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  1. Hello guys, can u give me some advice for location where i make profit adena/drop keys? i have tyrant 49l (chain set + fisted blade) with WC 48 full buff learned.
  2. Hello guys, i would ask you what is better for AOE in lvl 50+. Now i have tyrant with wc 49lvl, but i start thinking if sorcerer or spellhover with SE will be better option for AOE for level 50 and more to the end of game / and sometimes in single target game. Tell me ur opinions. What is more useful?
  3. SB party return price?

    Hi guys, please what is a actual prize for SB party return? Thx
  4. Incoming siege absurds

    its first CS, so they can test connectivity.. if they split for more CS they cant make good test. Easy man, they will be back soon when one CS start... Here still somebody crying like kid, still any problem... i am veteran and i see only one problem: bots.... so easy guys they working
  5. Drop after death/PK system

    ..... stupid idea.... we will see lots of morons who takes trains to kill u and take drop. Also really good idea if u many months building any staff and then drop because u dont take HP pot /or ur heal afk/ or server lags inc. soulshots / or if u have DC.... u have to remember its only rate 1x (maybe less), really long time playing
  6. Can you create some arena pvp system like a league 3v3 5v5 ? with some scoreboard, reward etc. i Thing that is really good idea. I seen it in unofficial server in the past. PS: Oly is boring and u need top lvl (sorry for my opinion)
  7. Best dualbox for tyrant

    thank you for your advice, it was helpfull. Now i have shaman lvl 30 with my monk lvl 28, so i have main buffer. About "bard" i friend has future SWS no he has 33l so we can play together what do you mean about light or heavy armor at C/B grade?
  8. Best dualbox for tyrant

    Hi guys, Can you tell me what is the best dualbox buffer for tyrant and why? Now i have prepared shaman 30l but i thinking about prophet. I hear about SE as a good choice too. Thank you