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  1. Hi everyone, I have a question, the herb of exp that drop in elven, has been disabled?
  2. terrible in what? you not like the game now?classic is here, play then.
  3. Less Events p2w and more events in which everyone can participate without spending so much money and filling the pocket of these guys.
  4. Now i can log one box, and i try to log other, the first box stop work and close the game
  5. no one cares this sh1ts spenders events, please fix login problems
  6. i'm be forced to use VPN softwares to log in, but this problem makes various players to go out, no have parties for nothing on chronos
  7. this shit problem get back again AAAAAAAAAAH
  8. all here need to log in, i'm lost freya event and dailys
  9. I was logged in earlier today, after I logged in, I can not log in to any server anymore.
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