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  1. There is a bug with olympiad with porting in, blackscreening and porting back out, losing the match and considered a loss.  There is also random disconnecting while in the middle of a fight.   The first method you lose 60 pts, and the 2nd way you would lose 30 points.  

    NC  soft claims its nothing on their end so can you please post if this has happened to you before to show its a server issue and not individuals. 

  2. When you want to play your main or dual class, the AP points are different but the dual class skills are the same, can we make this the same and separate them ?  it makes no sense when you have a mage dual class but melee main, the dual class skills have to be changed EVERY time you change class , this  is 2020, why have you not changed this yet?  

  3. We have an update where mobs are 116 120 etc but the summoners pets are locked at lvl 110 and you cant OE them to be higher ( in the past you could +10 etc the pets to increase their levels) .  

    This is puts summoners at a high disadvantage to kill in the new zones because of this disadvantage, how are we supposed to level when we cant even kill mobs .. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Juji said:

    We do not support the use of VMWare or related programs. If you are using it to bypass the client limit, then you are in violation of the EULA/ToS.

    let me get this strait.... having 2 computers is ok?   but having a VM is not?  where is the logic in that lol. 

    Also what if people are not using it to bypass the limit of clients, then its ok ? 

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  5. @Juji @Hime

    Keep stronghold the same, we need to have some way to farm adena in game since its nerfed everywhere else.  

    New update does not match the level of server.  we have 3 people 116,  most the server is 110 111 112  and cant xp in new zones.  so the lvl gap is increasing.  PLEASE implement A Leveling WALL  AT  117 or something.... otherwise no support will play this game. 

     ( in the top 50 ranked in xp for mains, only 3 classes are support, 2 tanks and 1 iss..... )

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  6. 5 minutes ago, PhoenixMitra said:

    Greetings everybody,

    We have cleaned this thread up a bit and removed names. Please remember that reports about possible inappropriate behavior by other players need to be submitted via ticket to our Support team. Posting those on the forums is against our Code of Conduct.

    When you do submit a report via ticket, please include any evidence you have such as screenshots and video to support your claim, so the Support team can investigate.

    Please refrain from mentioning any more names in this thread from this point forward. Thank you!

    So NCsoft is condoning ticket reporting for pvp? 


  7. 4 hours ago, Chymna said:
    Yesterday I saw once again a player named [moderated] level 115 come up to the moment where SoS started and start playing as if the other players didn't exist. 
    This is typical of this player, arriving at the last moment and stealing the spots. 
    The [moderated] also want the excusiveness of pools in SoS, I find that extremely lousy because other players or clans are not allowed
     to take some exp as well.
    Thanks to Ncsoft for doing something because it is unbearable to see this abuse of power which gives no chance to others.

    Having an high level does not mean doing what you want.

    What clan are you in , if you want to pay for a high lvl DD to help you farm mobs that would be a better idea dont you think? 

  8. 1 hour ago, RiccaKleypas said:

    I like this thing about buffs that you speak of when referring to summoners. If you billed up the summoner a larger quantity of her skills should be transferred to the summons. I believe this is a change that should be made in order to make them more viable. I also feel that this may never happen because there seems to be a refusal to "monitor" the game itself. The stronger you make a character type, the more likely the bot masters will choose it as the "character of choice". Once that happens the GameMasters fix them by making the character weaker instead of taking care of the problem. That always seems to be the solution to any given problem in this game. I believe the last time they did something to help the summoners was when they made the retributor more useful than a bow. Other than that the summoners have gotten very little love. Maybe someday before this game shuts its doors the summoner will rise again....Someday...Maybe..Who knows really lol.

    Summoners got ONE boost like 9 years ago with 4 pets, then they nerfed it 3 months later saying it was OP because bot parties would zerg the server with 5 summoner xp parties = 20 pets.   The next time a few years later was the retributer, which was not much of a boost since I had to make a new weapon completely to play the class.   There needs to be a fix because as of now a summoner cant xp close to any other DD in any zone above 110.  Archers, daggers, nukers can all one shot mobs, and summoners take 30 seconds to kill a mob.... 

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  9. L2 since the begining has ALWAYS been about pvp. The stronger the player, the more you could take an xp spot and fight them if you want.  Since when did this game cater to the weak and worthless can cry in forums about xp spots .,. 

    Now claiming that the XP spot is yours because you were there first does not mean it is YOURS ,  Lots of other players respect that pits have been claimed and certain parties go to the same pits every day, and they pvp and fight for those pits. 

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  10. Last time there was a dragon shirt even over 1 year ago there was a pack that you could buy 1 per account  that gave 15 dragons breath.  since it was not enough to get the last upgrade stone for a rind leather shit lots of people didnt use them and waited for next event. Here we are over a year later and now you have to open over 500 boxes to get maybe... MAYBE 15 dragons breath.. this is unreasonable to offer something in the past that makes it easy to upgrade and now take it away.   


    screen shot from September 2019 dragon shirt event 


  11. I think we should have all jumps and my teleports disabled at sieges like the old days.   This would prevent players from using exploits or using one party to jump around to every castle within 1 min to gank attackers.   This would require better planning and coordination  for planned attacks and improve the gaming experience for all players.  

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  12. The summoners do not scale correctly like everyone else.   for some reason we have pets that are stuck at 110 and we cant NOT Over enchant them to make them higher level but yet players are 115.  Summoners cant xp in higher zones because of this and in pvp other players whos dmg scales correctly can one shot the pets without issues. 

    Please remove the pvp dmg reduction for pets thats in place as well  , as of now pets do reduced dmg to players and its such a nerf that you only do 1k crit to players, and rarely seen anything higher.  Not sure how that works when players hitting others for 100k or 500k dmg ....... FIX THE SUMMONERS 

  13. Last month I DC 3 times, and lost a total of 100+ points give or take , it was either from porting in, or while i was inside, etc.   This is starting to become a point of concern when you cant even teleport in or are afraid to spend all month on something and have one disconnect ruin a whole month for you . 

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