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  1. They can merge all classic soon after this stupid pendant event people will massively quit. No one cared about xp/sp boosts and cosmetics, but with this item everything changes.and believe me this won't be the last cashmachine they put in.
  2. Take care man =( I feel the same I fell in love with this game and now they're shitting all over it. I've been lucky enough to never play a game where imbeciles such as these run the company/servers. I thought Valve was bad, I thought blizzard got too greedy, but then you see shit like this. They are nothing compared to despicable morons who run NCSoft and they still make 1000x more money than this shitty company.
  3. Uninstall the game, go play something else or play on another server this shit is already imploding, people in charge give 0 shits about community. They just want your €/$ and not little they want only big spenders eventhough they promised no p2w items only xp/sp boosts and cosmetics. Run fast run far
  4. Such an amazing game run by such incompetent imbeciles. Sad.
  5. First thing they should fix is ridiculously low drop/spoil/adena/xp rates. It's insane that you make more money(and xp) in lvl 30-40 or 40-50 areas like Ant Nest and Cruma than u do later in 60-65+ zones. At least bring back boosts on weekends, if you can't be arsed to fix the obvious things. There is one Yaksa recipe in whole Gludio server atm, many others not even one. Spoil in some places is decent and in some places nerfed to the ground.
  6. Bigger level you are the more you will notice it, specially when it's missing
  7. Are you serious? You're the reason they don't ban bots, since people like you think someone buying 24/7 is a bot. You can actually make money in this game buying, crafting and selling stuff, that's why you see some guys having a dwarf in town doing that. Those "beggars" probably have a lot more money than u
  8. I understand what you mean, but us Europeans got screwed anyway since those geniuses put siege on Sunday at 1 in the morning(our time), meaning you go to work with 3 hours of sleep or you skip the event we've been expecting for months. Then they even managed to screw over the Americans and put in on superbowl, it's like they're competing how the can fail harder every time they do something... Yeah we could pick a different server etc., but with such a small community you'd expect they'd be able to listen to us at least to some capacity, maybe put it on Saturday or even Friday so people from ev
  9. You can't use it everywhere, but when you can it's totally worth it. Maybe wait till price drops a bit, but if u get normal price buy it.
  10. Same on Gludio, they clearly said 1 more week in patch notes, but it's gone =(
  11. Well exactly the same shit happened when they fixed level 55 The one who struggled trough the level got same crap angel blessing rewards that people who weren't 55 got. It's like they're making fun out of people on purpose.
  12. Yes just because u can't keep up in lvling all those people who managed to get higher than u should have their levels taken away from them. Are you really this dumb that you think they'll take levels from people or was just that a dumb idea from desperation. You don't seem to realize how long it takes for 1 level at that point. They screwed 55+ people a few weeks ago with that angel cat blessing crap that can of course also be taken by people who weren't 55+ before the patch. Gludio for example a new server and there are already a few 65+ people and they don't bot.
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