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  1. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    Why would I compare a sws to a tank? Sws is not a tank! If he was a tank then he would get more pdef masteries and shield masteries like tanks. Sws is the counter to BD! Yet no one compares a bd to tank but some reason want to with a sws cause the real problem is they are a nerfed class compared to the bd counter class. Which is why I even put the numbers up for all to see the numbers proving sws is a nerfed class.
  2. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    Wrong! Has nothing to do with real tanks. BD and sws are compared just like SK to TK. Get with it.
  3. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    Holy crap.. all of you need to stop comparing races! We are talking about classes and their masteries! Good grief! By these other people logic the SR should get less bow masteries than a PR lol This is about the classes abilities and masteries! Not about RACES. We all know the stat differences with each race so shut it about race bs. This is about comparing classes and it's clear the sws by the numbers is under powered and dont even get more pdef or shield masteries to compensate!