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  1. P. Critical Users

    It is very supportive for up. Thanks for the clarifications.
  2. P. Critical Users

    Let me see if I got it: Base = Bladedancer Dual = Hierophant (PoM) + DoomCryer Skils In the l2wiki, says that when switches from Doomcryer to Hiero, the Drums disappears. And likewise, when changes from Hiero to Doomcryer, the PoM disappears. How do you leave Drums together with PoM?
  3. P. Critical Users

    To be able to merge, can the DB be as primary and DC / Hiero as dual?
  4. P. Critical Users

    There is no way to let Cryer Harmony + PoM + Drums in main class (hierophant or Doomcryer)? And Drums + PoM, is it possible? If so, how do you do it? Need to create the doomcryer first, or first the hierophant? I do not want to need to delete the char because I did it wrong.