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  1. Ok, so from what im reading, when this update comes out... All of the +10 armor will be reduced by 1. Making the +10 set +9.. So, basically all of that money i DUMPED into the L2 store to make a +10 set was for nothing? I bought it, and the L2 taketh away??! So we lose the 10% reduction in damage?! Not happy about this at all.. Unless im reading this wrong...
  2. After the update and the Sub/Duel class skills are reset. What setup will you be doing for your tank? All P.Def/M.Def All HP
  3. With a Tank and iss.. Which of the 2 DD's would be better do ya think to run as a Trio.. Tank pulls, DD kills, and iss, well.. iss's.. lol Adventurer GK
  4. After the update, on a scale of 1 to 10. What character will pvp the best. Categories are 1v1 and group, 7+ v 7+ and Overall.. All with SAME lvl of gear. I.E. All have equal gear.. I'm curious what people think on this. Feoh Wizard Yul Archer Othell Rogue
  5. Tank post 100023..

    I know this has been said before.. But i would HOPE they would give tanks what they are.. TANK.. DD"s in L2 hit people for 6 figures.. Even tanks... Now we all know tanks dont show a big threat in pvp considering the damage they do. So WHY cant their Defense reflect the DD's 250k Hits? Not reflect them back.. I mean, tanks get hit for 20 damage.. NOT 300k... Its like.. not a tank at all... I dont frikin know.. what do you think?
  6. R110 Grade New Gear on KOREA Server!!

    I remember when NCSoft said that nothing in the L2 store would effect game play to give advantages in pvp.. lol Look at the last event we had.. To buy 10.. TEN Legendary enchant scrolls with a 10%, TEN PERCENT chance to work.. Was 200.00$ TWO HUNDRED! lol wow.. i can only imagine how much they want for this next update.
  7. R110 Grade New Gear on KOREA Server!!

    They are making it easier to get to lvl 110.. So., as they say.. enjoy the new content. What they really are doing is.. If you make everyone lvl 108+ And wave new items at lvl 110 in ev everyone's faces. Boom.. its R99 and the race too lvl 105 all over again = Prophet! New Armor New Weapons New Etc.. Not to mention R110 is be INSANELY impossible to get. I can almost hear NCSoft Chanting "L2 Store! L2 Store L2 Store!!!"
  8. Ok so the patch notes says.. "updates that will be tailored specifically for Lv. 110 and higher characters." WHO is even CLOSE too 110?!??!! How RICH Are you people?!? LOL!!!!
  9. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    Im thinking that i was lucky.. I picked up the x75 pac.. And i made a +10 and a +7 Ferios Cloak with a few enchants left over.
  10. L2 Store - Cloaks

    Ok, So.. The x10 pac for Legendary scrolls have a 10% change to work. for a whooping 200.00$$$ Now i remember crafting an item for the exalted quest that had a 10% chance. The Legendary scrolls can, EASILY cost 1000.00 to just so you can trade the cloak?? lol really? NCSoft is getting pretty brazen!!
  11. What to Upgrade next?

    So all of the prophecy's are being taken out? Like the Iss hierophant 101 skill.. prophecy of might?
  12. What to Upgrade next?

    I also wanted to ask.. I have my chain pull "Chain Strike" at +11 for Distance.. Should i change it too Chance? I also plain on running with, Diamond, Emerald, and a Garnet.. Is that fine for Gems?
  13. What to Upgrade next?

    Now with the Dual class skills.. i went P.Def/M.Def and 24% HP.. I did look at the "Dual – Light of Protection" but its a chance skill when being hit.. I figured that the HP was better than a "chance skill".. What do ya think?
  14. What to Upgrade next?

    +11 1h R99 Sword Bloody, 3 SA's HP/Speed,HP/HP +10 Bloody Heavy LvL 1 Abundance, Longing, Anakim, Viner lvl 11, lvl 3 diamond, lvl4 ruby, lvl 3 topaz +5% p.def hat So if i switch to the p.def in the AP points.. I lose 20k HP but gain 1640 P.Def.. Still worth it? with the p.def ap setup and standard ISS buffs i have 90k HP.. Thats cool?
  15. What to Upgrade next?

    That sounds good.. Now if i decided to go 100% PVE brick wall, a tank for high lvl instances and such.. would these same rules apply ? And how, if at all would it effect the Gems used and skill enchant paths?