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  1. Too late for a new/returning player

    What classic server are you joining? A couple of things to point out. If you were playing on classic before, some changes that have happened. There is no gear penalty. Put the highest gear you have on a toon and go. IF starting new, follow the newbie guide instructions to get to level 20 in about 30 minutes. The market is still in Giran. If you just want to play casually, then do so. If you want to be competitive be prepared to spend money. How much, depends on you. However the top players spend. Most D and C gear is cheap now, most people are in A and S grade. There are active clans so find some. There are also lots of accounts on autohunt. Use it if you want to level faster than just playing live. Good luck.
  2. Yes what server, let us know. I am on TI
  3. Moon quest not anymore?

    If you do the 2 starter quests, you get the moon gear, no quest needed. Get to level 20 in less than 30 minutes and get your moon gear.
  4. 2 characters on one computer?

    Run 10 accounts one computer, why stop at 2? 10 is the new limit. Pick your main and create the supports to back the toon up. If you want to be like everyone else, get a pony, pull an OL, BD, SWS, PP behind it, and go.
  5. Communicating in the game.

    I do not. But I know it exists.
  6. Communicating in the game.

    Yes, there is a level requirement. Which server are you on? What is your toon name?
  7. Classic it's unplayable for newcomers

    I stand behind my comments. How many times have you and others been asked for free items from other players trying to level up? How many complaints on here that it is too hard or too expensive to get things? How many people on here say they want things easier or handed to them? Maybe not in those words, but their point is clear. Too many people want instant gratification or things handed to them, and on that we can agree to disagree. There are lots of threads on the questions the OP placed and the answers are the same. Setup a bot party to farm an area 24/7 with no soulshots. Save money and hopefully one day you have enough to buy decent gear. Or buy items of value in the NCsoft events with NCoin and sell those items in Giran for adena. No matter what you do, you have to pay NCSoft to be competitive and for NCSoft to keep the game alive.
  8. Classic it's unplayable for newcomers

    You answered the question in your statements and question. Buy NCoin so they make money; use the Ncoin to buy Shots. Buy enough NCoin and get VIP bonuses. Buy enough Ncoin for VIP10, and get all sorts of goodies. Either way, pay so they make money to keep the servers open. There are also events. The Hat event they are running now, a lot of people just made +10 hats for around $100 I like the improved success rate that NCSoft implemented. I hope they keep it for upcoming events. As you play, if you want to be competitive and not just a meat shield, then you will need Talisman's, Agathions, and better gear, which takes more Ncoin, which takes you spending real dollars to buy, which again, keeps the server alive. A free market society sure can be pesky can't it, when people want everything from a socialistic market (ie free and handed to them)?
  9. aden talisman

    I have not seen it but I have 3 at +5 and 2 at +4 right now. When I get 4 of them at +5, I will try to make the +6 and then start from there. For shiats and grins, I tried to make a +5 a +6 this morning and it blew.
  10. Returning Player w/Questions

    1. Who knows why, but buy the best you can always. Low level gear has no value. 2. Yes the Runes 3. NCsoft has regular events. Those events give rewards like Scrolls, Cloths, etc. You must spend real money to buy NCoin to participate. That is how they make money to keep the game alive. You will have to spend real money to make in game money and get items. The stuff you don't want, need or use, sell it for adena. 4. Dyes not tattoos 5. There are elemental hunting areas. They give good exp but no adena and no drops. You collect elemental particles and extract them turn those particles in to Sven in Aden to get magical tablets to unlock your 3rd class skills. You co go to other areas and farm adena and drops, but the exp is horrible. SO what is more important, Leveling or Adena? Most people have a group farming adena and drops to support their elemental hunting partied BSPS addiction. Many people will say this is my room or area stay out, but their name isn't on the door, so choose to leave or fight for it. Good luck!
  11. I don't bot, I use auto-hunt. ToS, you and I are in agreement. We play the game differently. I spend money on Ncoin. $500 this month for buying brooch stuff increased mine and made some others to sell with gemstones to get more adena. I also just bought another $100 to get some evolution stones from the L2coin store. Buying items I can ++++ and then sell for adena is good.
  12. I don't agree Rsv. As Tool of Society says, not everyone has a full party of buffers to power level themselves, so to expect individuals to be able to do that is not realistic. Some people also don't have real money to pay for power leveling. This event has calmed a lot of complaints down and people are playing the game and happy. I also see the Adena sellers have dried up except for one, so gratz to the team on cleaning the bots up. Keep up the good work NCsoft!
  13. 16th Request Anniversary extension

    The heck with it, I will say what others won't. Why not just make it permanent? A huge majority of the server is happy, you are hearing very few complaints overall. Let's face it you can't please 100% of the people all the time, so this is pretty damn close. It has driven prices down, there is a lot of horse trading going on and a lot of gear being made. I can't speak for others, but I have also spent a fair share of ncoin this month, so I doubt your sales dropped, just more people happy and looking to advance themselves in game. If it all goes back to the old no drops, no bonuses, low adena struggle, I bet the complaints increase.
  14. The events are fun and rewarding! Things are much better overall. I appreciate you taking into account a lot of the expressed concerns. It feels like a game to have fun and if you want to excel more you can pay what you are able. We aren't having to gamble our money away. These have been very positive changes and coming off a month of EXP boost! Again THANK YOU from me!
  15. Help

    Are you on Talking Island Server or Giran Server?