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  1. This is for ISS, of course.
  2. Crippling Dance and Song of Assault and other prophecies can also trigger the ISS Spirit buff at the same time. ISS Spirit last 10 minutes. Buff PoM, or Chant of Bison, or Victories of Pa'agrio to that. So for the first 5 minutes you'll have PoM/VoP/CoB + CrD/SoA + ISS Spirit stacked. For the last 5 minutes (closer to 4 min 30 seconds because of entering instance delay) you'll have just ISS Spirit. It gives 20% P.Atk/M.Atk/P.Def/M.Def, which is pretty good all things considered.
  3. @Hime @Juji I know this might hurt lesser geared players, but I'm going to ask anyway. For Challenges Stage 2 and Stage 3 of Rim Kamaloka, please speed up the respawn rates of the mobs. Or better yet, add more mobs. I should not have to wait 3-5 seconds after killing one mob for another to appear. I dispatch them with 2-3 arrows at most, which means most of the time I'm inside Kama I'm twiddling my fingers waiting for something to appear. In a timed instance, waiting is the kiss of death. Hopefully you can make adjustments during next week's downtime. Thanks for listening, I appreciate your time. ~ G.~
  4. Overall some good points, but you're a little off about the Top Kaliel. First, enchanting a basic Kaliel bracelet to +5, then again to Greater +5, then again to Top +5 isn't a cakewalk for every player. Not hard to enchant, but fail is possible. Some ppl have bad enchant luck and may not care to try. The appeal of Lucien is that the enchants are 100% success all the time. Second, you forgot to mention Crystals of Dawn. You need those to upgrade Kaliel. They aren't cheap -- they cost around 800M in Chronos AH now -- but maybe you get lucky and an event happens where they drop often for free. When all said and done, a +5 Top Level Kaliel can cost 10-15B in the long run. It only seems cheaper, because you probably made it over a period of time like an installment plan. I agree that I would rather have Top Kaliel over Lucien. My Lucien is only +7, but it stays in my WH. I don't use it. Don't care to upgrade it further. Don't really need to.
  5. Farewell for now

    It's been fun, folks. Thanks to the GMs for putting up with all of our requests/demands/crap. I know it's not easy, especially when this version of the game is often treated like a redheaded stepchild with incurable body odor and halitosis. (No offense meant to redheaded stepchildren with those conditions.) Take care of each other while I'm gone and be safe.
  6. Unscheduled Live Maintenance: Thursday, June 4

    @Juji @Hime Agreed, there is definitely something wrong with Greater Garnet. You still get the passive bonus when equipping it, and the skill works, but you can't compound them or register them in AH. Please look into these issues for us asap. If you'd like to extend us a one-time chance to trade these faulty Greater Garnets for another Greater jewel of our choice, I'll gladly take you up on that offer. I won't ask for too much, a greater diamond/ tanza/ obsidian/ cat's eye/ red cat/ amethyst will work.(Hey, it never hurts to ask. )
  7. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    That happens to many. I once spent several billion trying to get P. Skill Crit Damage +15% on a bow that I had. The following day I gave up and decided to augment a caster for my Feoh alt. Guess what the first augment that I received on that caster was. Take a wild guess. Yep, P. Skill Crit Damage +15%. After wasting billions, I finally get the augment that I wanted, but on the wrong weapon. That's L2 in a nutshell. Keep trying. You'll eventually get it.
  8. Sigh. "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." It's not fear, merely a reluctance to spoon-feed.
  9. Check your market. Or just look and see what everyone is wearing. I've sold a few, but I'm not going to just give info away.
  10. Seriously, don't waste cocktails on trying to get an appearance. There are really only 2-3 appearances worth getting. The rest you can get for cheap in AH after event is over. Prices always drop when either demand or players' attention spans wane.
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    +1. Even if we can only use the coins to buy attendance award type items, that's better than nothing.

    All due respect, you're more the exception than the rule. I would still caution everyone not to trade gear with someone, especially in the case of a clan leader who may have been away from the game for a minute. Make sure that he/she establishes their bona fides first. Accounts get hacked. Still, as a clan member, make sure you're 100% sure of the people you're interacting with before you leave yourself exposed. And I'm not saying that as a knock against you. I remember you from the days of Devianne and I am familiar with your reputation as a solid CL. I'm just saying in general everyone should be a little cautious. There have been way too many complaints about scammers lately, Better safe than sorry.

