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  1. But that was off 5-6 days now, EXP/SP at least.. Don't know about adena rates.
  2. +6 Bonus set

    Since they made it like this (You can make set even with 2 parts) is it the same for +6 bonus stats? Let's say if you make 2 parts +6 but not all the set, you get the bonuses?
  3. +16???

    OEing weapons are just for normal hits, you can try use skills with D dagger and B dagger, difference is low. That's for other classes too
  4. Monthly Payment (L2 CLASSIC)

    They have no idea what they doing, they could do that since the start instead of full of EXP stuff in L2store which doesn't suit on classic, 1.5 patch mixed from 2.0 2.5 3.0 parts in game and also that with month payment, much better.. But whatever
  5. But fishing is easy and everyday, no need to move or play at all, what is this bad event you suggest? Go away, they looking only for afk events.
  6. Spellbook Quest (Another Wish)

    They messed up the patches, they keep failing on everything, do you really believe such a thing is going to go up and work as well? :D:D I lost all hopes on them, there's nothing to improve/suggest..
  7. +16???

    +15 to +16 half chances man than +14 to +15. Good to know you RMT 1k euros to enchant a D dagger to +16 lol
  8. Had to share my failure....

    Dont waste adena on D grades, better try your luck on C ones. Btw just to know mage weapons got 50% chances after +3 while fighter weapons got 66%.
  9. Level cap

    People are not quiting just because they are 74+ but go check spots 20-40, they are full of bots. Patch they've made or bring from korea or whatever is just f***d up, there are RB's from 3.0 classic, there are augments but no runes, there are no sieges/olympiad but they announced it as 1.5, In 1.5 not even scrolls exists as example. Most 74+ made it with last event with 70% matchstick non-stop, you could make the server from x1 to x6 with all boosts and that 70%. The holidays are over and yes ncwest look like a complete joke since 1st month they've added event with free top D weapons, I knew that since then, they have no idea of classic.
  10. It's already updated but mixed of it, I prefer the mess up. It supposed to be 1.5 classic but it's 1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0 with removed staff from all patches and as I said messed up. So good luck with your answer ;p