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  1. Change the Healer buff at lvl 99 from single target to party buff. - Aeore Cardinal - Elemental Resistance - Aeore Evas Saint - Melee Weapon Resistance - Aeore Shilen Saint - Ranged Weapon Resistance
  2. 538 pouches and no brooch boxes, no accessories, no dragon shirt, no talismans, nothing that costs more then 200m per piece. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? @Juji @Hime
  3. Yes, they give us no time whatsoever to get our stuff in order in case of items being deleted... They said the fortune pockets wont be deleted, but last year there was an even where you could buy 1h Rune XP and i specifically came to the forum and asked them to confirm if those Runes will be deleted when the events end and they said YES, but the runes NEVER got deleted... people had stocked hundreds of runes... which is what i also wanted to do, but because i believe that BS "confirmation" that i was given i got screwed hard. I really dont know what they do in their office.. why cant they
  4. It's already the 15th... If they are still "working" on the patch notes it means they didnt do their job in the 1st place... And probably the patch notes will be done like last time.. just a collection of all the small note they received on 1 big pdf with a google translation, nothing put in order. If it was a new paid event we will have tons of info about it.. thats all they care for $ PS:because of the last sentance my post will be a 99.99% delete and i might get an account suspension as well, if not banned all together
  5. Just so u know, even if there is an option to upgrade the weapons r99 to r110 at best the highest + to upgrade will be +19 weapons. Anything above that is over the top so most +20+ weapons will never be upgraded, unless the owner is willing to sell a kidney or something to pay for the mats
  6. Chronos, oh yea i forgot about the naia time. You are correct. Naia oly is screwed worst then Chronos
  7. the maintenance starts 1h before oly, but still taking 30 mins away from oly is still bad management from ncsoft..
  8. Learn to see before posting stupid questions. You can see on the screen that Blue and Purple stack together
  9. @Hime You couldnt have done the maintenance earlier or waited for after olympiad? You are aware that this is gonna take 30 mins away from olympiad and its the last weekend of the month? Do you guys even think of the players, or is ur $ event more important?
  10. Are you seriously giving us an event that gives exp boost (runes, scrolls, etc) AFTER the exp event ends? You realize that those could have greatly helped people DURING the event right? . . .
  11. I saw your post, thats why im asking about our version. And true even if they say they will/not delete them, you cant trust them. Like last year 1 event there was an 1h exp rune u could buy cheap with some fragments from event. I asked neutron if it will be deleted and he personally said yes, but in the end it wasnt Untrustworthy
  12. @Juji What would happen with the current Fortune pockets? Will they be deleted from peoples WH/inventory or just stop dropping?
  13. CP looking for stacked Healer / Feoh on Chronos Healer requirements: Feoh requirements: 105 lvl 105 lvl +10 dark set +10 dark set / +16 dark weapon lvl 5+ jewels lvl 6 jewels insanity/abundance insanity/abundance 7s talisman 7
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