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  1. Clearly and I'm sure you have a brain damage this is not Korea. This server is European server we speak English not Korean. Do you follow same mistake and blame Korean? All the developer here are Korean?
  2. First of all is game is not a classic anymore The last two months before Oriana Event is what classic is all about, because your NG weapon has a value. i felt sorry for those player who put time and effort grinding and enchanting their D grade weapon and all of a sudden they released A grade items. I created a Spoiler for mats but now it is useless you just need to buy Ncoin and you have a very good weapon TOP grade. WTF top D grade +10 is trash C grade +10 semi recyclable and now B grade are next in line. Fck this Festival event you ruined everything!
  3. Its a new patch for Erthea and new cloak and agathion and alot more probably an S80 new set. Im so excited
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