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  1. Full server

    Just to be clear its not that many ppl online, thay just limited server capacity. but have to admit its smart and unexpected u can't login u have no lags
  2. MS fails Zariche's defense and loses 10b

    U saying Crows join nova only for sieges, but why u forget mention about all MS detaged who join only for siege?? You are so strong so why u inviting cowerds who leave clan after siege or dont even join clan cuz thay leave alt clan too late and play siege clanless??
  3. Chronos Castle seige

    Weaker are trash talking cuz they are frustreited loosing. They can't win in pvp so they have to BS on chat, but why winning sit do it?? I dont get it. I can undersand responding trash talk to trash talk but starting it. About giving castle to other clan or for you'r alt's who care do it if you want. But telling you let LB take castle it's lie they fought for it and they took it. MS isn't that strong to keep all 9 castle. last siege they lost 2 castle to take goddard. But when you'r giving up at a start then u can be sure u dont gonna take anything. If you want somthing you have to earn it
  4. Chronos Castle seige

    @Jinkariya You dont taking my point you can do it(trash talk) but as u said Apex say "Gz MS" and MS say "loosers u lose castle" "FS join nova for castle, then join LB and still have no castle". when they hold castle for 2months and you now what they gonna try take castle durning next siege. But as I asked before are u rly need act like you have to prove something when you are at the top. And this who say MS isn't best clan today have to be blind they can keep Aden, Rune and give few other castle
  5. Chronos Castle seige

    @Norbit You asking what you did wrong. So my answer is you did nothing wrong. you become top clan and that's it. PPL telling siege are dead but they are not. FS, LB, Corws are still fighting as they can. Problem is after siege some of you, not all but some, insted of say gf or say nothing are laugh at them. sure FS lost goddard in last 5min of siege is a reasen to be shame?? for me, it's not. They did they best. But if you keep doing it, that may couse they stop playing cuz what is the goal of playing and reading how bad u are.
  6. Chronos Castle seige

    Reading this topic I got confused cuz i rly can remeber that days when Nova was bigger and diffrent is they didn't trash talk about small clans(atleast i can't remember). Naming MS won on this siege is not true as well they lost 2 castle and get 1. Ofc they are top clan now that's why i dont get it why they are so proud for killing some lower geared ppl are u rly proud of it, dont telling u shouldn't, it's just game. @jinkariya u telling LB cooperaiting with Crows but what else they can do?? if u count all DW they have its still less then MS have, telling they have more pts then ms dosen't metter when u can aoe kill half of them.
  7. Nuky grow up they dont care about skills, u can buy items thats all they care about
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Making text wall short we don't care about supports classes and ppl who don't spend thousands of dollars monthly. we try this we try that and at the end, we give it in l2store
  9. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Juji@Hime U talk to devs?? u saying it as they would work in other company and you did well to tell them something that is the 1st thing, another one is, do u even test event or YOLO place something from KR and let see what gonna happen??
  10. [News] Golden Compass Event

    No worries lv100 on this event can enter and press to village cuz event is only for good geared ppl
  11. [News] Golden Compass Event

    The awesome event I like it. U don't need to spend money. JK it bleeping joke event only for a top player with top gear thank u NC Soft fun to play u dont have set bloody +10 wepon +12 3SA jewelry u can skip it
  12. qeue

    so why allowing boxs its make no sense for me
  13. bull shit its queue for me as well even when I bought this pack
  14. qeue

    long queue means u get kicked before u login so its p2p
  15. Compensation from NC$oft u should be happy they allow u to pay them money