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    new dye

    dye crystals also drop from field raids and throne bosses
  2. yep most likely we get death knight update in 4 months but let's see when korea will add in their next update if it will include the male erthia or not but keep in mind we're talking about at least another year before it comes to us
  3. FistingTime changed to GK with stone destiny, he's GK hero now
  4. to be clear I'm trying to give advise based on my experiences & growth of char over time and not on how my char is right now as that would be totally unrealistic for any new player as no new player will be able to become a top 20 server member out of the blue like that with a full understanding of the game / class etc that comes along with it now as he is asking about GK set up let's talk about just that and not get derailed into other Tyr types or Evi class gear wise I would really just stick with the l2store exalted pack as it is truly a big value pack with many decent starter
  5. on naia apparently stuff is quite sad if you're being serious here not sure why u mention those points when no new player will be dealing with real dragon mobs any time soon as that's 118+ content let alone the fact majority of new player will not have the budget for a stage1 dragon weapon or even a +12 R110 weapon so erm o0? my feedback is based on my experience with gear ranging from +16 R99 to +14 R110 limited -> +21 -> +30 and these days stage2 yeah but I'm fully aware of each step and which dps build worked best for the level/gear ranges - also during those gear upgrades m
  6. you're aware FistingTime is a close friend of mine right ? he used skill dps on his Evi, he was basically perma Oly hero on the class till he changed class to GK and regardless of that I know many Evi's on Chronos that changed build too or rerolled class with stone destiny as even on new amazon servers melee lag does still exist even if not as bad as it used to be but that hurts Evi class very much. I know several meastro players and those also preferred skill dps build over normal pcrit damage, my "dual class" is a 112 doombringer and the former doombringer hero is a clannie of mine who
  7. https://lineage2.plaync.com/history/index last real Lineage2 (Awakening) update was: to be clear Master Class update is the one with the new Death Knight class and will be part of our next update in ~4 Months ps; use google chrome with the above link and click on the auto translate option in the right top corner
  8. this isn't a real update just a bundle of weekly patches that was baptized with a name will add a list of the real updates on the topic SlyCutter made
  9. that doesn't apply after 110 and tbh not even before but it's the cheap budget route untill you can afford the skill damage set up which is basically the same for any Tyr please read stuff here: https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/23-warrior/ for reference I'm a 119+ Grand Kebab for whatever that's worth, good luck
  10. really why do ppl have to ask this question when it's pretty much obvious this is about the more advanced macro's like those that ppl use to auto accept resurrection while afk or logs chars to sign up for Oly / CoC fully automated & afk or have chars port to places / instances to give buffs and port out on a loop while afk etc etc basically if you're doing stuff now with smart out of game macro's that you used to do with zR in the past then you know the answer
  11. that wasn't even a bad suggestion lol there's more needed to properly refine it all but stuff like that is a start in the right direction and yes the hardest part is convincing Korea changes are needed as they do not have this hide in 14man clans problem at all
  12. Auburn aka babayagas explained it on Core discord and even Conan admitted how it works on 4r4m but none will ever say it here as they know very well it causes raised eyebrows
  13. 5% damage over 5% xp always as damage in crease also means more xp whereas xp increase doesn't means more damage also by being able to kill faster u also can farm stuff like adena faster or pvp/oly etc. the 5% xp option is really the least interesting one of the two
  14. nah that's a simple thing, the basic macro's aren't the real issue and you wont get banned for such there's a clear difference though between simple macro's and the advanced ones that some players use for auto sign oly or auto accept ress or port to certain instance zone to give buffs and auto port out on a loop - those type of macro's are banneable
  15. nah it will only get more funny when the vitality rune is gone on all those higher level chars as then they will re focus on pure adena farm which means places like Neutral Zone and Stronghold 1 will be really overrun by high level chars I know I will do so for real as I have explained in this topic before, can't even fault those players for this as it's a cost/benefit situation and well those zones are way to profitable to ignore and any new players be damned. all "Working as intended" by NC Korea design
  16. to be more clear: I do find fault with NCWest staff in that they do not have a clear policy on their forums for their Moderators/Community team to make that point abundantly clear every time someone makes a post asking about it's legality or pretends it's legal usage for afk game play as this causes and/or encourages wrong player behavior who when reported/get banned may not even be aware they broke the rules. ignorance is not really an excuse but how hard is it to be more transparent about the rules around mouse/keyboard etc macro's if only to lower the amount of tickets/petitions on "wh
  17. no NCWest Staff ever said it was allowed in the way you suggest so stop the false information yes you can use mouse and/or keyboard macro's when you're at PC but when afk it's banneable, you go ask any NC staff if it's allowed to use non-ingame macro's for afk automated game play and watch their answer - just cause NC suck at enforcing their rules doesn't mean it's legalized. watch what happens when you report players who use automated mouse pixel macro's for auto ress or port to Toi for give buffs and then auto port out on a loop.. those players will get ban, just requires others to
  18. the current changes shifts the focus of the stronger old player base from xp/farming in their own level range to making alts equipped with their stronger gear for faster & easier adena farm and thus pushing out the player for whom the initially well intended changes were made the end result is a total joke though and as said before in other topic here, see below screenshot, the flaw in the design is making lower places get same or even better adena then the high end content - solution is simple either nerf the lower places or boost the higher end but do NOT leave them the same as then
  19. @Hime @LIME @Juji if you're serious about this poll add a message to the game login so players who don't frequent these forums can knows about it's exsitence
  20. @Hime Juji has my direct feedback on his discord account but sure let me repeat it here again in case it's to small to read the last screenshot there's also the very clear topic I posted here earlier today: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21835-ncwest-should-stop-scam-events-and-give-einhassad-store-like-every-other-region/ and to beat the dead horse 1 liner of "NCWest has a different business model" then Korea plz note Korea as country has way higher cost of living and thus by very simple logic our L2store prices should be LOWER then theirs but instead ours a
  21. will send u chaos essence to fix ur class so u can hunt in DV , problem solved
  22. let's circle back here, the real issue is the disparity between adena drops in old places versus this new neutral zone so this development is something NC could have seen coming from a mile away also there seems to be the perception ppl are entitled for safe farm there lol.. in Korea ppl can not farm there afk, u get pked or pulled away by tanks - only live players that can defend themselves in pvp xp there in Korea so why would anyone here think it will be any different ? beyond that plz continue with the flames
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