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  1. They screwed up the dwarf already so why not screw up the archer? Back when classic first came out the spoil rates were all messed up and now they did away with graded shots and have only one kind of shot that can be bought in the store so now how the heck is the crafter suppose to make money? So dumb, they messed up this classic BAD.
  2. Quivers were NEVER in the game back in the day so maybe they actually made one thing "Classic".
  3. This isn't even "classic" This version sucks so bad it isn't even funny. I just logged in for the first time in forever and was like, wth are my shots? I then found out that you can buy shots in the store now AND there is only ONE kind, I mean wtf is a dwarf suppose to do now? The only way for a crafter to make money is to craft gear and you need a crap load of mats to do that and on official is not easy to do. Also when "classic" first came out the spoil rates were so horrible that even spoilers couldn't get many mats, trust me I know because that was my main. Also level 70 was suppose
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