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  1. Event: Time to Redefine & Drop Only High Rewards

    This is their business model. Good luck trying to change it.
  2. Yes, PK system could be improved. No, they will not improve it. That is all. Welcome to the World of Lineage 2.
  3. Mentor only on lvl 105 main class.

    Mentoring has always been on main class as a requirement. I don't see them changing that. Getting to level 105 can easily be done in a matter of hours, thanks in large part to the accelerated level schedule now in place. Instances like Abandoned Mining Camp further assist in that. I know you don't want to re-roll, but the reality is that waiting for NCSoft to offer a dual to main service -- something that they've expressly stated on a number of occasions over the last several years that they will not offer ever again -- is pointless. Or put another way, by the time that NCSoft changes its stance you could have leveled the slowest XP class to 110 or higher. "Never" is a long time to wait. They will not offer a dual class split. That's another thing that people have been pleading for these past 10 years it seems like. They did it once, they're never doing it again, supposedly because they no longer have that functionality. I think that's a stretch of the truth, but in any event as with dual to main swap, dual split is never going to happen again. Best thing you can do is re-roll. Lastly, I should point out that NCSoft simply does not care if a class becomes unplayable. Search the history of L2 forums and you'll find it to be true. I've been playing this game off and on since C1. There have always been unplayable classes and while some have been boosted over the years, most are still dead classes. When you factor in PVP and people's desire to actually win, I'd say better than 80% of the classes are dead classes. Everyone knows it. So does NCSoft. They're never going to do enough to change that reality. I know you're hoping for a ray of light, but we've all walked this trail of misery loooooong before your current post. Just thought I'd save you our frustration on these issues. Re-roll, or live with the agony.
  4. Any advantage in using a CrossBow over normal Bow?

    Yes, crossbows are still considered "Normal" attack launch speed weapons, while bows are rated as "Slow." In theory you get your bolts out slightly faster with the crossbow. I haven't used a crossbow since Kamaels were first introduced. IIRC, the crossbow was really made to cater to trickster skills and included slightly quicker launch, but less range than a bow. Not sure if that's still the case.
  5. Which Class Levels The Fastest (Solo) Now?

    What they needed to do was also add mobs in Cemetery, Forsaken Plains, Giants Cave and around Aden itself that also could be killed for the quest, just like BS. The problem isn't that there aren't enough mobs in BS. The problem is that there are too many people and too many quest items needed. It's hard to find a spot in BS without encroaching on someone else.
  6. MP won't regenerate quickly

    That sounds odd. What class do you play and what level are you? I haven't really spent any time in BS because it's always crowded, but I hunted in Abandon Mines for 2 hours on my Yul and on my Feoh without my MP bar moving at all.
  7. MENTEE FOSTERING (clan quest)

    I think people think it's an actual quest via NPC that you do, instead of just clicking on the Clan link window and seeing the status there.
  8. Any advantage in using a CrossBow over normal Bow?

    Also worth noting, the bow looks so much cooler when it's +21 and up than the crossbow.
  9. Any advantage in using a CrossBow over normal Bow?

    It's not perfect, but yes, the Exalted quest gives you weapons according to whatever class you are when you see the NPC. So if you were to go as a Maestro or something like that you would have received a one handed blunt weapon. In the end you can exchange Exalted equipment, if you receive something that you don't like, or made the mistake of talking to the NPC in the wrong class.
  10. Which Class Levels The Fastest (Solo) Now?

    I've only played nuker and archer in new update. I'm not high level on those characters yet, but if I had to pick one, it would be the StS. But I heard some people complaining in game about mana issues. Not sure if that was a game glitch or if nukers really do run into trouble with mana once they get high level. Also worth mentioning, Wynns are everywhere. They may not be first pick for pvp or parties, but looks like they do ok pve.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    I'm just glad that we can exchange Leviathan Breastplate and Gaiters for Light or Robe sets through Red Libra. The helmet, gloves and shoes we could always change through Mammon, but not the main pieces. That said, the prices are WAY TOO %^$# EXPENSIVE for this. It shouldn't cost billions of adena for this exchange. That's more adena than most people will earn in a month of grinding. I'm wealthy, so it doesn't affect me, but I have several friends in game who struggle with these prices. There is a good chance that most won't be able to use the Red Libra merchants for exchanges. Please seriously consider rolling back the costs for the next Red Libra, if there is one.
  12. I see people offering to sell their Insanity for as low as 17B now. Did we get some new talisman that is easily obtained that replaces them with this update?
  13. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    It wouldn't hurt for the timed instances to drop exponentially more adena for the first hour. Recharged time can drop at normal rate. Or maybe create a Chaos Revelation skill for wealth that increases adena drops by 200% for 60 seconds with a 30 minute reuse time.
  14. What processor and graphics card do you use to play L2?
  15. Brooch Jewels Pool

    + And multiply that by a billion if they're cheaper than buying them during the promotions.