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  1. agent

    lvl 10 runes

    wts sigel tyrr iss runes lvl 10.
  2. u will play if u want. if u dont want u willnot play. noone owe u anything.
  3. more than 24hrs i cannot log to my favourite server... why? pls @PhoenixMitra give us some answer. we can wait , but tell us for how long?
  4. @PhoenixMitra have we any news? wanna to play ((
  5. there are a very very very little differnce between 18k and 28k of m.atack. because of the formula of end damage. to be a good nuker u really need OE weapon > lvl> max lvl of yr spell. to resist it u need OE jewel and lvl ofc buffs such as mystic dance, empower, berserc spirit have an influence on yr damage, because without them u will have no damage at all ) but more principially here to get weap and lvl.
  6. dont sleep `n` waitin to any GM`s reply ... ) rly when u tell us smthn?
  7. may be they use player with always-on-top func? i used winamp and light alloy when was younger )
  8. no xin triggers. i can play any serv except teon giran and ti
  9. cannnot log more than 10 hrs, pls fix it
  10. while this topic is active, may someone describe me a knife here? want to test TH , but never played for them (knives) on classic . or it s a bad idea and better to stay ES or to test PR?
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