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  1. Server Down WTF?

    ok, it must have been an unscheduled maintenance then. I was online 5 minutes before until the servers went down, and there was the same system message as a regular maintenance before the shut down.
  2. Server Down WTF?

    The maintenance started early today and thats why the servers are currently. it started at 7:10 am (CMT+1) will be back around 8:10 anm (CMT+1).
  3. The display for my soulshots above my skill bars is gone. Does anyone know how to turn it back on?
  4. Drops in Timak Outpost

    I did check the Classic wiki Seeing the zone having 0 players during the evening in Giran server is quite sad.
  5. So i just decided to try farming in Timak Outpost since there seems to be nobody there. What i noticed was that in the southern region of the Outpost, the drops are suprisingly bad. I took a look at https://l2wiki.com/classic/Timak_Outpost It seems like Timak Orc, Archer, Soldier and Warrior only drops gear/parts/recipe besides adena. Which is odd considering most of the leveling zones consists of mobs that drops both these things AND mats for crafting. I farmed there for 1+ hour and didn't get anything but adena from those mobs and it feels almost like a mistake in design. It does look like they should have more drops according to the database for live servers: https://lineage.pmfun.com/loc/1-99/monster,boss,raidboss,grandboss.html It would be nice to fix this so that players in-between 40-45 can have more places to level up, also so that some content does go to waste.
  6. I just started the game a week ago and still have plenty to catch up on. I think the devs wouldn't want to release new content unless the majority of the players are already hitting the end game content.
  7. The servers are in maintenance which will be done in around 20-30 minutes.
  8. WTB high D 1h sword or top D 1h blunt. any 1h sword with high than 60 p.atk or 1h blunt with 79 p.atk "jasbae