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    Ok...i just found the topic as my nerves are really in a very bad condition. http://prntscr.com/m341rk I got this problem. since 3 days now i need goggles to play bcs suddenly everything on screen but my character became tiny. I run 50" 8K screen but i tried also in my 50"4K TV and even in my old 36| 2K Samsung and still the same result when all the rest of the games i play (wow, lol, battfield, cs, ets2. fs19..etc) are normal with the specific always full range resolution i run the L2. 1920x1080, 32bit, 60MHz. I run GTX 1080 TI Gaming 11GB. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, (old player here). Well i was playing yesterday and while i was trying to finish a quest as i recently started L2 again after many years, suddenly the game environment became HUGE. I tried to change it from the settings but in vain. I triple-checked my resolution and the settings of my win interface, but everything runs normal 1920x1080 UHD (default). Also i checked with WoW, LoL, Battlefield, CoD, ETS2, FS19...etc and all will run as they should run. (Nor-mal). I remember back in the years when i was playing L2 i had the same problem but after the next update everything was back to the normal. I dont know what to do. My screen is 50" 8K for my pc and still i have to come so close to the screen and still its very difficult to read the details, stats, msgs...etc. Is there any solution for that specific one problem as i checked the forum and generally on google but i didnt find any solution and im getting lil bit frustrated and disappointed at the same time bcs nobody has an answer for that disaster which insists since yesterday. Thanks in advance.