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  1. Have a look at their preview site, link provided by 4r4m http://event2.ncsoft.jp/1.0/lineage2/1812update/
  2. Fafurion update NC Japan

    Thx Elmar! btw let me know if you want an invite or link to 4r4m's discord as he even made a special Rochand section for us orphans
  3. About The live Servers

    just login to both chronos and naia as usually after mergers it shows initially as empty but when u try to login they pop up
  4. Oriana

    i got 300 coins on chronos like 1hr after reset but I claimed it the moment that happen and got boxes right away to minimize risk and guess what that paid off.. well not really as I got like 6 disguises as reward lulz but you get the idea
  5. Oriana

    why do ppl always wait till the last moment for these kind of things when it's known stuff gets buggy this close to maintenance time ?
  6. just silly how hard it is to put in youtube links nowadays when it used to be easy ^^"
  7. yeah which NCWest also knows so they wouldn't be adding it on the list if this wasn't fixed now I would think we will see in a few hours
  8. says so on the event details page, did you check that before you posted ?
  9. well if you check the original event details from Korea you will see there is an exchange option of 3x old freya/paagrio exp/might/barrier + 1 GE for 2 Freya Ice Roses which is why I ask NCWest staff if the event page is correct and that exchange option was removed from our version or not.. we will find out soon enough so let's see.. as said in my first post in this topic the l2store aspect of this event is strong enough not to have such need to remove the exchange option imho which will also frustrate players alot less as afterall those items used to be also l2store rewards back then which are now being trivalized by this newest incarnation.
  10. @Hime & @Juji did you guys really remove the exchange option of trading existing freya barrier/exp paagrio exp/mights to Freya's Ice Rose from this event ? Korea Event details: http://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/171115_quest pitty if so as with the fortune sticks store stuff there wasn't any need for that imho
  11. Thx! Aion has 64bit XIGNCODE so it shouldn't be too complicated ?
  12. @Juji will XIGNCODE get updated to 64bit so BattlePIng etc. will work again properly ? also any news on server transfer name thing ? Thx!
  13. it was up as some ppl from Naia moved back to Chronos
  14. verification code e-mail never comes!

    hit the resend button and also check your junk mail
  15. Nova vs MS nova drop war

  16. Xincode Error

    @Juji, when will Lineage 2 get 64-bit XIGNCODE support ? It's the fact L2 is still using 32bit that's causing the issue with many people that use lowerping progs. Thanks to Advice!
  17. December 2018 Preview

    outside of Olympiad what's the point ? you can be w/e you want with your dual class so tbh I don't get this whole we need main <-> dual exchange service ?
  18. Fafurion update NC Japan

    Chronos & Naia are close to same situation as Japan these days - note that we got an event that promote's logging in many accounts to obfuscate our real current active player base https://playl2.eu/?full please be aware of the timezone differences so don't compare our prime time be that Chronos or Naia without being aware of Korea / Japan / China / Taiwan etc. prime time as those are not the same
  19. Almost time for December Preview, let's see what we get - hopefully a nice event for all with some real xp boost like at server settings and not vitality and free augments etc. best to combine with korea's latest version of Red Libra for extra customer happiness
  20. November 2018 Preview

    December Preview ? let's have a cheerful X-mas event that will work for everyone ?
  21. Purpose of Xigncode?

    did you really expected XIGNCODE to improve anything ? all it did was make live hard for those of us that use ping lowering progs to play this game
  22. Fafurion Update Trailer!

    NC Japan is rolling out Fafurion update in December so NCWest will be February latest ? /discuss

    depends where you hunt as for example Sea of Spores benefits of having even higher ele patt but yeah that's deffi usefull to have if you can't afford to go for 15% pcrit damage if you have the exalted tiara that adds another +50 ele patt I think and comes for free every lil boost helps and it's best not to get frustrated over the huge gap that exists ingame between new & old players and just upgrade step by step as guess what those old players did the same thing, they've just been at it a lil longer
  24. Not the Classic forum section Doeggie!!
  25. some good points but dayum that..