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  1. blocked account

    Sadly this is actually Happening to people that do nothing. I had a few accounts in the past year or so end up in the NC-graveyard. I'm not gonna lie and say I have always been a legit player. I've played this game since 2002. old player's (if any left) remember, this game use to suck ass when it came to exp. it doesn't excuse me for trying 3pt programs, but I too noticed two things Majestade might be on to. the first is. IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!! as I stated I have tried botting in the past. Before I started understanding the effects of my actions, My excuse was the grind. I'd like to mention also, I haven't used nor attempted to use 3pt programs since 2003. which leads to his second point. none of my largely bankrolled accounts where ever banned. in fact they ALL are very much active. but I had at least two accounts that I used for storage meet their untimely demise, under the guise of botting. I cant lie I feel a bit robbed as I've been on the straight and narrow for years lol. Maybe its the l2'sworlds way of paying me back. My point is I feel jaded too and I wont go on a boycott rant but I'll try spending some of my money in new ways this year. lets see what happens..