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  1. @skin2bone If I would guessing then yes i think they will pretend nothing happend, I spend too much time on l2 west
  2. @SunshineWhat can we expect after maintenance?? rollback, fresh start or pretend nothing happend??
  3. @Hyperlite let me as u something do u sieging or just telling as non-sieging person cuz for non-sieging person its can make no diffrence but during siege its cut like 1-2min on each push. I don't try offend u I just want know on what position you are
  4. Exploit In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers.Exploits have been classified as a form of cheating; however, the precise determination of what is or is not considered an exploit can be controversial. This debate stems from a number of factors but typically involves the argument that the issues are part of the game and require no changes or external programs to take advantage of them, -wikipedia bug A software bug is
  5. this discution make no sens tbh like I know any1 can set jump spot there but I also know they shouldn't be able to do. And that is definition of bug, but knowing NCwest they can say that work as intended. That is why we should w8 on their decision
  6. lets set jump spots in cresting rooms where u can freely run
  7. @Nymphadorae as weiner said b4 every1 was using it and then came march 6th and Hime said it's illegal, We stoped using this and MS didn't, as we know Audge get banned for having jump to loc she shouldn't. So that is a diffrence between us and MS @Hyperlite that u are able to do something dosn't mean u can do this. Other think is I don't have a problem with that tbh if admins tell its legal so be it
  8. lets @Juji and @Hime make their decision if its legal or not
  9. 1st I'm not nova, 2nd I don't see it as a failure we didn't took Aden true but had alot fun. MS lost all other castles so they didn't fully win this, it's more like draw, but it's as it's
  10. @weinerthezon it's dosn't make its legal. You should raport it b4. @Afum are u dumb or just pretending?? You shouldn't be able to jump on siege ground and every one know thats and that is problem with vmaps that they change loc few yards ealier then it should
  11. so lets see if NCWest can follow their own ruls or we have diffrent standards for different people
  12. Just to be clear its not that many ppl online, thay just limited server capacity. but have to admit its smart and unexpected u can't login u have no lags
  13. U saying Crows join nova only for sieges, but why u forget mention about all MS detaged who join only for siege?? You are so strong so why u inviting cowerds who leave clan after siege or dont even join clan cuz thay leave alt clan too late and play siege clanless??
  14. Weaker are trash talking cuz they are frustreited loosing. They can't win in pvp so they have to BS on chat, but why winning sit do it?? I dont get it. I can undersand responding trash talk to trash talk but starting it. About giving castle to other clan or for you'r alt's who care do it if you want. But telling you let LB take castle it's lie they fought for it and they took it. MS isn't that strong to keep all 9 castle. last siege they lost 2 castle to take goddard. But when you'r giving up at a start then u can be sure u dont gonna take anything. If you want somthing you have to earn it
  15. @Jinkariya You dont taking my point you can do it(trash talk) but as u said Apex say "Gz MS" and MS say "loosers u lose castle" "FS join nova for castle, then join LB and still have no castle". when they hold castle for 2months and you now what they gonna try take castle durning next siege. But as I asked before are u rly need act like you have to prove something when you are at the top. And this who say MS isn't best clan today have to be blind they can keep Aden, Rune and give few other castle
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