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  1. IDK If I'm going to quit or just some emo QQ but why the game es so ***** up... Today I fail for 3rd time sayha 10 compound try, 2 month ago used 20 gold ticket and got a +14 wep only, spended thousands of dollars in game and still the game does not get good... in the end wasted trillons of adena on god jewels fails, wep enchanting fails, now sayha fails... (at least it keeps the lv9), thousands of boxes open for what same crp. So Why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... I keep playing this game IDK... well gl to all
  2. It's not to defend the GMs but usually after they get a solution they see for a compensation... Soooo hold your horses till they give us a clear answer. Maybe we get lucky and the exp event get extended 1 or more weeks who knows lets be positive. As stated here by @Juji they are still investigating and waiting for an answer from dev team. We should have an answer by Wednesday restart. BTW i'm also loosing runes time and boosts, and as you said 1 golden ball is not a proper compensation but again let's wait till Wednesday.
  3. @Juji @Hime I know is a random request but could you release the cat Image of the store promo as a wallpaper I would really have that wallpaper on one of my screens
  4. Hey, WTT Diamond 5 to Emerald 5 // Emerald 5 + Diamond 5 to Greater Emerald Also if someone can tell me the value in Adena will think about other offers... A lot of ppl say 50b COD me and I was like WUT when I got my Diamons 5 each were arround 95-100b now with how game is think its at least the same or maybe more IDK. I'll leave here to see if someone can point a fair value or maybe get the trade I want XD. In game offer Mail to Kupofried Good Luck and Bye.
  5. Gz on the ring I really like to see your videos. Only open 150 box in my case cos didn't wanted to risk more and got: 1x lv5 jewel box 2x Des Wep 1x splendor book (LoL I think this will gather dust till the end of times ) and 146x assorted random wonders The only thing that will get on this sale is will try to get rune to get the meh 110 skill just to keep the main char and get the easy lv3 seed cos 100% evolve rate =3
  6. @Juji Any news on the issues on the current event??? like boxes don't dropping on some places mentioned on the anniversary page, Like Sel-Mahum or it's going to be ignored the issue. Also what can we do with the extra 16th anniversary Coins we have a lot more that can be used on the system... a lot more
  7. BTW if the success rates are the same of other regions we have this 1 > 2 50% 2 > 3 50% 3 > 4 50% 4 > 5 45% 5 > 6 40% 6 > 7 35% 7 > 8 30% 8 > 9 15% 9 > 10 10%
  8. Lv 115 I play evis and the mobs go down In 2-3s I know for some other classes should be harder but for maestros and evis with the new 30% hp hit proc is easy.
  9. Just now realize that they are not dropping on sel mahum I play at Fields of Massacre and I can confirm that I get 20 - 30 per day, already got 2 pcs of r110 armor
  10. I have all my chars with tiger and the silver cat, but later when I got the hero coins for the anakim the npc was already bugged by June 2019... well gg wp /ff BTW cos I know that ppl love to troll every time I see a QQ post like mine I remember the meme of the whinebulance I lost the image but if someone has it would be fun to see it again. =3
  11. The drop of the chest should be the same as aden ones, so 0.1% - 0,5% rate I get 20 to 30 per day
  12. When I purchased it with hero coins the npc was already bugged, and every time I asked they still ignore me. TY for the understanding, it's true I only wanted to learn it, but while I kept hope for almost a year that the npc were gonna be fixed cos in the last 3 patch note were not pointed the removal of the system, a year later they just added on notes the removal. so what most hurt me is the silence, if I read on a note that the system is going to be removed well gg wp move on... no a year later after a year of bugged or missing npc.
  13. @Juji really thanks for the code it's quite nice. Still I feel ignored on all my other posts when I asked you about the transformation sealbooks, but well the pack still is very nice.
  14. You can ask support to re box it, it will use a token of the 2 you have every 6 month for this mistake... just send a ticket
  15. Hey since I got totally ignored on my other posts and GMs just love to ignore us. May I have my hero coins back? My issue and why I'm doing this post is cos I made my purchase of the Anakim transform sealbook about a year ago with hero coins, usually to ask for a refund the GMs ask you to have recently purchased the item and mine were not. That's why I'm asking here if would it be feasible to ask for a refund with a so old item. I kept my hopes every patch for a year till now that maybe the npc was gonna be back/fixed but nope and neither GMs answered or the npc was fixed on the patch. The
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