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  1. Recent changes are very radical and have nothing to do with the classic l2 change the approach to the game that has become boring. I log on to the game once a day for a few hours, I do not want an automatic game or bot and now I just log in to do daily and only exp. Drop Aden miserable Spoil completely destroyed all the pleasure of the game has gone. It's not worth going on trips to get some animal skin after a few hours of hunting. Expensive teleports so it is not worth changing the location. Is it worth playing here for a moment a day without running the bot? Restore the setting from the o
  2. All suspicious cases should be reported directly to the support. The team takes these requests very seriously, but they do not have the right tools outside the automated reports. Therefore, the entire community should help in the fight against bots to report as much as possible. I also propose to return to the old-fashioned detection method, i.e. GM in the game which observes the behavior of players. This requires the employment of an additional 100 people to watch all players and recognize evident cases of breaking the rules.
  3. Why do you think this is a mistake, nothing happens by mistake. The event has been turned off for a specific reason and as for exp rune for me, OK- if this situation improves and all the rubbish will be cleaned up.
  4. Who cares about the event and exp, when the server is full of bots, this is an event for bots first you have to clean up servers then the event will come back for normal players.
  5. I have 5 accounts - 2 are banned on the charge of using third-party programs. - every click does my hand but I got banned For the remaining 2 I could log in until yesterday and 1 had a problem logging in. Today I can not get into the game from any account. a variable IP address is probably not welcome by the team. They wanted me to give all countries and cities at the time when each account was created. I provided the required information but I received a reply message that they can not verify accounts. It's probably clear that changing the IP can indicate a different location than the one a
  6. in response you will get a link agreement and rules of conduct: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/ although you know that you did not do anything illegal you want to check ... Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found. Why do we need rules? There are no rules, after all, the team is right.
  7. Exactly this is not support, not even the court. This firing squad - they will shoot you for fictional crimes against the regime. The punishment is death. If you have any doubts about the crimes you commit, take them to the grave.
  8. Just a ban for 3rd Party Programs, I do not have any bots or anything completely clean game client. Permanent ban without further appeal, without warning. 2 accounts: 35 lvl after a month of play every day, does it look like a bot for you? and then bufer 33 lvl both ban accounts. D grade not even top and 200k adena jewelry no grade and some animal bone and iron ore, some recipes 3 lvl, class spoil. The decision is unacceptable to me. Are you desperate to get rid of bots? Bot or not, if it is going to get banned, what harms me really use it? It's people who played honestly and have been blo
  9. I do not try to scare you, but I want to explain the truth to you. The team will never explain it to you, they will hide behind regulations and the mystery of the operations of their methods. Maybe you noticed such a window when you finish the program counts your progress the amount of experience and even the items you have acquired. Then the report is sent to the server and the general average is calculated. If your average is within the norm is ok but if it is not a "suspicious activity" if the situation repeats a few days you are automatically blocked. Here, you can exclude the human fa
  10. I have sent tone mails with requests for explanation but unfortunately it is pointless. It will send 2 tons of emails for nothing. It will not be a decision - I am guilty. I am a threat to the server and the whole community. I know them all GM Jun, GM Frost, GM Elle. These are the best friends, but it does not change their minds. Ban on such a low rate in just a few days as a painful punishment.
  11. welcome everyone You know what I probably reported most of you to l2police for using bots. Now that everyone is banned, I've been banned permanently. I have to admit to something, probably it is not about the use of programs supporting the game only to reduce the server load and players are chosen randomly. In the first place, they are banned Those who have the most accounts, no matter how much you paid the server will not keep the number of players so they have to get rid of them.
  12. Crime: Using a third-party program I have never seen a greater lie, I warn you before re-opening an account. It can end up just losing time and money. The ban is really free.
  13. Buddy, I really do not have anything to do, just wait so I can spam the forum with stupid entries and bombard the mailboxes with requests, but it will not help.
  14. I still think about what I did wrong, I just played and here I am blocking the next day. I do not know the reason no one answers, it is very annoying and the event skips me and I check the mailboxes every hour.
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