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  1. I've been saying this for years. The servers are complete dry on basic needed consumables like Elcyum, Gem Energy, Rune Stones, Giant Codex that prices sky rocket every day. And as long as the mid-tier players cannot progress the top 1% farms 15-50b/week in TOI and got nothing to do with their adena. So as soon as an event comes around they clean out the market straight away and reset the cycle of mid-tier having nothing, and them stockpiling.
  2. Just a shame that unlike the previous 10 years, you now do a 2,5h maintenance during the holidays. All the previous years the the "holiday maintenance" was nothing more than a 30 min reboot.
  3. I had my petition go through the mill of NCSoft/PURPLE and their reply was basically "go stick it where the sun doesn't shine". In the meanwhile, a whole load of players originating from countries on NCWests block list (which include Russia, Belarus, Ukraine) can still happily play the game.
  4. They did this circlet 4 times already. Every time it gets deleted.
  5. But no mention about the fact that you promote NAIA as a GMT+1 server, but the server isn't on GMT+1? Swamp of Screams starts at GMT+1 11:00 and not at 10:00 as being prompted in game. Daily server reset happens at GMT+1 07:30 and not GMT+1 06:30 as basically mentioned everywhere in game (like when obtaining Ether) I know you guys struggle with the whole concept of GMT+1 time zone, DST and everything time based for the last 15-odd years, but with the launch of Dethrone you basically made it impossible for normal European players to participate in anything. And still you got
  6. Demon Prince And for that, any raid boss in Steel Citadel was spooky. It was a nightmare to get through, usually deep into the night because it took so long.
  7. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/22318-live-server-login-unavailable-for-1-hour/ Why post this and than kick everybody of Live server? @Hime @Juji @LIME @Sunshine
  8. Long time ago, I used to be an Phantom Ranger. I class changed to Spectral Master because all archer classes did was press F1. I loved playing my Spectral Master, solo grinding almost everything from open field, Catacombs, Rift, Delusion Chamber, Raids but than Goddess of Destruction came and I became a Wynn Summoner. I gained new tools, figured out to optimize damage and again was able to solo almost anything. But due to terrible anti bot, non existing ban procedures my class was nerfed patch after patch and everything was taking away from it. People say Iss Enchanter are the forgotten c
  9. @Juji @Hime @LIME Clan members are reporting blue screens as soon as they load character.
  10. @Juji @Hime @LIME What about fixing Auction House on Naia?
  11. @Juji@Hime Auction House on Naia stopped working.
  12. @Juji My clan members are en masse complaining about hourly d/c, Auction House not allowing to list items, Auction House not able to buy items and that NPC purchases and NPC upgrades are delayed. Seems like removing Greedy Chests didn't sort anything out.
  13. Combining artifacts and purchasing from NPC vendors has a delay (again). @JujiMaybe an idea to reintroduce pets being deleted/perish when they are dead for 60 minutes like in the old days? Many hunting zones are covered with dead Buffalos, Wolfs, Kookabura, Striders which all create extra server load.
  14. Isn't that because you're trying to fix the wrong thing causing it?
  15. Maybe, and hear me out on this one. Maybe you have to make sure servers cannot be overrun by bots and packet injections instead of using a live server environment as your testing ground by tweaking and adjusting settings that only hurt your player base and benefit all the adena sellers. You know bots are the reason server is having issues. https://imgur.com/a/C07ujsh
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