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  1. Auto Attack during PVP

    yes this gives mages a even more edge in pvp us fighters have to keep clicking to attck nonsence
  2. i would love to know ....why is and how is it a banable offence to buy adena? when i get pms in game from countless ppl selling adena i see shouts in all chat,would chat....then u got ppl selling c grade sb for crazy adena...then u have bots that are over running the server.so we are being forced to buy adena then u will ban us???huh that dont make any sence at all and how come the macros cant b looped?ive ez spent over 1k usd on nc coins and would love to spend a bunch more but something has to b done simply alow players to buy adena or get ride of the bots ....its really that ez or put more stuff in the l2 shop we can sell for adena...all vary cunfsing to me