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  1. @Juji Would you care to take a moment and give US PLAYERS and on top of that YOUR CUSTOMERS why the hell we got content from the actuall chronicle on LIVE server backdoored to us on CLASSIC server?
  2. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13084-xigncode3/
  3. @Juji So this maintenance calls for gm buffs for compensation. This time would be nice if they would not disappear after death and all buffs should last same amount of time... Also I just started to wonder why would you even bother to raise levels for using chat when making a lvl 21 in current game state takes about 30 minutes while putting toon on auto farm...
  4. Why do you spread false information? Juji said himself that they are working on a fix for a missing xign that was doing the job of limiting number of logged accounts and since they put in their own basic bot they had to remove xign.
  5. This is the only reason? All this can be done during regular maintenance on wednesday. Get a grip... This isn't something that calls for HOTFIX and can actually wait.
  6. Difference is huge. When I drop money @ ncsoft the only certain things to get are items from L2Shop. Events are random with so small odds to get something valuable that is unbelieveble. When I drop money @ random russian guy I drop a small amount with no exceptations in return or I drop bigger amount and in return I get the desired item specified on the purchase list with 100% probability and no excuses.
  7. Lads & Gents you can welcome another P2W event. This time bag with the main prizes contain: - Frintezza's Necklace in total amount of 1 - Enchanced Orfer Earring in total amount of 5 - S grade weapon pack in total amount of 5 Other significant prizes are: - Cloth Piece in total amount of 150 - Sealed Rune lvl 8 in total amount of 50 - Spell Book Chest in total amount of 100 - EAA in total amount of 150 What I don't know is if the amount of prizes are meant for whole duration of the event or the amount will restock after 24h or one week or something. But right
  8. as far as my reasoning goes players does not have weakness against fire/water/wind/earth so why would they receive additional damage from specific attribute if they are not weak against it?
  9. Every hero in this game can youse whatever weapon they like and want. However PASSIVE SKILLS restricts your choice to make...
  10. No matter who you play you are ALWAYS restricted to a specific weapon...
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