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  1. 3 minutes ago, Arscher said:

    for me it sounds like they delete all Subclasses (with sub skills) and instead of that you get Dual: Energy of New Power (P. Atk +4%, M. Atk +6%, P. Def/M. Def+4%,Atk/CastingSpd. +4%, P./M. Critical Rate +40, Max HP/MP/CP +6%)


    Atm i have 2x +9% p.atk due to dualskills and 2x 4% due to subclasskills. 26% in total.


    the most patt you possibly can have from subclass is 4% patt whichis covered in the new version, see below for details - again Dual Class does NOT get changed!!


    Name Description Max skill level
    Skill 1956.jpg Sub - P. Atk./M. Atk. Increase P. Atk. + 1%, M. Atk. + 1% 4
    Skill 1957.jpg Sub - P. Def./M. Def. Increase P. Def. + 1%, M. Def. + 1% 4
    Skill 1958.jpg Sub - Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. Increase Atk. Spd. + 1%, Casting Spd. + 1%. 4
    Skill 1959.jpg Sub - Critical Rate Increase P. Critical Rate/ M. Critical Rate + 10 4
    Skill 1960.jpg Sub - P. Accuracy/ M. Accuracy Increase P. Accuracy + 2, M. Accuracy + 2 4
    Skill 1961.jpg Sub - P. Evasion/ M. Evasion Increase P. Evasion + 2, M. Evasion + 2 4
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  2. @Hime & @Juji as the Ranking system will be for now based on Main class exp only which is, as we have discussed elsewhere, a big issue for a significant part of your player base - has this been brought to the attention of the Korean Dev team and by when can we expect to see this fixed ?

    Please send them the link for review as many suggestions have been made there as to what could address the issue:


    long story short as most suggested fixes have down sides or doesn't cover everyone like erthia / kameal race - for as far as I can see the best / cleanest solution would have been to base the ranking on the players activity aka regardless on if it's main or dual w/e you're the most active on that day you get ranked on.
    it shouldn't matter if today you rank #11 on your main and tomorrow #44 on your dual as long as the same logic / rule set is applied it will be a fair system and this allows the other aspects to work fine as there is also a ranking per Race

  3. 45 minutes ago, Arscher said:

    Due to loosing subclass/dualclass skills i will lose 24% p.atk. Earlier in the game it took me some hours to get this bonus, that rly helped me a lot to make some lvl on my main. But without them there is no chance for me to hunt alone anymore as long as i have no epic equipment or mobs fall more easily. This change destroy the game for ppl with not that good equip that dont want to spend 100´s of $ in NC-Coins or China farmers....Smal investments don´t make sense anymore.... so u have the choice to burn your money massively or quit the game??

    you won't loose anything, just retake the combined replacement subclass passive at Riana or w/e npc in Talking Island which gives more then what you had before upon entering the game after the update has been launched

  4. there's a lot of details missing in the preliminary announcement, here's a few things - not even close the full list

    - only subclass get removed - get special replacement passive skill, no impact on dual class passive skills

    - no mention of the ISS class rework

    - no mention of the skill improvements on several classes like tanks etc

    - no mention on the fact the existing war/mage/tank cocktails etc. are going to be changed into the new ISS buffs version aka Phantasia or w/e NCWest decides to call it <- this is very important as it concerns L2Store items!!


    and much much more, use google chrome auto translation for the full list


    all Prelude of War articles: https://l2central.info/articles/korean-updates/main/



  5. 51 minutes ago, KissMyKnife said:

    calm down, even if there was a ninja nerfs on change, they cant notice it even if they look inside file. if you want to cry, go korean forum

    it's not ninja nerf, it has been clear and openly announced in Korea and yes it's huge pending on area.. for example AF is 3.5x less drops whereas SoS is only 20% less

    very easy atm to compare

    old aka our current: https://l2wiki.com/Torfedo

    new: https://l2central.info/wiki/Торфейд



  6. then how do you plan to deal with the exclusion / discrimination of dual class players ?

    as said before do a simple script to check how many active players have dual class higher level then main and you know how big of an issue this will be

    imho not something that will go away by ignoring it as unlike Red Libra mess there's no current existing fix for this to my knowledge