?

    to achieve more decently geared player base we need to have easier, affordable & more gear access then we got atm..

    look at Korean servers, there is still balanced pvp because their l2store is cheap for their cost of living standards so the gap gear wise between top spenders and average spenders is not that huge that pvp becomes 1 sided unlike what we got..

    it's not hard to check prices on korean l2store and how it translates to ingame adena etc. - how else you think it's possible for a korean whale to have access to over 1k black cards, just think about that amount for a second as that's just 1 whale and korea has more of those then we do so most likely on their servers exist more then 100k of such which is why their prices be that adena or ncoin are significantly lower..

    this applies to all their l2store p2w items and their player base actually stays healthy this way as korean whales are only say 20% stronger then the rest whereas our situation whales are over 2K times stronger 

    long story short: NC Staff when your top whales are telling you to chill it's time to take it seriously as without us L2@NCWest will be closing down sooner then later - time to unlock that huge market potential of your mid range spenders by making your products/l2store more accessible.




  6. there's none.. been seeing such statements on all servers over the last 15 years against the top dominating clans..

    the only time such thing really happened was due bad policy at GM ticket support when they delevel'd Truffles stage 3 dragon fist and returned the claws so they could make 2 stage 2 dragon weapons.. lot's of dramaz happen once that got out and it got undone eventually..

    also if it was even remotely true then why did Hitcha & Martel get banned so many times ?

    all that comment exposes is old trauma of frustrations with such end game clan.. pretty sure atm ppl say the same about MAX & MS

    L2dramaz ftw!

  7. Hi @Juji & @Hime

    Just double checking here but can you confirm the below list is indeed correct and everything on it will be removed after this weeks Maintenance ?

    This topic is also a friendly reminder for folks to be aware that this is actually happening ;)



    • The following items will be automatically removed from players’ inventories when the event ends on July 10.

      • Snow's Hunting Request items

      • 15th Anniversary Coins

      • 15th Anniversary Cube

      • 15th Anniversary Talisman

      • 15th Anniversary Magic Fork

      • 15th Anniversary Firecracker

      • 15th Anniversary Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Firecracker Box

      • 15th Anniversary Soul Crystal Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary +7 Guard Agathion Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Lv. 5 Gem Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Dark/Bloody Weapon Enhancement Stone Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Talisman Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Pitapat Box

      • 15th Anniversary Rare Ring Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Rare Necklace Gift Box

      • Blue Potion - Fishing XP Bonus (Event version)

      • Orc's Special Medium Vitality Tonic

      • 15th Anniversary Mini Cake

      • Freya's Ice Rose (Event version)

      • Freya's Wind Scroll (Event version)

      • Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP)

      • 15th Anniversary Rare Earring Gift Box

      • 15th Anniversary Attendance Box
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  8. WTB

    • clean +10 R110 Light set 110bil standard / 125bil enhanced / 155 PVE
    • Forgotten SB Chapt 3 1bil each


    • +18 Elmore 15% pcrit damage & +18 Ferios -9.5% PVP & +12 PVP Hvy set with +13 Bless R99 shield for a clean +20 Elmore
    • Nevit Cloaks for 15x Forgotten SB Chapt1 each


    • Nevit Cloaks

  9. yeah my bad for armor it's minus 1 enchant and weapon 2

    Yidao travels alot around usually stays for a while in Germany and then plays NCWest and rest of time in China and plays there

    his server of origin is Naia and has never awaken any of his chars :P

  10. that's only for upgrades to a different aka higher grade, not for improving an existing grade

    aka you only need those crystals for upgrade R -> R95 -> R99 -> R110

    mind you source item needs to be +6 blessed and will become new grade +6 standard

  11. well it's very easy to use them all if you run afk macro as it requires many such items to go 24/7 like that :P

    48 pcs of each 30min item and 144 pcs of 10min items per day per 1 account

    having said that ofc it would be nice if those items could be traded/sold even if it was only for the duration of the event but obviously this was done to limit the impact of everyone loading 100+ alts to farm this free event even more then currently is done for the fireworks lulz