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  1. current event aka l2store promo is boring for those of us that managed to get what they wanted from that during one of the previous runs so when can we expect something actually new ? how about next month run Red Libra with the improved Artifact or Agathion Charms & Bracelet system ? NCWest is the only Region that doesn't have this done yet
  2. enchant rate for cloaks

    actually in Korea they do disclose this for any l2store promo as Korean Government made it mandatory https://4r4m.com/en/l2-probabilities-nckr/ now the cloak is missing cause Korea doesn't have that item but the other items give you good enough an idea on how this works imho
  3. Server Status Where?

    Laby explained the reason why so nope you won't find this anymore
  4. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    Choose your poison: Toxic MAX on Naia or Toxic MS on Chronos, 1 sided servers is all that's left of NCWest
  5. follow up on the bots

    @Juji @Hime @Cyan as my message box is full I can't message you guys so feel free to remove this topic when you read it the reason bots go to the npc's mentioned in the previous topic is due to this quest: https://l2wiki.com/Winds_of_Fate:_Encroaching_Shadows now you know which quest to disable, have a nice day!
  6. Tanks and new high level solo areas?

    next update tanks gets more boost on dps so be patient
  7. both are correct and it's only a matter of time for more to flood market once more btw Leona scrolls are still in l2store so one can always go back to how things were before
  8. Next Red Libra

    rumor has it very Soon TM
  9. dye powder fix ?
  10. real 15th Anniversary event ?

    upz as I saw @Juji moving around here
  11. @Juji @Hime when will we get the real 15th server Anniversary event now that we're on the right game build ? also time for a 200% - 300% XP event and add discount packages on the boost & cocktails store items now that the Auto -Use Supplies function works!!
  12. follow up on the bots

    I'm sure NC would rather not keep seeing youtubes popping up every day showing nonstop streams of bots causing lag in towns like Aden & Giran it's 1 thing when the bots are hidden on a spot on the map that doesn't have much of an impact and another to see this 24/7 thru the 2 main cities ingame time will tell thou
  13. Iss

    never hurts to explain stuff and if he is just a hardcore RPG player that wants to be a green orc then he could still make one and then later use chaos essence if on main to w/e iss he really wants or create such class as dual heck these days you can even just take a human hiero iss and race change it to mystic orc skin but then again the race change ticket cost 4k NCoins so w/e
  14. Server transfer

    nope, never could hence point 2
  15. real 15th Anniversary event ?

    A+ on the sarcasm, well done still doesn't change the fact Juji promised hat we would get the real Anniversary event once the update was Live so this is just a friendly reminder
  16. Iss

    tbh if the iss doesn't hit mobs but only bufs and stays in party the best iss is Heiro as that gives PoM next update all iss will have same melodies & drums and there will only 1 type of harmony so yeah then PoM is a key factor to have extra if the ISS would also actively debuff then SwM or BD iss imho better for the extra debuf/party boost effects
  17. Clicker or what

    still if it's possible to have a surplus of tickets that eventually can't be used as there are more tickets then rewards then something is very wrong imho.. can't sell more tickets then slots in this lottery after all it's one thing to sell tickets like it's a Rollin Stones concert but sell more then you have seats and it's fraud, plain and simple
  18. Server transfer

    can't transfer from Live to Classic Classic doesn't have server transfer system Live server transfers are current unavailable and will remain down for 3+ Months so yeah nope
  19. Clicker or what

    doesn't make it any less true ;)| same can be seen on Chronos, for some reason the last ~500 items go vamos in 1 second, most likely cause 50+ ppl wait for the counter to reach that point and then go nuts with special keyboard macro's etc. but hey doesn't hurt to have @Juji investigate & confirm it's all above board etc. also an answer on are the ticket sales capped to the max amount of event items or not as if not will there be a refund policy in place for once event ends as the below line from the event page can be very disturbing if not Any unused Festival Tickets will be removed from player inventories during the July 3 maintenance.
  20. nah only ~1k tickets can be entered in the event per run time and other ppl are obviously faster then you one does wonder if the ticket sales is tied to the max amount of possible rewards during the events duration cause if not aka more can be bought then lol cause oh boy if you would be stuck with left over tickets only to see them get deleted next maintenance
  21. yup daggers level the fastest in Korea, many of them are 115/116+ they can solo at the top xp places easily so yeah..
  22. sounds more like an issue with windows as there were no changes to the game files
  23. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    +1 for merger with Naia with Euro timezone, THX!! <3
  24. festival game

    just don't buy more then you think you will be able to use, keep in mind that event ends in max 3 minutes so say at best 10~20 tickets per event unless your one of those addicts with special click macro/mouse stuff for clicking like a mad man then I guess u can parse 100+ tickets but with you many others doing the same and supply is limited so there's that..
  25. Krishna exchange price

    the info posted here should be a sticky imho..