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  1. I have to agree, this event is insane for how someone is exploiting it. How can the top item be gone before the event starts? How can NCSoft not look into this? Look at the logs of when the item was won by someone and the official server time and event start time. Also, look how the items all go out at almost the same time. Last thing to point out, someone isn't a character name, whoever won it is being kept hidden. Because regular winners get their toon name displayed.
  2. Welcome back Veiq. My opinion below. Too much has changed. PK system is different, no penalty for being red. When a player kills a red toon, nothing is dropped. If a mob kills you while red you have a chance to drop something into jail, but you can buy it back out. There is no Grade penalty. My advice, look for S Grade everything you can, then put that gear on your L1 toon, follow the newbie guide to get to Level 20 in about 15 minutes. Pick you main, and at least 4 boxes, more likely 5 boxes. Level them up together in duo's. Melee main toons, need a WC, BD, PP, SWS and Cat buffs.
  3. Depends on what you want to play as your main. Melee Main then you need a WC, BD, PP, SWS, and Cat to get to highest levels, and in that order. Best to bring them up in duo's Magic User then you need an OL, PP, BD, SWS, Pony to get to the highest levels. Magic toons exp faster than melee toons, less running to hit a mob can stand in place and shoot 360 degrees. Magic toons need more gear, and they use SPS which are expensive.
  4. There are lots of things they could change, but our opinions aren't listened to. However here are some of my thoughts: 1. Stop the Random DC's. Most of us have real lives, and we need to let the game play while we work. If we are always DCing, then what's the point? 2. Make the gambling events have better odds. Rates are too low and turn people off. Why will I drop $300 per month to watch it disappear? Give me something for my $300 and keep me interested. 3. Quests would be good. It is difficult for me to clannies together to do raids, so quests would be nice as I don't
  5. Since the last update, the success rate, which was already low, has dropped further. Multiple people are seeing that items are not enchanting especially those of us working on collections. I had a spear trying to go from 4-5 and 4 stable scrolls in a row failed. That has NEVER happened to me before. Something is way off. But you likely don't care. I also went from VIP 10 to VIP 9 today. nothing worth keeping my VIP level up. Again, you likely don't care, but at least it is out there. Reasons I am no longer VIP10: 1. Too many random DC's. 2. No new content. 3. Gambling success rates a
  6. I know this will fall on deaf ears like all other suggestions, but at least I vent it out. It is clear that NCSoft no longer cares about Classic. They are moving players to other games. I just want to take time to write what I think would have helped keep Classic alive. 1. In my opinion one of the biggest problems today are the random and mass DC's. The game needs to be more stable, so many other games are stable, why isn't Lineage2? How can other games persist through minor packet loss, but Lineage 2 can't? At VIP 10, I don't get enough BRez to keep Brez'ing my party from the DC's
  7. I combined two Queen Ant 3 rings today to make a Queen Ant 4. Instead if it giving me a Queen Ant 4 it gave me a Queen Essence and told me to see Blacksmith Ferris in Aden to get the QA4. I go to Ferris and there is no option to get the QA4. I submitted a ticket, and the the services people told me my item is unable to be restored. I don't need it restored, I just want the QA 4 as the Essence is nothing. If they don't want me to get the QA4, then give me back my 2 Queen 3 rings. Thank you in advance
  8. It is frustrating because they took away Blessed SS, just have melee users use regular SS, while Mages must use BSPS. Now they nerf the SS even further, when mages still rule the server. Melee only have a chance if they can get close to a mage, but great geared mages kill melee before they get close, so melee has no chance. So the only real option is for melee to just PVE, because in PVP, unless you spend $30k in gear, you can't compete.
  9. A a melee, for years, mages had the advantage for EXP, Adena everything. Mages looked down on us melee and told us to suck it up and re-roll mage. Now the melees get one good area to EXP and the mages complain. For what it's worth, there are mages EXPing in TOI. Go look at TOI4, it is all mage party's. I suspect the problem is actually the wallet size of the whales compared to the rest of the server. Because some people have more money to spend in game, others feel like they will never catch up or be competitive and then they end up feeling like, what's the point of playing. To me i
  10. You all don't get it. LCOIN is working as intended. Last person to hit gets the coin until they max then it goes to the next person in line in the party. If you want more LCOIN, pull out your credit card and buy it. They have lost so many players, they need to mile you for everything they can. So they make it up by taking what they used to give free. Just like Microsoft first gave Windows away for free. Get people hooked, and then charge them. No complaints, you are owed nothing in life or in this game. Pay to Play.
  11. Mass DC again, Lag spikes. Game unplayable.
  12. All the guidance and feedback and another gambling event gets put in play.
  13. What is sad is they have seen the numbers dwindling. They had a passionate installed base that gave them the feedback to make it better. The user base has told them what the problems are, but they don't listen. The answers to have a thriving game are in front of them, but they won't listen. It is completely bizarre. What is even sadder is that the developers and Product Managers that aren't listening will likely be riffed out of a job because this goes away. By not listening, letting the servers die, they are working themselves out of a job, and it still doesn't matter to them. Know
  14. In 600 card pouches the best I got was 1 cloth.
  15. Yes, the server is dying and they know this from the logins and money spent on games. This community has been so passionate in expressing their feelings of how to make things better, but the game product managers just don't listen, or they do listen, but the developers then don't listen to them. 1. PK system is broken, many have talked about it for a long time, however it doesn't get addressed. I think the last server war was the final straw and pushed a lot of people out of the game. How can you play to enjoy the game, when players non-stop grief. We don't make enough adena and coin
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