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  1. Hey @Juji! I am grateful for the return of the macro / assist function, but I must agree with the complaints still presented, as there really still need to be some minor corrections to fine-tune the game's operation. 1) We are no longer able to anchor a char so that your party does not go through other farmers' spots; 2) The return of the NPC paying for materials, since the sale of basic dropped items is important for the players' economy, since an important portion of the conquered adena is part; 3) we are no longer able to view the mob / target buff / debuff; 4) As you informed
  2. Hey NCSOFT, what's up with you? It is impossible to understand why the macro and assist feature has been removed, and you allow BOTs. You are wiping out the players who nostalgically play L2. They left no resources for players who work, study or have other responsibilities. They also ended any and every way players could legally level their characters without the use of BOTs. Honestly, you made the worst decision for the game. The new layout was very good, but the lack of the features mentioned above blew it away. I urgently request the review and return of these featur
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