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  1. @Hime @Juji hope no changes are made to the eva rune & prestige rune and that it's only positive new extra stuff
  2. i give it 2 weeks after xp event ends to see again requests for merge Naia & Chronos server to get better server activity
  3. pvp ? rich man use search for tyr pvp builds/gear here and be aware with the times alot of new expensive stuff got added best / fastest way is to watch Oly Tyr matches and check their gear & names so u can try pm them for more details Tyr is a good class to play at high levels and with at least 2+tril gear for PVP nowadays but ya that 2tril is kinda starting point for PVP at end game, no joke
  4. once xp & attendance event is over server activity will drop hardcore also both servers got like 300+ alts/bots for greedy chest farm so meh..
  5. throne clan instance drops r99 & r110 gear so that's another way of getting such items same for those treasure chests u randomly get when xping albeit a much lower chance it still does give occasionally a full item as reward instead of the 70K/200K besides that considering the current l2store promo floods basic R110 weapons imho NC staff is aware of the issue
  6. a cloak event with the cloak augment stones would be very welcome yes, even as a flash sales type
  7. how is this possible ? @Juji @Hime any idea as everyone will want one of those too!
  8. @Hime or @Juji can you explain if the Regular Dish buff from the Matchstick Sisters overwrites any of the existing buff items or if it stacks ? also just a simple question but why would players use the Bonfire cooking option if there's an exchange option at the npc ? what's the benefit of using the Bonfire ?
  9. yeah ok that will be nice indeed, there's another element that will happen next update in that you can exchange/convert the old upgrade stones for circlets & dragon shirts to it's equivalent in dawn crystals obviously the old upgrade paths will be removed and dawn crystals value will crash hard after this update just like we see now with the brooch jewels
  10. well we will get most likely all of that too as the last few years our updates have been nearly identical but explain the dawn crystal bit to me cause if you mean the exchange of old upgrade stones to dawn crystals that's a temporary fix as it also means the removal of the current existing upgrade paths if u get what I'm hinting at now
  11. it means that the XP requirements to level up have been changed aka takes less XP now to level up, this has been done in the past a few times before usually during a major update with new content but hey this means going forward you will gain levels faster then before. btw this does not mean a change in the % XP you see currently on your chars as that will remain the same
  12. that didn't happen, RU server had an issue with their implementation of the xp requirements reduction which got fixed through an emergency maintenance and everything got rolled back to what it was supposed to be.
  13. @Juji Korea is doing fine with server transfers so how come we're still waiting here ? https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknnotice/view?articleId=196430&categoryId=0&viewMode=list&size=20
  14. lower gaints cave mobs drop those stones and so do the mobs in superion too the faction quest stones are just a 3rd version of those stones anyways in Korea they added a party 107-108 zone but outside of our cut off for next update sadly enough..
  15. that's a good thing as next update we get improved angel epic system which will boost them alot also from what I've seen on EU/RU who got those chests earlier this week the high level chests have good drop rate on lvl5 jewels
  16. what I'm saying is that Korea / EU RU / NCWest always had different XP requirement per level tables and that EU RU's tables got made equal to that of NCWest btw Korea has the least XP required per level of all Regions, you may remember that 1 time when NCWest accidentally updated our servers with the Korean one and b00m ppl at 110 lost lvl's and those that were 112 gained levels now we can speculate as to why EU/RU had higher XP tables to begin with as my guesstimate around that would be cause of how their premium system works so now EU/RU is cheaper to play on and faster to xp, look
  17. minor detail here but EU/RU got this week the same XP tables NCWest already had all this time so what you really are asking if we also get a 33% xp requirement per level reduction
  18. you can see what's quoted in the picture right ? that's all we know
  19. let's see.. bad time to communicate to short notice not enough supply (fake as it's virtual) upsetting basically almost all ncoin spending players except for those 100 that did manage to get 1
  20. just buy NCoins from GTC resellers and apply the codes on your account
  21. Grtz with the latest failure @Juji, almost had me excited for this Black Friday Sales but mammon talismans are not of the advanced type aka not worth having and we don't need to get into the destiny pack as that was just plain bad thinking to instigate so much frustrations among your paying customers. the rose/storms scrolls etc. was a nice touch if not for the fact the night market event has flood the ingame market for much cheaper then the "black friday" discount prices.. in short another chain of events with nothing for me to spend NCoins on, maybe next time you can do better!
  22. @Juji the crafted cursed weapons shouldn't be able to have their skills work on unflagged / non wartag players unless this is a case of working as intended but then please confirm.
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