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  1. For the people paying billions and billions of adena -- to say nothing of real life money -- just to get 1% - 4% more damage, I think it does.
  2. They refuse to listen to their patrons. If you vastly improve the chances of getting a top prize, you actually generate more revenue, because people always spend more when the good prizes drop more frequently. But the flipside of that coin is that players just aren't paying attention. Everyone has been saying for months now that the odds of getting anything good in all of these events is worse, not better, than previous versions of the same event. Nevertheless, people keep reaching for their credit cards and spending like crazy. That will never convince NCSoft to change their ways.
  3. Clan Malefic has been transferred to a new owner and leader. Thanks, everyone. Good luck and have fun.
  4. Unfortunately, this a game rife with exploiters, and the PK system is still too flawed to be counted as a legitimate means of rectifying the issues being discussed.
  5. I started Clan Malefic back in C1 on the Devianne server. The clan has been entirely PVE based and comprised of my numerous alts. If you're on Chronos and are interested in owning a level 6 clan with corresponding Advent and room for 54/55 members, please reply here, or mail Elegy in game. Again, I'm giving the clan away for free, no strings. Assuming there are a number of applicants, later this week I plan to randomly choose one person to add to the clan and submit the request to transfer leadership and full privileges to them. (Please be aware that I operate on the Pacific Standard Ti
  6. I appreciate what you're saying, but nevertheless... I've been playing off and on since open beta. I literally have a character for every L2 class type, although admittedly most never made it higher than 110. And trust me when I say that I've played with both highly stacked characters and with characters that used the bare minimum just to log in and grind as part of my mental escape from the real world. I know that the key to effective character building encompasses more than just equipment. All that to say, I truly speak from an informed viewpoint when I say the Challenger weapons t
  7. It's great in some ways, but not in every way. The Enhanced Challenger weapons are terrible. Let's be honest. The consumables are nice, but somewhere around level 107 the XP rate slows and you'll go through all of the pots before you level up, unless it's an XP event. 300 pots sounds like a ton, but it really isn't -- especially since you'll be operating with 0 vitality bar within mere seconds of hunting . That's what they should have included in the bundle -- 300 vitality cakes, or a 7-day vitality rune. Anything really that keeps your vitality bar full. Further, the purchasin
  8. Of all of this games features, I think I miss drops the most. Granted, it was rare after about C5 to get anything, but at least there was hope. Not anymore. Reasonable crafting is probably the second thing that I miss the most. I still don't quite understand why it takes so much ether to craft anything. Actually, I do understand, I just don't like what it says about NCSoft's agenda.
  9. Congratz! Now go go +30 and beyond. You're playing with house money and winning, so no need to stop now.
  10. Remember when it was stated that the enchants had a 2 in 3 chance of a successful enchant? Yet despite that high percentage of success, people failed OEing stuff like crazy? Well, some people. Not everyone. Superstition is just human nature. Whether people actually believe it brings them luck, I can't say. But as someone who used to enchant all of the time, I confess that I had my rituals. We obviously can't simultaneously glimpse alternate realities to see how the enchant turns out, if we change some variable. We can only rely on the data we have available based on outcomes. In t
  11. I thought most EU players were playing on our servers?
  12. I believe in the past they did reduce the number of mobs in areas that aren't frequented by players. They probably could probably go further and remove all mobs from areas that aren't specifically quest related, but I suspect that alone won't address the lag.
  13. Decided to run a 6 character party and everything looks ok...so far. But server is still light. I expect that to change soon. Edit: Spoke too soon. Lag came back the minute the Demon swords started dropping.
  14. Well, they're actually double-dipping. Not only are they passing on the cost of their failures to unsuspecting players, but they are also over-inflating prices even when it didn't really cost them that much to make that item in the first place. They get you coming and going. Most will just say it's "good business" and no one is forcing anyone to pay their steep, errr, I mean fair market prices. But this is a game of market lemmings where everyone starts charging the same high price for the item. Ultimately you end up with a broken economy, even though they don't see it that way. Lot
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