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  1. Items grade after update !!!

    In one update they just destroyed everything many people worked to get. All the Over enchanted D grade, C grade etc have become worthless. They just gave us all the middle finger with this update. So now all your Brig sets, FP sets etc are worthless! People spent alot of time and adena to get these items for doing what they enjoyed only to have it all Destroyed in ONE PATCH! Unbelievable! Everyone who stays will now just run around with top Bow and use VR... Stupid!
  2. log in problem???

    Aden Server also
  3. Why is sws nerfed...

    Maybe, but as a business thats poor management. If they cared, which i doubt they do, they would look into this and fix the issue. But its nice to see that as the player base we have each others back. This is why the gaming community sucks, nothing but talking bs to each other instead of seeing the issue and trying to get it fixed. The issue is Clear as day yet most just keep trolling instead of helping. Good job all!
  4. Why is sws nerfed...

  5. Why is sws nerfed...

    Another pointless sarcastic reply because you have no rebuttal!
  6. Why is sws nerfed...

    Please point me to those aspects you speak of that is not RACIAL ABILITY BS and not countered by our counterpart the BD. Please point it all out to me! Willing to bet you cant because there is no counter for our lower patk vs our BD counterpart. Its clearly a nerf and none of you have put up a good rebuttal cause there is none. Still none of you have a rebuttal but want to argue with my conclusions. None of you have said anything that comes close to making sense cause you dont have a clue. Its as clear as day and for the life of me ill never understand why you all defend it. You are nothing but trolls who for some reason want to defend this nerf which is completely stupid. Either make a legitamate rebuttal or get off the thread. The numbers dont lie and I have clearly put the numbers in front for all to see! Yet you all just want to argue like children. NOT ONE PERSON has a respectable rebuttal. All of you just keep repeating the same gaming childish terms. This is all you keep saying... "You have also consistently just looked at this one aspect of the characters while ignoring other aspects of the characters. The SWS has other strengths the BD doesnt have while the BD has strengths the SWS doesnt have" But yet to point out any evidence! The numbers i posted speak for theirselves. The masteries have nothing to do with Racial Stats, Racial Skills etc! This is about the Weapon masteries and Defense masteries! Good god its like explaining it to children.
  7. This is out of hand! They could easily roll it back and now we have lost a day and some 2 days on our runes etc! I didnt pay to be vip to not be able to play ffs. No responses to emails or anything... They keep implementing crap that affects normal players more than it does the bots... Was exciting to level my alt and my main with haste 2 after a week of grinding to get the sb and lvl 52 on my pp.
  8. Having the same issue. Happened yesterday and i reinstalled game it worked. Today.... not working and my runes are running as well! Just hit 52 on my buffer with Haste 2 and now i cant enjoy my hard work after grinding for 6 days for the haste SB. Now my whole day of my xp rune is wasted.
  9. Still doesn't work for me now. Tried as administrator etc