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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    @Hime Hi, why the July store update will removed by this maintenance if in game store and the news topic on main web page says till 7th of August.Also no one knows how now you are supposed to learn transform sealbooks if the npc in Ivory tower does not let you learn the skill if you don't have the quest: more than meet the eyes that were removed on fafurion update but you can still acquire transform sealbooks like Anakim for 200 hero coins but you can't learn the skill. I tried to ask you and Juji on forums if this is intended or if the npc is broken but no answer and support tickets only said that they will investigate the situation but but never give a reply if it's ok or not. Hope that transform sealbooks can still be learned in some way. Have a nice day.
  2. How you learn now transformations???

    TY for the answer, I still have the idea of getting the transformation, Hope they have that fix but we know a lot of bugs come and no one know when they will fix it. @Juji or hime or anyone from the company if I send a ticket is there a way to get the skill added??? like 5 years ago I got bugged with another char and they added the skill by their side IDK if this still possible or if it was only in that case... well I'll put the sealbook on the box of broken dreams
  3. @Hime@Juji Now with Fafurion the quest More than meets the eye was removed, but there are still Transformation Sealbooks and even you guys sell Anakim Transformation Sealbook for 150 hero coins. My question is how you learn these books with new characters now that the quest who let you learn this transformation is removed? I got the item and want to learn it do I send a ticket to support and they will ad the skill or everyone who got stuck with this awesome items are left alone. PS ppl still believe that this trans are the best for wyns.
  4. Got a Ferios +10 IDK what is a good augment

    @Emirates TY with the answer, in the end got -5% PvE and made another -5% PvP IDK how much PDef affect dmg received and would like to know more but for now PDef for me is the more is better but flat dmg reduction still is a solid choice for not knowing too much on game mechanics. Have a nice day. =3
  5. Hi, Just made a Ferios +10 for my healer but when I was thinking what would be best got blank. Can someone point what would be an awesome augment for a +10 Ferios cloak? Dont know what is best for tank, healer or even if other class use it? this last one is also good cos if in the future want to sell it to whom and what is the most desired augment in this cloaks... TY and hope I can learn something new =3
  6. Mischievous Golden Girl

    It was a nice April fools joke and the hidden text was an interesting way to bring some nostalgia from old events like the pirates day or find were is hidden GM asdasdasd... We like to interact with ppl not our credit cards or an afk event. @conguero did you hide some easter eggs on the servers =3 ??? PS. when I was going to post the link to the store saw that omen did post it first... hope he really get something extra for the 1st share of the store link.