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  1. Rim isn't a good measuring stick for anyone, really. The mechanics of the instance work against everyone. I often sit there waiting for mobs to appear. 10, 15, 19, 24 seconds and nothing. And when the bonus mobs spawn is completely random. The other day it seemed like I killed 10 in a row without a Doppler or Void monster spawn. Rim is a bumbling attempt at orchestrating balance, if I can use that word. Lesser geared players have to face mobs that must be tough enough to also challenge top geared players, But Rim also puts its finger on the scale against top geared players. Slow respawn times pretty much mean that no one is really scoring as much as they possibly can.
  2. Rim Kamaloka

    Never mind. I've sorted it all out.
  3. Rim Kamaloka

    Interesting. I don't play Evis, so forgive my curiosity. Do you normally fire off all of your special skills (Dragon Rage, Savage, Taurus BR and Power of Abundance) in the first 3 minutes of the instance all the time? I know BR has a fast reuse time, and Savage can be triggered twice in 10 minutes, but the others can only be used once in an instance. Doesn't that leave you vulnerable later when the mobs are purportedly harder to kill? Also, I notice that you didn't use your Jump Attack at all to get to more distant mobs faster. Is that normal? Is your jump attack enchanted for distance? With all of the Dragon weapons out I'm thinking of rolling an Evis. Appreciate your insights.
  4. @Juji @Hime Please consider modifying the Dragon bow/shooter requirement, if possible. This is a good outcome, albeit temporary, for melee. It's even better for mages. But no question, every Yul that has average, even slightly above average gear is getting the short end of the stick. I see the reason behind it and the necessary cruelty in the design. Still, I think they went too far in requiring 3 coupons. A Stage 1 Dragon thrower or shooter would help the lesser geared archer tremendously. Let me put that in perspective. I have a +30 Limited Krishna shooter with all the bells and whistles. The basic stats and bonuses (i.e., p.atk, +30% P. Skill Crit. Rate, +30% P. Skill Crit. Damage, etc.) on a Stage 1 Dragon shooter is better than my weapon. Obviously I don't need the Stage 1 Dragon. The simple fact is archers need more than a top weapon to live their best life in this game. But a weapon like that makes a huge difference for the struggling Yuls out there. If not one coupon a day, they should have charged no more than 2 coupons a day. That way half the time the lesser geared Yuls could XP and do some of the other things that they don't normally have a chance to do in game. Maybe next week you can help make that a possibility.
  5. Tyrr Dread 110 Amazing Exping!

    Very nice. Maybe the next time Red Libra comes I'll try it out. I imagine finding good places for the DN to spread his wings so to speak is the biggest challenge.
  6. Don't feel badly. Even when you don't have a problem doing Rim Kamaloka, there's still no guaranty that you'll win a prize. I've done it every day so far. Each time I get 4 boxes. Every box that I've opened since the event started has been nothing but Nightmare fragments, which I exchange for pots. That chance of actually winning something is pretty low.
  7. How to chose yull arrows

    I use the p.atk bolts/arrows. With archers every little incremental thing you do to increase your stats is likely worth doing. The higher your damage output, the faster you kill mobs. The faster you kills mobs, the more adena you make per hour. (Not that grinding is the best way to make money in game, I'm just using this as an example.) But it has to make sense from a cost/benefit standpoint relative to your character's fiscal well-being and goals. That said, R crystals are not hard to get. Some events you get tons of them. You also get them from Prestige Cube, or at least we used to. (I cancelled my Prestige Pack a while ago, so can't confirm.) If I never failed at enchanting stuff, or never got an R grade drop from Heine Fishing Baits, or from Treasure chests that I could crystallize -- or if I was struggling for adena in general -- I would buy a quiver. Fortunately, that's not the case.
  8. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    No, no... can't say that I do.
  9. This is for ISS, of course.
  10. Crippling Dance and Song of Assault and other prophecies can also trigger the ISS Spirit buff at the same time. ISS Spirit last 10 minutes. Buff PoM, or Chant of Bison, or Victories of Pa'agrio to that. So for the first 5 minutes you'll have PoM/VoP/CoB + CrD/SoA + ISS Spirit stacked. For the last 5 minutes (closer to 4 min 30 seconds because of entering instance delay) you'll have just ISS Spirit. It gives 20% P.Atk/M.Atk/P.Def/M.Def, which is pretty good all things considered.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    @Hime @Juji I know this might hurt lesser geared players, but I'm going to ask anyway. For Challenges Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Rim Kamaloka, please speed up the respawn rates of the mobs. Or better yet, add more mobs. I should not have to wait 3-5 seconds after killing one mob for another to appear. I dispatch them with 2-3 arrows at most, which means most of the time I'm inside Kama I'm twiddling my fingers waiting for something to appear. In a timed instance, waiting is the kiss of death. Hopefully you can make adjustments during next week's downtime. Thanks for listening, I appreciate your time. ~ G.~
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Thursday, July 9, 2020

    Overall some good points, but you're a little off about the Top Kaliel. First, enchanting a basic Kaliel bracelet to +5, then again to Greater +5, then again to Top +5 isn't a cakewalk for every player. Not hard to enchant, but fail is possible. Some ppl have bad enchant luck and may not care to try. The appeal of Lucien is that the enchants are 100% success all the time. Second, you forgot to mention Crystals of Dawn. You need those to upgrade Kaliel. They aren't cheap -- they cost around 800M in Chronos AH now -- but maybe you get lucky and an event happens where they drop often for free. When all said and done, a +5 Top Level Kaliel can cost 10-15B in the long run. It only seems cheaper, because you probably made it over a period of time like an installment plan. I agree that I would rather have Top Kaliel over Lucien. My Lucien is only +7, but it stays in my WH. I don't use it. Don't care to upgrade it further. Don't really need to.
  13. Farewell for now

    It's been fun, folks. Thanks to the GMs for putting up with all of our requests/demands/crap. I know it's not easy, especially when this version of the game is often treated like a redheaded stepchild with incurable body odor and halitosis. (No offense meant to redheaded stepchildren with those conditions.) Take care of each other while I'm gone and be safe.
  14. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    @Juji @Hime Agreed, there is definitely something wrong with Greater Garnet. You still get the passive bonus when equipping it, and the skill works, but you can't compound them or register them in AH. Please look into these issues for us asap. If you'd like to extend us a one-time chance to trade these faulty Greater Garnets for another Greater jewel of our choice, I'll gladly take you up on that offer. I won't ask for too much, a greater diamond/ tanza/ obsidian/ cat's eye/ red cat/ amethyst will work.(Hey, it never hurts to ask. )
  15. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    That happens to many. I once spent several billion trying to get P. Skill Crit Damage +15% on a bow that I had. The following day I gave up and decided to augment a caster for my Feoh alt. Guess what the first augment that I received on that caster was. Take a wild guess. Yep, P. Skill Crit Damage +15%. After wasting billions, I finally get the augment that I wanted, but on the wrong weapon. That's L2 in a nutshell. Keep trying. You'll eventually get it.