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  1. is an eternal cyrcle....if u buy from bots/adenas sellers....u give them the "support" to continue botting bcause they will have profits....if u buy adenas dont complain for bots(soon the server will be full of them be sure ....i have reported lrdy 100 of them so far)...is simple....ofc another way to stop those bots and sellers is the game by own to sell adenas at lower price than them...so it will force them to stop....is my oppinion ofc...
  2. the "cancer" in this game are bots=adenas sellers...if u cant stop or eliminate them then the game has no lack...exist not only 1 but 5 parties of them (seperated) in same area....reports brought nothing...if u want to save the game start from there...or else...only bots and cashers will be in all servers.