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  1. Account has been locked

    I have recieved a copy paste mail that i was using a known 3rd party software on a box that has 26 level and leveled ONLY by fishing from level 1....ROFL
  2. Account has been locked

    same here,my box BD that has been fishing ONLY now for 3 months got blocked..wtf?
  3. Pendant Max Enchant

    no such thing,it breaks even at +1 with shiny stuff u get it to +9
  4. What are your options

    nope,the pendant is permanent
  5. I bought 20k bait 2 days ago and i managed to spend 2k REST BOOM DELETED it is just i put 50 dollars into the garbage ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS? YOU ALWAYS KEPT THE ITEMS ATLEAST A WEEK AFTER THE EVENT FINISHES,WHY DID U HAD TO DELETE THEM? i am so done with this game,good bye
  6. Fishing

    Hello and happy new year everybody. I did some calculations but my math is quite bad so this is why i decided to ask here.Is fishing actually profitable?I am seeing so many people fishing,are they doing it just for the exp? are they losing adena like this?