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  1. Dev Tracker on Forums bugged?

    Edit 2: (won't let me edit original post anymore) It seems swapping the "Show Me" settings only resolves the issue while in a logged in state. I also have to change it every time I go to the dev tracker page in order to see it properly.
  2. I'm not positive but I believe the dev tracker is not working as intended anymore. The last post it shows @Juji making was last Thursday and the last post it shows @Hime making was last Wednesday, but both have definitely been posting since then. Both are listed in the users being tracked so I'm not sure why none of the content is being added to the dev tracker. Edit: I figured it out (I think) the "Show Me" was set to "Content Items Only". I swapped that and it fixed it. It was showing "Content Items Only" by default whether I was logged in or logged out though, so I'm not sure if that's something cached on my end or something that should be swapped as the default for everyone.
  3. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Thank you @Juji and staff for looking into this. I do have a few questions. Will the event duration be extended to take into account that many people are unable to currently participate due to the difficulty? Will the rewards be adjusted so that the top (+10) bracelet is potentially achievable? Currently if you do the math on the days of event vs max reward only +7 is potentially achievable (that's 2x instances a day every single day of the promotion while also receiving maximum reward every day.) Is there any consideration to, rather than adjusting the difficulty of the instance, making the instance a single party instance and allowing all characters in the party to receive the reward? Currently I have seen people take up to an hour per run, with strong DDs still taking 20-30 minutes to complete this. Given that Lineage is an MMO I would hope group activities would be more widely encouraged than solo activities. Taking 1-2 hours every single day to solo an event eats into the majority of many people's play time. I know many of the people I play with (myself included) can only afford 1-3 hours of play a few nights a week due to work and other life responsibilities.
  4. I understand and agree with the reasoning for not wanting any sort of armor or weapon appearance items in order to preserve the "old-school" look and feel, but the beauty shop is purely hairstyle and face. Adding the beauty shop would allow for a bit of customization without causing major disturbance to the integrity of the look/feel of Classic. Plus it means NC gets to add beauty shop tokens to the L2Store. Win/win, really.
  5. @Maju nope they have been ignoring me.
  6. If this is true ..

    This comment is disheartening. Are you confirming that this was intended and the consequences (ie: didn't expect the lower rates to be that impactful early on) were more severe than anticipated? Because this coupled with the fact that the Adena/item drop rates still remain missing from your known issues thread paints this picture. My guess, as others have already pointed out, is that the intent was for the nerfed rates to not be as noticable at low levels by supplementing the lack of Adena/item drops with the ability to not spend Adena on shots and the silver coins to supplement items. I agree with @FatHips . Adopt the WoW approach. Free to 20, pay to play after that. Any account with a subscription gets normal drop rates. Newbie quests supplement the lower drop rates of free 1-20 levels. What has essentially been done in the case of Classic servers is NCSoft has dammed the river before the water even reached the farms. The economy is non-existent and has no water to even begin to grow. Classic doesn't just need the rates to be adjusted for it to survive, it needs the rates adjusted to even begin to live.
  7. @Hime @Juji I understand you and your team is getting flooded right now but the FAQ said the Chronicle Pack items would be transferable via the Dimensional Keeper and the majority of the items are not. Could I please get confirmation that this is an error and that I will be able to transfer items I paid for if I want to switch characters? Edit: Oh I see, you don't acknowledge my post but make sure the team updates the NEW launch pack page FAQ to reflect the non-transferable items. (Note: The old FAQ said the same thing that your post still does--that items are transferable.) Your post (and what the old, now taken down, Launch Pack FAQ said): Considering the false advertising from the original FAQ and your current unedited post in conjunction with my purchase date being prior to the amended FAQ, I'd like to request a transfer of my items to a new character, please.
  8. I looked at the patch notes to see if there were any additional quests I could do and saw "Future: Dark Elves" for 19+. I am a fighter class and it let me take the quest but it is for mage class transfer:
  9. Wrong XP loss by death

    I am VIP 3 and still losing 10% even with the "XP Reduction at death -5%
  10. In your FAQ it says: The ONLY items that can be transferred are the pom poms, the rune, and the mask. NONE of the scrolls, pots OR the ring can be transferred! I created a character and decided I wanted to be a different class after playing last night and now I can't get most of my items onto a new character! @Hime it was your FAQ post I got this from. Edit: You also can't transfer anything you get from VIP (the rewards that come from the daily boxes, the silver coins) The following items obtained in the packs you cannot trade via the Dimensional Merchant: 1st Class Transfer Buff Scroll XP/SP Boost Scroll Major Healing Potions Chronicle Ring Agathion Bracelet Lv 1 - 180-Day The following VIP Items cannot be transferred via Dimensional Merchant: Silver Coin Healing Potions All Daily Reward Items (Healing potions, Scroll of Escape, Scroll of Resurrection) Event Items: Attendance Coins
  11. Still can't do that to this day, I believe.
  12. Does the Chronicle Ring included in the Chronicle pack give any M.Def? @Hime @Juji
  13. Highlights from Live Stream

    Some additional notes: No common craft. All crafting will be via dwarves WASD movement will be available Lv 3-4 VIP allows you to obtain Silver Coins from mobs that you can redeem for crafting materials. Items up to B-Grade will exist Day 1 Old clan reward system (Daily Coins) will be in place Max clan level 5 (40 members) and no academy Can declare clan war at clan lv 3 Clan Raids feature at 60+ (isn't activated yet) it is in what used to be the monster Derby arena. They will base content releases on average server levels No Sieges, oly, fort Sieges at launch No permanent clan halls at launch No free teleports 3 client max limit Talked about beginning event too: 5 raid bosses you can fight in parties or solo in certain hunting zones that will give you a special buff after you kill them. buff 10% patk/matk, after the buff wears off you get a loot box that gives items/crafting materials, etc
  14. I noticed a few things in the live-stream that I'd like to inquire about. When the subclass system is introduced, will there still be restriction on Dark Elf and Light Elf races like there was originally? (One could not sub a class of the opposite race). Will adena be auto-pickup like on the current live servers? Will crafting be a major part of this update, given that on the Live servers drop rates have been severely stunted it is a worry that dwarven classes will have little to no value. Will Silver Coins obtained by VIP lv 3-4 be tradable? Are you planning on this to supplement low spoils and drop rates? Will skills added later on, such as Rhythms for Bladedancers and Swordsingers be in the game? Will Vampiric Rage type buffs affect archers and Mages in this version of classic? VR only helped melee classes when Lineage 2 first launched; later updates added benefits to Archers and Mages. Will books/amulets be required to learn skills? In the character info window there is an "Applying Elemential Attribute" section with 4 locked boxes. Is this going to be an NCStore only thing? In the inventory window you can see Brooches, Bracelets, Agathions, Cloaks, Belts, Shirts, and Hair Accessories as options. Should we be expecting Pay2Win NCStore exclusive items for these slots similar to the Live servers? Brooch Gems are currently only obtainable in the NCStore on the Live servers, as well as Pay2Win Cloaks.
  15. Reverse the update

    The last time I reported a bug your support staff responded by telling me to uninstall and reinstall the game. I even made sure to report in detail exactly what happened and what caused it. They didn't even bother reading, clearly.