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  1. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    This feels great being ignored by NCSOFT and treated like "we have no clue".
  2. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    is there anyone left at the support who can spare 5 minutes and actually check tickets 23230799 and 23230813. I kinda miss your auto-responses.. but I would be really grateful for someone checking if bans were justified. THANK YOU!
  3. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    Soon you will need a clean Windows installation to play L2. Anyway.. L2 support is useless - people are getting banned for no reason and after 3-4 autoresponses they will just ignore your messages. At the same time people are using software for PVP and botting... and it's fiiiine....
  4. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    After back and forth with the support (GM Catharsis, Holooc, Glenn, Jessica) the final message is; [moderated content] it's basically GFY and stop mailing us Whole conversation was ME trying to prove something with screenshots, previous tickets and asking what 3rd program I was using that is in violation of TOS... and THEM using autoresponses. Once you get flagged by their system, you are screwed, you are done .. unless you a gooood spender So they banned my two boxes for no reason and my two main accounts are fine...because I spend a lot? ... but here is THE THING, I'm not gonna spend anymore. @Aurinya @PhoenixMitra@Hime@Juji Thank you for the past 10+ years.
  5. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    For now they are not able to specify any 3rd party software that I was using that was in violation of TOS. This really doesn't answer my question: [moderated content per CoC violation]
  6. Ban for MS Visual Studio?

    In case anyone cares; ..funny thing is, I always have four accounts logged in at the same time (on two computers). Two got banned and two are working fine... The only difference is that accounts that didn't get banned have active subscription. Coincidence... I'm sure. .
  7. I just want to warn any software developers - apparently you can get banned for Visual Studio or an app you developing.. in my case it was a network monitoring app. NCSoft is still reviewing my case (tickets 23230799 and 23230813) - but this is BS... I can't prove anything to anyone and if this happened once it can happen again... Happy New Year