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  1. Yuls are meant to be powerful DDs. You can't nerf all of their skills and expect that to remain the case. What you propose would actually lead to a different kind of imbalance. Besides, as others have said, nerfs won't hurt the really stacked archers. You'll still get 1-shot from most of them. Even with a +10 bow resist artifact. People are upset with archers, but it's really simple game mechanics and NCSoft's pay-to-win sales strategy that keeps introducing more and more items that only make Yuls ever more deadly.
  2. Sly, all due respect, this is not my experience. (Or put another way, never tell me the odds! ) Before the Restoration Policy ever existed I made a +27 Limited Bow, a +25 Blessed R95 weapon, a +22 R110 Dualswords, a +25 R110 bow, +21 R110 daggers, and other high OE weapons. The Limited Bow would eventually go to +28 when I gave it to my brother to enchant. I've lost count of all of my fails, but I've also lost count of all of my high successes. Again, this is all BEFORE ticket restoration policy was officially implemented. You guys all know about my +30 Limited crossbow, which I no longe
  3. I'm sure everyone knows this by now, but just in case... The newer 3 stat Legendary dyes are the way to go. Whether STR or DEX, you still are going to end up potentially spending billions for those old lvl 5 dyes. Might as well save yourself the trouble and get the dyes that boost STR, DEX and CHA, as well as the exact attributes of P. Skill Crit Damage, P. Skill Power, P. Atk or what have you. Plus the new dyes have the added benefit of being able to remove them without losing the dye. Perfect for reusing them on your dual class or other alts. Or reselling them. They hold their original
  4. This. I got bored playing Yul and started playing Tyr Titan full time. Didn't need to change at all from my p. skill damage/p. skill power build. Works just fine...at least PVE. The only thing that I added (other than weapon, obviously) was an item or two to increase p. def. I didn't need it with mobs I'm hunting, but better safe than....
  5. In fairness, using VP to acquire EP is not the best approach. 1 EP is 50% of your VP bar. Unless a player either doesn't care about XPing with as much VP as possible, or they have lots of free items to replenish vitality in their inventory (like Star Candy), it's better to use Powerful Fish. By now everyone should have a fishing alt. It won't take all that long to obtain plenty of Powerful Fish.
  6. Nice event. Managed to get 110/110 on my main character and my support characters a little over 109 on relatively limited playtime. Another week of this event and I might play my Orc tank for the rest of the year. The melee lag really is annoying, but at least as a tank I can let others handle most of the killing. I was actually hoping that they'd not only extend this event, but give us more information on the Dual class to Main split -- or whatever they're going to call it -- that's in the pipeline.
  7. Understood. Fortunately, my Yul was already built for p. skill crit damage. I didn't need to make many changes, or buy anything that I didn't already own. What I have is probably overkill anyway for PVE.
  8. I reactivated my Tyr this week and retired my Yul. Things are definitely better than they used to be for the Tyr class, but the attack delay remains a BIG issue. Can't really give a fair comparison between my Tyr and my Yul, but the Tyr more than holds its own against pink mobs. I'm racing to get it leveled up and stacked before they nerf the class again.
  9. The Swords have probably outlived their intended use. Doubt too many would cry if they removed them from the game at this point. The game needs new content badly.
  10. Thank you for posting. At long last I can FINALLY say goodbye to my +30 Limited Shooter.
  11. I'm not quitting either way. Not yet. Maybe when I get bored again. But I don't play the game for the same reasons that everyone else does. It's probably why this update doesn't bother me all that much. But it bothers the community, including my brother who plays, so I wanted to offer a suggestion that might help smooth over things until real fixes can be made. If they are ever made.
  12. Just suggesting based on past precedent. No big deal if they ignore me. Wouldn't be the first time.
  13. @Hime @Juji In addition to making hunting zone changes next week, would it be asking too much for you to also consider putting together a complimentary bonus pack that each player can obtain using a code -- the usual 1 per account for a limited time variety? Perhaps an end of Summer bouquet of Eruption pots, Vitality Maintenance pots, 7 day 200% XP runes, or similar swag. And what the heck, might as well throw in 30 day items -- Bloody runes, Boss jewels, Greater Ruby and Greater Sapphire, Shunaiman (sp?) weapon packs, P.atk/Attribute/All Stat +3 talisman and other goodies for the noobs.
  14. Yes, this is pretty comprehensive. Add in the Santa/Christmas I & II talisman and Cloak augment and you've pretty much covered everything. There are also some events that offer buffs that improve LUC, so keep an eye out for those. Not that anyone needs to have all of that to be successful at enchanting, but every little bit helps.
  15. Agree, Rim was made for ranged to shine. They need to reimagine Rim with different instances for ranged, melee and support classes. And different scoring methods for each group. It's really not fair when an archer only has to move a few steps to be in range -- or at worst, Quick Charge/Evasion to be in attack range. Then one or two arrows and you're on to the next one.
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