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  1. Mages have always been capable of dealing more damage relative to fighters without needing endgame elite gear. There's a reason why NCSoft determined that +7 on a Heavenly Scroll is the last safe enchant for mages, but +12 is the highest safe enchant for fighter types. That's "even Steven" and comparable as far as they're concerned. I'm not here to gear-shame anyone, but you are woefully underequipped for pvp as an archer. Mages can be very powerful foes, but if you build your archer correctly and learn to play your class, you'll win far more often than you lose. If you think 14K crit damage is impressive, go talk to some of the better archers in game to see what their skill crits look like. NCSoft really should add a new death animation for some of the crit damage that I've seen. Something where the PC/NPC just explodes into misty pixels like fireworks, no dead body to be found anywhere.
  2. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    Now officially done. +28.
  3. Are you planning to shut down the game?

    They will inevitably shudder and/or relaunch. The older technology is on life support as it is and there's not point in throwing more money and resources at it. Sad, but we're likely in the death spiral of the game. How far until the end? I can't say. I will say that I'll be completely shocked if we're still here 2 years from now as presently constructed.
  4. unfair the game now

    It's great that it only takes a couple of days to get to 105. But let's all hold off on pressing the panic button. The sky isn't falling. Just because a new player is 105 doesn't mean that said player is actually competitive, either in the market or in PVP. Most of them are still so far behind the established community that posts like these are really pointless.
  5. Auto Hunt System

    Morning latte, meet monitor.
  6. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    Umm, make that +26. Now I'm starting to feel a little emotionally invested. The next successful enchant could potentially beat my all-time best. Just need Lady Luck to smile on me. Lock and load that GEWR!
  7. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    200-300 scrolls??? Yikes! Sounds very expensive. I would have stopped enchanting if I had to burn that many scrolls. There's something to be said about efficiency and getting the enchant done with fewest scrolls possible. It's like the baseball legend who had 700 home runs with only 800 at bats, but then another guy comes along and breaks his record, but needing 1,500 at bats to do it. Both will be -- and should be -- celebrated, but hopefully we all can be more like the guy who did it most efficiently. If not, the way L2 "Korean random" keeps putting its filthy paw on the scale, we're all going to need bank accounts the size of China to continue to enchant anything. By the way, the +23 Xbow is now +25. You guys will see my clanmate running around town with it. Think I'll stop there for now.
  8. Judging by all of the players shouting for weeks on end for OE legendary cloaks and supplies, please GMs do yourself a favor and make the next promotion the cloak event. If you can't do that, then see if HQ will let you have a Flash sale of some type, albeit, one where you give everyone at least 48 hours to purchase cloaks, augment stones, and enchant scrolls. The money that you earn will make it more than worthwhile.
  9. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    Yes, possibly the case. I always stop and reset after 2 fails in a row anyway, so the worst that could happen to the +23 Xbow is (if I don't use a GEWR) it will be +21. After this I'm going to try to enchant up a spear weapon. That's the only type of weapon that I never got higher than +18. It's my white whale.
  10. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    I'd give Tevas the benefit of the doubt. Dragon shirts aren't as hard to enchant as Veteran Masks and such. Also, I wouldn't call it extreme luck. Not when you have as much LUC as Tevas has. It's formulaic. Credit LUC and opportunity, I guess. I'm only at 102 LUC and I'm on the verge of making my 5th weapon of +25 or greater dating back to last year. The R110 xbow made it to +23 tonight. Just trying to decide if I should use a GEWR like I did the last time, or go the safe(r) route.
  11. 107-108 Power lvl in Coal Mines

    Why so? You can't blame the player, you have to blame the developers for not designing the instance with a "you've overstayed your welcome" feature.
  12. promo problem for 3/4

    Yep, they'll definitely learn their lesson when they see the low sales for this promotion. As far as I'm concerned the next two weeks is a non-event, non-promotion period.
  13. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    Trust me, I'm not lying about the normal weapon LUC augment that I once had. There's no point. But if it happens again, I'll send you the screenshot. That said, no, I'm not encouraging anyone to try and get a LUC augment. It only happened once (just like it only happened once for me on my cloak). Not worth the billions that you'd waste trying to get it.
  14. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    We could probably go on for days listing all of the items that boost LUC, not to mention Dragon Rings (I think all of the Dragon jewels give +3), Greater Emerald (which boosts all stats +3), Ring of Truth-Seeker/Ruler's Ring of Authority (+2 CHA/LUC), normal weapon augments (I once got a random +2 LUC using a High Grade life stone), cloak augments, etc. And don't forget those Fish Chili Stews, if you can find them, which give +1 LUC. You can use them with Honey Dark Beer, but you can't use them with Nano. So either go Nano+Dark Beer, or Dark Beer+Chili Stew. The Nano gives more LUC (+6), but not everyone can afford to cycle through a bunch of them to get LUC. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, yes, you can use a Maphr Ring's and a Sayha's Ring at the same time for the stat bonuses. Each ring gives you +3 LUC, so that's 6 more LUC for ya.
  15. Dragon Shirt +7 ? Luck 116~

    Update: Make that a +21 R110 crossbow. A good weekend for enchants.