    Yes and no. It all depends on how long you've known the person that you entrust with your gear. If the answer is "not very long" (less than a year), you're right. But then comes the inevitable question as to why you're giving it to them in the first place. Trusting someone doesn't mean turning off your common sense.
  14. Don't feel bad. The only thing that I wanted from the Attendance is the 30 Day Bloody Rune. Because of how the Attendance was reset, I missed out on it completely. I did manage to instead get the 30 day Agathion, which I don't need/want. Such is life.
  15. Well, yeah, that and let's be honest...player greed. Nothing fuel L2 market like rampant price gouging. Like I always say, the market is just PVP by other means.
  16. Skill Enchanting - Prices

    Don't forget, Andrew, that each skill enchant also has a fee attached. You pay in both adena and SP. So the total outlay will be more than 45B in your above delineation.
  17. Skill Enchanting - Prices

    I had the fortune of playing this game back when Heine Exclusive Bait (the purple colored special baits) dropped Immortal Scroll and Immortal Scroll Chapter 1 often. When NCSoft changed to the new yellow special baits which offered more XP, people unloaded the Exclusive version for really cheap. I gobbled them all up for cheap and horded them. I enchanted most of my key skills on my main and a couple of alts via fishing. I think one of my alts that I no longer play still has 19 Immortal scrolls from those Exclusive Baits. Those baits were really profitable. The Superior Giants codex also used to be something that could be purchased with mentor marks. My biggest problem wasn't the cost of the codex, it was having enough SP for the skill enchants. Naturally, I agree that new players should have some way of obtaining the codex. If not through an "event", perhaps through a repeatable quest.
  18. Ha ha! Not quite. Half the price is what we pay for the recharge stones via the L2 store. (They only cost 70 Ncoins.) No one sells anything from the L2 store at 1:1 price. That's simply not how the market works. There's always a mark-up.
  19. Full disclosure, if I had 4-5 more archer alts, and if all I wanted to do with them is IOS for 5-6 hours a day, I could make 20B a day. But it's not happening. I have a life. And I don't like seeing my utility bill skyrocket behind some game.
  20. Mixa, I appreciate your point, but the math simply does not work. Players sell the recharges for 120-150m on Chronos. It would be imprudent to go there knowing that you will realize -20m to -50m deficit expenditure. That is not including your normal overhead of shots, pots, entrance fee, etc. Even if you buy the recharges from the L2 Store at 70 Ncoin, your overall slim profit margin does not justify going to IOS instance. Further, consider the lost opportunity cost of conducting business that way. L2 is many things, but it favors some degree of intellect and common sense in its players.
  21. Interesting perspective. I'd be careful making sweeping generalizations. Not every well-geared character is a villain, or some grifter who blurs the EULA with tinted lens. NCSoft is more than welcome to review my "stacked" character. They will be bored, however, as all roads that explain how I got that way lead directly back to NCSoft, my over a decade of playing the game, and, yes, all of the time and promotion driving USD that I put into this game. There really is no debate here. We all agree that adena drops should be higher than they are presently. How NCSoft arrives at that is totally their call, but it needs to happen and soon. There will no doubt be downstream issues to increasing adena drops and access. The remedy to that is to sue the pants off of anyone profiting from NCSoft's IP. It's as simple as that. All of the other draconian measures to control the game only hurts players. All players. Obviously, the impact of that will hurt those of modest to lesser means much more than it will the rest.
  22. Of course. Having specific detailed information is never a bad thing. Especially for perennial promotions that we get every year. But I don't see it as the big "gotcha" moment that others do. No, usually the "tell" is when you look at the price of the offerings -- and sometimes the quantity -- and notice that we're being charged more than the previous year event and getting less.
  23. This happened to me as well. Twice. The message appeared, but the imps didn't spawn.
  24. Funny thing about human nature. There are some who want to know the enchant odds. There are others who don't. I suspect telling the Lineage II player base that something can't be done, or is nearly impossible to do, will only encourage them to try anyway. Many will fail in these events, as they always have. But just one success more often than not proves to be a guiding beacon...not a warning light. No doubt, knowing that an enchant has an extremely low rate of success will affect NCSoft's bottom line for a given promotion. People may not buy as many items. But the assumption here is that everyone has the same number of opportunities to enchant something, which they clearly do not. There are top enchanters in game who get handed tons of items to enchant for free from their fellow mates. Those are the individuals that will have the successes. They will be the ones whose clans will grow in power because they've had multiple chances to succeed. And they'll be the powerful foes with all the top gear that will lord over the servers, despite complaints from the lesser geared masses. By all means, sure, tell us the enchant odds. But don't be surprised if those little quirks in human nature manifest to drive sales anyway, no matter how impossible an enchant may be.