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  1. btw the above is only valid for the current game build, next update this will all drastically change again as a new craft system will be introduced and no more old/current craft mats etc. will drop any where on the map anymore but I will let Juji explain all of that to you guys :D

  2. afraid you guys don't realize adena is just like everything else an item so the logic works like this: first the item drop chance and then the 300% multiplier of the adena amount takes place

    so what this means is that it's no longer 100% drop chance for monsters to drop adena, time to move to an xp area where the drop chance is higher imho..

  3. Thrax actually incorrectly assumed the new selfbufs will be equal to the emperor cocktails which is not the case and yeah EU/RU has way better premium/subscription then our current prestige.. looking forward to see the changes there that Juji has been talking about for a while now, last update on that was that Korea told him to wait till next update is released first.

  4. next update selfbuffs are lvl4 melodies etc and lvl1 Harmony so Emperor Special Cocktails are way superior 

    the selfbuffs are just for those that can't afford l2store prices

    support l2store clean up & price reductions as Juji promised!!

    also waiting patiently for return server transfers / main-dual swap / improved prestige pack / real lasting server performance improvements, that slow attack speed delay is annoying af..

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  5. some additional background to the changes to drop rates / items / adena is that Korea has recently changed it's crafting system and went from Pay2Play to Free2Play, one of the direct changes tied to the new business model is that as per next update you need Vitality to get any or suffer near nonexistent odds and the other obvious change is that they expect players to start use the l2store as the easiest & fastest way to get key items etc. - mind you the l2store in Korea has compared to their demographics very low prices unlike what we have..

    hopefully Juji will deliver on his promise as part of the current main-dual swap affair to really lower prices in our L2store, see below screenshotunknown.png

    btw for those curious there is also an update on prestige pack & server transfers mentioned in the L2 Community discord a few days ago



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  6. true and thanks for the extra clarification as that's a valid point you added there :)

    of course it's upto the individual players as to how they prefer their parties to be set up and what's (which classes) available

    some may prefer dd / iss / healer combo etc.

  7. 1 L2store promotion event pays easily for the development cost of making the required script to enable a player to swap main-dual so this update just shows how Korea doesn't care about the export regions besides milking us for money


    this is not that much different from the old server transfer script which they do have as in Korea server transfers are part of their services offering


    Korean Server Transfer details


    Korea isn't willing to invest in the export regions, not even fix their split destiny service to make a possible alternative

    let's be clear, let's not blame the messenger but those with the power to make change happen - Korea is the one that dissapoints and let a golden opportunity slip away

  8. first of all go read the patch notes as you will see how it says adjusted/balanced when nerf and improved when actually a positive change was made to the hunting area in question

    secondly you can look up the drop chance / drop & spoil items on l2wiki - it is actually very much the same as what we have, this has been tested & verified by experienced players




    btw next update more drastic changes will be made due to revamp crafting system and further reworked vitality system and how that will impact drops / adena amounts etc.