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  1. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/22318-live-server-login-unavailable-for-1-hour/ Why post this and than kick everybody of Live server? @Hime @Juji @LIME @Sunshine
  2. Long time ago, I used to be an Phantom Ranger. I class changed to Spectral Master because all archer classes did was press F1. I loved playing my Spectral Master, solo grinding almost everything from open field, Catacombs, Rift, Delusion Chamber, Raids but than Goddess of Destruction came and I became a Wynn Summoner. I gained new tools, figured out to optimize damage and again was able to solo almost anything. But due to terrible anti bot, non existing ban procedures my class was nerfed patch after patch and everything was taking away from it. People say Iss Enchanter are the forgotten c
  3. @Juji @Hime @LIME Clan members are reporting blue screens as soon as they load character.
  4. @Juji @Hime @LIME What about fixing Auction House on Naia?
  5. @Juji@Hime Auction House on Naia stopped working.
  6. @Juji My clan members are en masse complaining about hourly d/c, Auction House not allowing to list items, Auction House not able to buy items and that NPC purchases and NPC upgrades are delayed. Seems like removing Greedy Chests didn't sort anything out.
  7. Combining artifacts and purchasing from NPC vendors has a delay (again). @JujiMaybe an idea to reintroduce pets being deleted/perish when they are dead for 60 minutes like in the old days? Many hunting zones are covered with dead Buffalos, Wolfs, Kookabura, Striders which all create extra server load.
  8. Isn't that because you're trying to fix the wrong thing causing it?
  9. Maybe, and hear me out on this one. Maybe you have to make sure servers cannot be overrun by bots and packet injections instead of using a live server environment as your testing ground by tweaking and adjusting settings that only hurt your player base and benefit all the adena sellers. You know bots are the reason server is having issues. https://imgur.com/a/C07ujsh
  10. OPTIMIZE SERVER PERFORMANCE? You for real dude? Server went to complete shyt and on top of that you ninja patched Alice Potions being tradable!
  11. Update number 2. @JujiI have no clue what the fork you have done during the Wednesday night emergency maintenance but it's hell! You turned the game into even more rubbish than it already was. The skill delays and hit delays are so insane that I have made less exp in 10hrs than I did usually in 6hrs. IT IS FORKING RIDICULOUS! And what do we get in return? Absolute nothing. We all know that you know that the lags are caused by bots. It has nothing to do with server hardware. Come on dude, when Spam and Omega were doing your job back in 2006-2008 they were actually banning bots and fig
  12. Update: After the server out take of Saturday evening the delay/impossibility of opening items and retrieving items has increased. Opening e.g. Aden Treasure Chests takes multiply clicks, retrieving items from mail is heavily delayed. More so than reported before. Also, I've been running a few mentees because of the mentee buff bonus and I have to say, the melee lag compared to prior to server out take has increased. It's not as bad as before but it's a noticeable difference compared to e.g. Thursday evening and Friday.
  13. 1. The Netherlands 2. No 3. On very regular basis 4. Any time when opening or consuming an item there is a delay. Soulshot/Spiritshots look to be excluded. Opening event boxes, Castilla Chest, Venusta Chest, Field of Crisis box all have a delay opening. Consuming a recharge stone is delayed also, already had twice that I charged a time zone one time to many. Opening and/or receiving e-mails are delayed. Storing and retrieving items from personal and clan warehouse is delayed. Withdrawing items from Dimensional Storage or pet inventory is delayed.
  14. @Juji Melee lag is back in a way that we haven't seen before... Really *dolphin sound* nice to roll back to a game version without the melee fix...
  15. R110 > R99 Why? Because of the +4 weapon bonuses, the 150 more element, the better augments and just why would you settle with a max upgraded. Why would you not take +5% P.Skill Critical Damage from Enhanced Krishna Shaper and +7% HP/MP/CP and than still having option to add Bloody increasing PvE damage. But be ready to spend a lot of enchants and adena getting it to anything higher than +7. Enchant rates are abysmal, you really need L2Store to have any chance of getting anything higher than that (Lucky Stones and alike) or toss a monkeyload of adena into it to buy HEWR/
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