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  1. blocked account

    really and just wait
  2. blocked account

    really is a constraining situation. I know exactly what you're going through, they never tell you the reason, the worst part, and we're hoping for an answer that never comes, that's embarrassing. I'm giving up trying, it's been 15 days since I've been in this situation.
  3. blocked account

    unhappily this and the reality, I will wait for the mercy of somebody.
  4. blocked account

    I am VIP 3, they have blocked my account for no reason.
  5. blocked account

    It was not my fault, I was just playing normal and my account was blocked, please help me. I waited so long to play lineage 2 classic, I'm relying on the equide of administration to unlock my account please do not leave me helpless, do not abandon me, I need help urgently. I have three accounts, I was using the three at the same time and two was blocked, now I'm using the one left to come in the forun and I asked for help. request (23227121: blocked) request (23227130: blocked)